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Ghiribizzi comes from Belgian and musically they are bringing to the world a new kind of sound. They have made an interesting combination from the seventies sensibility of the Symphonic Progressive Rock, with the essence of a modern Neo-Prog Rock, you can hear also some Classic Rock touchs and of course some Hard Rock tinges. The music from Ghiribizzi is very Symphonic and Melodic adding a cinematic epic compositions, using a wide variety of tasteful keyboards arrangements, and for me this is the main highlights into the songs, also, guitar solos are always present, taking a well-played atmospheric route. Also excellent is the use of harmony vocals singing theatrical lyrics, that really captures the listeners attention with its beauty. Ghiribizzi´s compositions are really well worked and they have put some really interesting ideas inside their songs, creating a sound that will play well now and in the future. This is something for all you lovers of "Genesis", "Machiavel", "Marillion", "Pendragon", "Little Atlas", "Saga", "Jadis", "IQ", "Pallas" and "Strawbs". A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Asian Love", "Fires of Hell", "Farewell to God", "Time", "Valleys of Gold" and "Don't Fear The Unknown" (Really one of  the best track on the album). Brilliant and amazing discovery, highly recommendable...

The musicians on the Ghiribizzi are:
Dario Frodo - Guitars and Vocals 
Little John - Bass 
Frank Centauri - Keyboards and Vocals 
Pete Mush - Keyboards and Vocals 
Yves Simmah - Keyboards and Programming 
Gino Bartolini - Drums

In June 2000 the brilliant guitarist Dario Frodo reacted on a advertisment put by Centauri in a well known Belgian musicmagazine. That particular advertisment was an ‘’act of despair’’, said Centauri, to launch Ghiribizzi. A co-operation agreement followed on Thursday 21 June 2000.  Dario Frodo teamed up Ghiribizzi. At that moment Ghiribizzi was "Dario Frodo", "Yves Simmah" and "Frank Centauri". Immediately, the ‘’awaiting’’ songs were finished.  New songs were written. The first recording sessions took place on the 11 July 2000 in their own Ghiribizzi Studios / dept. Mayflower. At the end of December 2000 the full CD titled Zep Tepi, produced by Centauri, was released. This ancient Egyptian expression can be translated to "The First Time". Now already, Zep Tepi is a true collectors item. Pete Mushroom, keyboardplayer, joined Ghiribizzi in September 2002. After some line-up changes in 2003, the band was strengthened at the end of 2004 by Little John/bass and Gino Bartolini/drum. In March 2005, Ghiribizzi entered Ace Studio in Belgium to record their second album Pan’ta Rhei.  This ancient Greek expression can be translated to "Everything Changes". Pan’ta Rhei, produced by Frank Van Bogaert from Ace Studio and Ghiribizzi, was released in November 2005. Through the years, Ghiribizzi performed it’s divers music live on stage, accompanied with powerful entertainment. Indeed, their impressive sound and visible stagepleasure became their trademark. Ghiribizzi stands for a huge amount of bombastic, theatrical rock, strong compositions, great thrilling songs, layered vocals, multiplied guitars and is well suffused with a sauce which consists of humor, tragedy and esoteric allusions.

As it began…
Once, in a world full of Gorgon’s, Centauri, Lord of Cycles, dwelled in his temple as a dyad. His mind became a cradle of divine music. Living a life not known among men. When the sun ran out of fuel and the blackest night enveloped the heavens, he rode through the sky in his chariot drawn by white dragons. The end was on fire and there was steel on his face. Strange were the sights he saw on his journey, many the mysteries that opened to view. Beneath a moonless and starless sky, Calligulligan’s Ship brought him to Simmah.

Simmah worked inside the royal tombs of a transparant atmosphere. Centauri told him his masterly plan. Outside, creatures were crawling into the sweltering night. Simmah, the second Lord, The Lord of the Digits, switched on his lighthouse. Many were the hours the lighthouse was shining, many were the nights Simmah was awake. All is number, number is all. Back on his throne, Centauri transmitted a cosmic message to the outer space. Beasts arose and sleepy limbs began to flutter than.

The temperature was rising. While the moon faded from view, Frodo appeared in the highest secret chamber of The Cent’s palace. On this blue spectral night, Frodo the third Lord, with his furious and impulsive temper, displayed his agility. His killer machines were sharp. His magical fingers were fast. No mortal man is fit to hold a candle to him. The Lord of Hope. Harmonized in order to enchant, with the output of timelessness and a galactic tone of integrity, Centauri revealed a silver tablet. The tablet was guided by the power of endlessness.  With this tablet, Frodo searched for the other Lords in the unfolding universe.

Meanwhile, lonely, in his black quantum galaxy, Bartolini counted his days. His soul was feathered with purity. In this land of vector snakes and wave-scorpions, Bartolini fought thousand battles in pain. This young warrior was restless and hoped that harmony filled all the air. From horizon to horizon, from each corner to each corner, his knowledge spanned the sky. Frodo came to him and spoke. Floating on a rhythmic movement, Bartolini became the fourth Lord. The Lord of the Four Corners. 

He carries the force that holds the events separate. In a nearby cluster, Mushroom lived in darkness, dressed as a warlock, gaining the light. Hard was the pathway that led to his empire. Thick was the air in the hall of devices. When Frodo approached Mushroom, the torches were flickering wildly. Mushroom, the fifth Lord, The Lord of the Light, holds the keys of all hidden magic. Free from body he flashed throught the blackness of the night. Born in a willow breeze, Little John lived in an unfathonable depth. In ancient times, Little John, a brave and kind-hearted warrior, travelled many whirling worlds.

Centauri told Willo about his masterplan. Willo rose again, his strength and power renewed. He raised his staff and a ray of vibration stroke as fragments through the air. At last, he became the sixt Lord. The Lord of Balance. While the fifth sun was rising, the exclusive ones met on Ghiriworld. A place where nothing is real. From here the wisdom brought from the cycles above, could spread. All of this was foreseen a long time ago. All of this was written in the sacred Book of Gold, burried in sand, sealed with a Golden Eye. Finally, the closing of the cycle is near. As is above, so is below. So it has always been. Seven are they, The Lords of Wisdom. The seventh Lord are you. Beware, this is not the end of something, it’s only just the beginning. And remember… only one team can save your mortal soul…Ghiribizzi.

Frank Centauri.
May there only be peace in your presence…

.New Release

"Pan'ta Rhei"

01) Asian Love
02) Break Down Soon
03) Fires of Hell
04) Farewell to God
05) The Light
06) Remember Paris
07) Time
08) Valleys of Gold
09) Don't Fear The
10) Bitter End

All titles (music and lyrics) written by Centauri except track 6 by Van denBroeck (Mushroon) and track 6 by Frodo. Pan’ta Rhei, produced by Frank Van Bogaert from Ace Studio and Ghiribizzi, was released in November 2005.
Check them out and if you can’t find their album at the best prog records stores, you can visit their website for more details.

To get in contact or, If you would like any other information, please e-mail to Ghiribizzi.

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