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The third album by the South Carolina-based band Farpoint, is unique in every sense of the word, demonstrate their love and talent to play a special Progressive Rock, with careful and very well elaborated compositions, where we can hear influences of the best musical styles that we love, in general, combining Progressive Rock with traditions of the North American Folk, including some touchs of the classic Art Rock. Farpoint takes us into a very strong sound and a very good production, the musicianship of each of the band members and their joint performance as well, are amazingly strong and creative, each musical section has something different and sophisticated to offer in terms of instruments, into the sounds, from the instrumental effects and mainly vocal melodies. We can consider that Farpoint are a fantastic example of a new generation of Progressive Rock, where their music is pure and magic for fans of the traditional bands as: "Yes", "Pink Floyd", "Strawbs", "The Moody Blues" and "Alan Parsons", also in the line of the "Mostly Autumn" and "Karnataka". Brilliant and an indispensable work, highly recommendable...

The musicians on Farpoint are:
Kevin Jarvis - Guitar, Keyboards, Mandolin, Bass and Vocals
Mike Avins - Electric Guitar
Clark Boone - Guitar and Vocals
Dana Oxendine - Vocals, Flute and Keyboards
Frank Tyson - Bass, Guitar and Vocals
Rick Walker - Drumming and Percussion

Farpoint's vision is to create melodic and powerful positive music that is accessible without compromising its artistic integrity. The band's music can be described as folky art rock with a progressive edge, drawing inspiration from early Yes material, as well as from other bands like Pink Floyd, Genesis, Marillion, Jethro Tull, Alan Parsons, Rush, The Moody Blues, and Kansas. Diversity is the key to the Farpoint sound, with influences ranging from progressive, metal, and folk-rock to Celtic, classical, new age and bluegrass. Instrumentation includes the standard rock instruments (electric and acoustic guitars, bass, drums and keyboards) augmented by classical guitar, mandolin, flute and various types of percussion.

Farpoint was formed in Sumter, South Carolina, USA in early 1997 with the musical meeting of guitarist/keyboardist Kevin Jarvis and drummer/percussionist Rick Walker. Joined shortly thereafter by vocalist/flautist Dana Oxendine, the band began writing and rehearsing. The first live performance was at YESCAMP '98, a gathering of Yes fans from North and South Carolina. This lineup included bassist Don Fink and keyboardist Michelle Walker, with some help from vocalist Clark Boone, who would later join the band. Farpoint played a variety of Yes covers and originals. A very favorable review of this performance appeared in the internet Yes newsletter Notes From the Edge.

Shortly after this show, Don Fink left the band, and was replaced by bassist/guitarist Frank Tyson. Clark Boone also joined Farpoint at this time. This lineup recorded several songs, two of which were used on a limited edition single, "Just Like You," which was released in early 2000 as a part of a fundraiser for the local chapter of the Special Olympics. Around this time, Michelle Walker left the band, which continued on as a 5-piece and began playing regularly in the Carolinas. In summer of 2001, Rick left the band to be replaced by the young and enthusiastic Johnathan Rodriguez. Farpoint continued playing regularly, including performing at fundraisers for the Children's Miracle Network and the Special Olympics, and the band sponsored and performed at a fundraiser for the New York Fire Department after the 9/11 tragedy. More recently Farpoint has performed with national recording acts Seven Nations and Grey Eye Glances.

In May of 2002, Farpoint released its first full-length album, First Light. Simultaneously, Farpoint acquired a new member in virtuoso lead guitarist Mike Avins. Mike's aggressive but melodic style added a new level of energy to Farpoint's sound, and they immediately began work on a second album, while playing live regularly. The second album, entitled Grace, was released in April 2003.

Airplay on a variety of internet radio stations has helped to create a growing international following. Farpoint reached the #1 position on the Ampcast.com Rock and Progressive rock charts with live versions of "Ghost" and "Words of Pain." The band has garnered positive reviews from organizations in a variety of countries outside the US including Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Sweden, Finland, and the United Kingdom.

In July of 2003, Farpoint headlined day one of the second annual Rogue Independent Music Festival in Atlanta, GA, sharing the stage with a number of progressive rock bands from the southeast and across the country. Sometimes life has a way of coming full circle, and in September 2003, Johnathan Rodriguez decided to resign from the band. As fate would have it, long-time friend, original drummer and founding member Rick Walker was not doing anything musically at the time and looking for a band to begin playing with again. In late September, 2003, Rick rejoined Farpoint.

The summer of 2004 was a busy time for Farpoint. Between recording a new cd and playing local club gigs, Farpoint returned to the Rogue Independent Music Festival in Atlanta, as well as being asked to contribute a song to the upcoming Mellow Records Moody Blues tribute cd. "New Horizons," a beautiful and moving Justin Hayward composition, was chosen and recorded. And, the new Farpoint cd, entitled From Dreaming to Dreaming, was completed and released in November, 2004 and has so far met with the best response from fans and critics of any Farpoint cd to date.

Current plans for the future include a fourth studio album, already in the very early stages, and a possible all-acoustic live show to be recorded for release.

.New Release

"From Dreaming
..to Dreaming"

01) Lux Universum Part I
02) Autumn Sky
03) Anything At All
04) Universal Light
05) Here and Now
06) Crying in the Rain
07) Sojourn
08) Nothing At All
09) O Lost
10) Ashley's Song
.....(sail On)
11) Lux Universum Part II

Produced by Kevin Jarvis, Clark Boone and Rick Walker. Engineered, recorded and mixed by Kevin Jarvis and Rick Walker. Artwork by David Frain. 

To get in contact with the the band, send an e-mail to Farpoint.

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit FARPOINT HOME PAGEN
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