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I must confess I've always liked  Progressive Rock bands from Italy. Their music is very sensitve, symphonic, melodic,  mixed with a refined progressive rock instrumentation, including good lyrics. Delirium is one of these bands that delivers special form of Prog Rock sound, followed by atmospheric music, embellished with wonderful musical ideas. They play highly imaginative music, but without exaggerations, all instruments are assigned melodic and harmonic, but the main focus are on the amazing guitar solos,  grandiose passages with layered symphonic keyboards, followed by beautiful flutes and touchs of a melodic sax,  extraordinary and rich vocals, singing in Italian. The latest album "Il Nome Del Vento" delivers exactly how Delirium sounds, songs filled with melodies, songs full of fresh musical ideas, progressive songs, symphonic songs, jazz rock songs, melodic rock songs, an incredible collection of instrumental arrangments that are heady enough for any progressive rock afficionado, all the tracks are a delight. You must listen "Il Nome Del Vento", "Verso Il Naufragio", "L'acquario Delle Stelle", "Luci Lontane", "Profeta Senza Profezie", "Dopo Il Vento", "Cuore Sacro" and "L'aurora Boreale" and you will find a creative and musical texture that each song is so intergraded with each other that you will want to listen them many times. Brilliant, fantastic, and amazing work, highly recommendable...

The line-up on the band  today are:
Ettore Vigo - Piano, Organ, Mellotron, Moog, Fender Rhodes 
Pino Di Santo - Drums, Percussion, Voice 
Martin Frederick Grice - Flute, Saxes, Keyboards
Roberto Solinas - Electric And Acoustic Guitars, Lead Vocals 
Fabio Chighini - Bass Guitar, Voice 
Mimmo Di Martino - Voice on "Il Nome Del Vento"

Special Guests:
Mauro La Luce - Lyrics And Concept
Stefano Lupo Galifi (Museo Rosenbach) - Voice on " Profeta Senza Profezie"
Sophya Baccini (Presence) - Choirs on "Il Nome Del Vento", "Ogni Storia", "L'acquario Delle Stelle", "Dopo Il Vento", Piano on "Cuore Sacro"
Chiara Giacobbe -
Diana Tizzoni - Violin
Simona Merlano - Viola
Daniela Baschetto - Cello


Delirium came from Genova, from a previous beat band called "I Sagittari", and formed in 1970, releasing their first single a year later.

"Canto di Osanna", presented at first Viareggio pop festival was a successful single and gave the band an immediate notoriety. They had also won a Radio Montecarlo rock contest in 1971.

First album, "Dolce Acqua", also from 1971 contains a good and original mix of prog, jazz and some tuneful melodies, the leading role of singer Ivano Fossati is evident, with his furious flute soloing being one of the band's most distinctive elements. The album, housed in a nice triple gatefold cover, is structured in various movements like a classical suite, but here and there some parts seem a little incoherent with the whole LP. It was not a great success, as demonstrated by the fact that no less than three tracks from it appeared on singles a year later.

In February 1972 their memorable TV presence at Sanremo music festival gave them their best success ever with the hit single "Jesahel", soon followed by a similar song, Haum! Always during their career Delirium mixed the commercial side of their singles with the more difficult approach of their albums, and this is particularly evident in this first phase.

Around mid-1972 Ivano Fossati suddenly had to leave the group for his military service, later to pursue a solo career that's still successful today, even with a lighter (but always full of jazzy and ethnic influences) kind of music. His replacement was englishman Martin Frederick Grice (from "Boomerang") who, along with the ever present flute, was also a brilliant sax player.

Second album "Lo scemo e il villaggio" still has some jazz influences and a stronger use of sax by the new member Grice, with the evident lack of a role singer in the band, all members taking the lead singer role. The track "La mia pazzia" is the closest to first album's style.

Third album follows in 1974, called "Delirium III" ("Viaggio negli arcipelaghi del tempo") and judged by many as their most mature work. "La battaglia degli eterni piani" contains a dark-inspired atmosphere never heard in their previous releases, the flute has again a prominent role and the sax is only present in "Viaggio n.2". This is also the first album to feature electric guitar, as Mimmo Di Martino only played the acoustic in previous albums.

The band was at the end of their career, also due to the low interest shown by the media, and after some more commercial singles in 1974-75, the last of which with new singer/keyboardist Rino Dimopoli replacing Grice, they came to a split.

Apart from Ivano Fossati the only other member to stay in the professional music field was keyboard player Ettore Vigo with rockers Kim & the Cadillacs.

In early 90's, following a successful "Jesahel" disco remix, the band reunited with some CD's containing new versions of their best tracks, and still plays live today.

At the beginning of 2007 the new line-up featuring original members Ettore Vigo, Peppino Di Santo and Martin Grice and newcomers Roberto Solinas (vocals, acoustic and electric guitars) and Fabio Chighini (bass, vocals) has released the "Live-Vibrazioni notturne" CD, also as 2-LP set, for the Black Widow Label, a great return for this excellent Italian prog group. The record contains tracks from the LP's and some singles made by the group, along with a new cut, Notte a Baghdad, and 2 covers, and shows the great form of the revamped Delirium.

In 2009 the fourth studio album in the story of Delirium was released, "Il nome del vento", released with help from various guest musicians including their original guitarist Mimmo Di Martino, while the live line-up includes once again the multi-instrumentalist Rino Dimopoli.

The album, including brand new compositions with the exception of excerpts from "Van Der Graaf Generator's Theme" one and "Dio del silenzio" from "Delirium III", is well played and a pleasant listen, being mainly based on not particularly heavy sounds.

New Release

"Il Nome Del Vento"

01) Intro /Dio del
......silenzio reprise) 
02) Il Nome Del Vento 
03) Verso Il Naufragio
......(Incl. Theme One) 
04) L'acquario Delle
05) Luci Lontane 
06) Profeta Senza
07) Ogni Storia 
08) Note Di Tempesta 
09) Dopo Il Vento 
10) Cuore Sacro
11) Bonus Track:
......L'aurora Boreale 
12) Bonus Video:
......L'acquario Delle

To get in contact or, If you would like any other information, please visit Delirium's friend via their Myspace site.

Via del Campo 6R - 16124 GENOVA - ITALY
Tel. +39.010.2461708

I´d like to thanks Augusto Croce for the pictures and also Delirium´s History taken from Italian Progressive Rock Site.

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit DELIRIUM HOME PAGEN
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