Ingranaggi Della Valle is one of the important revelations in the italian progressive rock scene, from last seven years, that impressed me a lot. This Roman band are composed by young musicians who received, as an inheritance, the experience, knowledge and above all a noble feeling of the purest and traditional Italian progressive rock. Despite being young, their musical influences borrowers not only from the "Italian Progressive Rock's Golden Age" styles, but also add many of actual musical elements, a impressive blend with the  tradictional and the modern Prog Rock. The musical style used by the musicians of the band follows in different musical conceptions and in different directions also, so, with this tactic, the band shows an innovation in their instrumental, a lovely and well structured composition bringing together elements of traditional styles like Symphonic Progressive Rock , Art-Rock, Folk Rock, Jazz Rock, Jazz Fusion, adding fine Avant-Garde pieces, still, with this all range of styles, the band manages to maintain its stylistic unity without establishing limits in the instrumental arrangements, mainly with the choice of a wide range of instruments and including different vocals. Let us understand better, we take melodic lines and influences from some of the traditional Italian bands like "Osanna", "Area", "Il Balletto Di Bronzo", "Arti & Mestieri", "Nuova Idea", "Metamorfosi", "Perigeo", "Raccomandata Com Ricevuta Di Ritorno", "Semiramis", "The Trip", "Gruppo d'Alternativa", "Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso", the irreverence of some British bands like "Gentle Giant", "Van Der Graaf Generator", "King Crimson", and "Porcupine Tree", also some others imnportant bands such as "Anekdoten" and "Änglagárd", mix all this together and we have Ingranaggi Della Valle. The guys on Ingranaggi Della Valle, until now, released two albums, the first one is titled as "Hoc Signo on", this album tends in a line to the side of Italian progressive rock, sung in the native language, Italian of course. Already the second work, "Warm Spaced Blue", is very different from the first one, sung in English and follows a much more modern line, I believe that, this was the main goal, this album shows that, the "Ingranaggi Della Valle" It's formed by talented musicians of a new generation, who want to create a new identity with an innovative approach that will easily include them in the same level of the famous progressive rock bands around the world. Ingranaggi Della Valle and their second album "Warm Spaced Blue" have a intense musical depth, with a focus and an assurance of more a strong name into the progressive rock around the world. In fact, you should sit down comfortably and listen and listen many times this wonderful album, you'll be amazed with the musical skills from these talented young musicians. The album "Warm Spaced Blue" is another one important acquisition for all the Progressive Rock's lovers around the worlds. Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Ingranaggi Della Valle album and actual band are:
Davide Noè Savarese - Vocals, Glockenspiel and Dry Rhodes Mkv On "Ayida Wedo"
Flavio Gonnellini - Electric Guitars And Backing Vocals
Mattia Liberati - Hammond B3, Mellotron M400, Mellotron M4000, Fender Rodhes Mk V, MiniMoog, MiniMoog Voyager, Piano And Backing Vocals
Shanti Colucci - Drums and Percussions
Antonio Coronato - Electric Bass
Marco Gennarini - Violins and Backing Vocals
Alessandro Di Sciullo - Electric And Acoustic Guitars, Moog Minitaur, Mellotron M400, Mellotron M4000, Roland Tr 808 And Tr 909, Akai Mpc Touch, Korg Kaoss Pad Kp 3, Electronics, Backing Vocals.

Honorary Member:
Mattias Olsson - Drums, Percussions And Artistic Production

Guest Musicians:
Fabio Pignatelli - Electric Bass and Bass Effects (1)
Florian Lechter - Narrator's Voice (2)
Paolo Lucini - Traverse Flute Solo (6)
Stefano Vicarelli - Modular Synthesis (5)


Ingranaggi Della Valle are a young roman band created with the goal of evoking the sound and atmospheres of the historical Progressive Rock of the 70s, creating their own music open to fusion, ethnic and jazz-rock influences. The debut album "In Hoc Signo" is the representative manifesto of their music and philosophy.

The project, conceived by Mattia Liberati (keyboards) and Flavio Gonnellini (guitar), already members of the funk/jazz-rock trio "The Big Chill", began in December 2010, with Edoardo Arrigo (multi-instrumentalist) on the eletric bass; Marco Gennarini (violin) entered line-up only in June 2011, after the choice of making a concept album set in the First Crusade was made.

In November 2011, Ingranaggi Della Valle engaged in the first studio experience, recording "EP", a demo for advertising purposes with the amateur singer and friend Leonardo Pandolfo, that contains the earliest versions of the songs "Mare In Tempesta" and "Via Egnatia".

The oil painting "Il Grande Inganaggio" by Marcello Toma is used as cover artwork of the demo, and the painter will collaborate again with the band for the debut album.

The italian record label Black Widow Records, after listening to the demo, got interested in the project, and began to follow the group waiting for the completion of the compositions that form the album "In Hoc Signo".

During the finalization of the concept album, the band had a long and meticulous selection to find a front man with brilliant vocal, creative and theatrical skills. Only in February 2012 Igor Leone (singer) joined the group.

After the creative phase, the band began recording their first album, "In Hoc Signo", in September 29, 2012, at the roman recording studio Point Of View Records of Paolo Pierelli (sound engineer).

With great pleasure the band hosts in Rome the renowned Mattias Olsson (Änglagård), with whom they recorded "Jangala Mem"; the recording ended with the special participation of the singer Angelica Sauprel Scutti and the great David Jackson (Van Der Graaf Generator) on the track "Finale".

On May 10, 2013, the Black Widow Records released their debut album "In Hoc Signo" on CD and Vinyl format, with the painting "In Hoc Signo" by Marcello Toma as cover artwork.

In order to be faithful to the studio version of "In Hoc Signo" on stage, Edoardo Arrigo decided to play mellotron, synth and secondary guitar parts;
the role of the bassist was fulfilled by Marco Bruno, a friend of the band who also collaborated with Ingranaggi Della Valle to record the bass track on "Cavalcata".

On May 16 of the same year, they won with Mauro Ciccozzi Trio and Neverflowers the "Musiche Festival" organized by the municipality of Rome, performing at Atlantico Live.

The first printing of "In Hoc Signo" was run out after 4 months from the release date. The label reprinted the album in 2014.

In March 2014, they played at FIM in Genova with Alessandro Di Sciullo, a new member replacing Edoardo Arrigo (currently bass player in Camelias Garden and Heartache).

In May 2014, they played in Rome with Wobbler and Not A Good Sign.

In January 2015, Marco Bruno left the band and he was replaced by Antonio Coronato (former member of Too Human).

Ingranaggi Della Valle released their second album called Warm Spaced Blue, that was recorded in the winter of 2016.

All pictures by Antonio De Sarno

New Release

"Warm Spaced Blue"

01) Call For Cthulhu:
02) Inntal
03) Call For Cthulhu:
......Through The Stars
04) Lada Niva
05) Ayida Wedo
06) Call For Cthulhu:

Also you can visit Ingranaggi Della Valle at:

Ingranaggi della Valle - Call for Cthulhu Orison, live at La Casa di Alex Milano

Ingranaggi Della Valle - Musqat (Masqat) - (In Hoc Signo bonus track) 

Ingranaggi Della Valle - Live at Newintage Prog Festival - Castel Gandolfo - Part1

Ingranaggi Della Valle - Jangala Mem (live at Traffic Club, Roma)

For more information and every thing about the musicians and band, please visit INGRANAGGI DELLA VALLE HOME PAGEN
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