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Classic symphonic Progressive Rock fans will find tremendous delight in the Coda's rich sound full of memorable sensitive melodies with extended and furious instrumental sections. The musicians, on the band, don't hesitate to adventure themselves into long instrumental music, creating a perfect balance of orchestral-driven symphonic progressive instrumentals and wonderful vocal layers are evident in many of the songs. The music of Coda is not so "pop" or artificial, but fully inspired by dreams and numerous emotions that, are essential to satisfy lovers of varied and well performed instrumental Symphonic Progressive  Rock. "Sounds Of Passion: The Album - The Demos
21st Anniversary Edition" is a double concept album that, from beginning to end, reproduce a wide variety of the wonderful musical moments, captured by the band in different aspects and forms, that, involve the listener through an atmospheric and symphonic voyage, whose symphonic keyboards  dominate, completely, all compositions. You must definitely listen the two different versions of the "Sounds Of Passion" and, you realize how many different passages of music they play both of the tracks on the album. If you like Symphonic Progressive Rock you will enjoy this double album by Coda. Brilliant, amazing, perfect and a fantastic work, highly recommendable for all progressive rock fans around the world...

The musicians on the band are:
Erik de Vroomen - Grand Piano, Assorted Synthesizers, Hammond Organ, Pipe Organ, Mellotron, Clavinet, Emulator, Emax, Gongs, Moog Taurus Bass Pedals, Assorted Percussion and Baking Vocals
Jack Witjes - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Lead and Backing 
Jacky van Tongeren - Fretless Bass and Backing Vocals
Mark Eshuis - Drums and Percussion

Guest Appearance:
Pip van Steen - Flute, Piccolo and Recorder
Auke De Haan -
Alto Sax
Peter van Der Laan - Voice Narrator


The history of the Dutch group Coda dates back to the beginning of 1980, when Erik de Vroomen and Ton Strik, who both lived in the small Dutch town of Wijchen, first came into contact with each other. This was the start of a partnership, which would last for 16 years and would produce two legendary rock albums for the lovers of symphonic- and progressive rock music.

The most spectacular achievement of this period was, without doubt, the LP "Sounds Of Passion", released by Boni Records in 1986 and still a much sought after album amongst sympho fans in the Netherlands and abroad. Before the LP first saw the light of day the group had, in 1983, made a demo-cassette with a different line-up than on the LP. 

The name Coda didnít yet exist though; they called themselves "Sequoia", but shortly afterwards they settled on Coda. Youíll find this interesting demo-performance of "Sounds Of Passion" in Chapter 2 of this deluxe 21st Anniversary Edition, so you can hear the growth and development, which the music has undergone. Even though the 31 minute epic on the demo-cassette gave a good impression of Erik de Vroomenís artistic qualities they decided, to re-record the tape in a professional 24 track studio. 

After just seven rehearsals in a classroom at the music school in Wijchen Ė where Erik worked as a piano teacher Ė the group, consisting of Jacky van Tongeren - bass guitar, Mark Eshuis - drums and percussion, Jack Witjes - guitar and vocals and Erik, went onto the MMP studio to record the LP "Sounds Of Passion" plus a number of extra tracks. You can find these extra tracks in Chapter 2 as well.

In June 1985 Ton Strik had the opportunity to play the studio recordings on Wim van Puttenís LP and CD show on the national pop music station, Radio 3. Ton is a great admirer of symphonic and progressive rock music and had offered to finance the expensive studio recordings.

Van Puttenís radio program, with music and interview, produced scores of positive and favorable reactions, which didnít go unnoticed by two Dutch record companies: Dureco and Boni Records. In September 1986 Boni Records released the LP "Sounds Of Passion", and the first pressing sold out within one week. The second pressing sold out within two weeks. Meanwhile the group made preparations for live performances, rehearsed with a second keyboard player (Frank Bieker), and gave the requisite radio interviews to promote the LP and the single, "Sounds Of Passion" (4th Movement - Final), taken from the LP. 

They even had plans to work live with projection screens, film, slides and ballet, directed by choreographer Chiquita Zonneveld. This didnít, alas, get further than the planning stage, because this kind of show is too expensive without the financial backing and support of a major record company.

After about five yearís silence Ton Strik was approached by SI Music Records to release "Sounds Of Passion" on CD. The release, in 1991, was followed a year later by the CD-single Crazy Fool And Dreamer. Shortly after that, they inked a licensing deal in South Korea and in 1993 the Korean company Si-Wan Records released a CD and LP version (with gatefold sleeve) of "Sounds Of Passion" on the Asian market. Many copies of "Sounds Of Passion" were sold in Japan and South Korea and for quite a while Coda was one of the best selling European symphonic bands.

The worldwide demand for new Coda material was satisfied in 1996 with the release of a follow-up album for "Sounds Of Passion" with the title "What A Symphony", a release on the well-known Dutch high-quality label Transmission. This impressive second album effectively concluded Codaís career. 

Although Erik de Vroomen made one fruitless attempt to record new material, it is highly unlikely that we will ever hear any new music by Coda. So enjoy this atmospheric deluxe 2-CD document with previously unreleased bonus material and the original master recording of "Sounds Of Passion".

"Sounds Of Passion"  - The Album - The Demos - DeLuxe 2CD Compilation, extensive 20 Page Booklet, 18 Re-mastered Tracks, incl. Unreleased Rarities, Demos & Non-Album Tracks! - over 2 hours of music. Remastered in the 24-bit domain from the original master tapes.

New Release

"Sounds Of Passion: The Album-The Demos
21st Anniversary Edition"

Chapter 1 - Sounds Of Passion: The Album
1. Sounds Of Passion
    a. Prologue
    b. 1st movement 
    c. 2nd movement 
    d. 3rd movement 
    e. 4th movement-final
2. Crazy Fool And
....- Album Version 
3. Defended 

Bonus Tracks
4. Sounds Of Passion
....4th 4.43
....- Single Version 
5. Sounds Of Passion
....3rd 2.28
....- Single Version 
6. Crazy Fool And
....Dreamer 4.24
....- Single Remix 
7. Central Station 2.06 
8. Reverberating
....Sounds 4.03
Tracks 1-5: p 1986 
Tracks 6-8: p 1992 
Track 4: p 1986
....previously unreleased
....Single Version

Chapter 2 - Sounds Of Passion: The Demos
1. Sounds Of Passion
....Demo Version
    a. Prologue 
    b. 1st movement 
    c. 2nd movement 
    d. 3rd movement 
    e. 4th movement 
2. Nevermore
....(The Proud Tower I)
....4.25 - Demo Version 
3. Dance In The Mirror
....(Defended) 6.53 
....- Demo Version
4. True Melody
....(The Proud Tower II)
....3.19 - Demo Version 
5. Crazy Fool And
....Dreamer 4.31 
....- Demo Version 
6. What A Symphony
....(Part 1) 4.48 
....- Demo Version 
7. What A Symphony
....(Part 2) 5.16 
....- Demo Version
8. Reverberating Sounds
....2.52 - Demo Version 
Track 1: p 1983 
....previously unreleased
....Demo Version, 
....recorded under the
....band name:
Tracks 2 - 8: p 1984
....previously unreleased
....Demo Versions 
Tracks 1 - 8: Rough
....Mixes / Demo 
....Sound Quality 

If you would like further information about Coda, please send e-Mail to Centertainment.

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