Nth Ascension is one of the most important revelations from last five years, and in my opinion, become a important band at the present time. Their musical conception is highly sensitive, full of varied styles, Symphonic, Progressive, Melodic and Hard, everything well mixed with atmospheric arrangements, including perfect lyrics. Nth Ascension are a new band, that impressed me a lot and consisted by five impressive musicians, that performing a blend of styles, very well known from all of us, a mix of Symphonic Progressive Rock, with a fine Neo-Prog, adding many Hard Rock and Prog Metal elements. Around the  musical designing from the group, two instruments constantly dominate the arrangements, at first, the keyboard sections are extremely well done, and conveys a wonderful symphonic atmosphere, while together, lush guitar's solos, with stunning passages, complements the arrangements, giving the guitarist, complete freedom to develope dreamy melodies, into a wonderful arrangement. Stunning  vocals, in the Hard line, but without aggressiveness, showing stunning severe effect, of course, courtesy by Alan ‘Spud’ Taylor, everything well connected, with others instruments, drums and bass, in a perfect interaction. "Ascension of Kings" shows a range of stunning musical  moments, including some epic elements and amazing arrangements, the album is divided into eight tracks, the total time, of the album, is almost 62 minutes, however, all songs are so perfect that is not required more time to the album. However, I have a special attention to the following tracks such as: "Fourth Kingdom", "Return Of The King", "Overture (Clanaan Pt 1)", this song has a beautiful melody, completely captivating, following "Weight Of The World" the vocals show a different tone, a strong tone, however, not aggressive, and the performance of guitar sounds like adventurous symphonic orchestration into a delusional atmosphere. Closing my preferences, the last track "Vision", with 18:45 min, it is the highlight of this album, a subtly outlined suite around various styles, with many passages of Hard Rock, Prog Metal, Progressive Rock and Neo Prog, all very well arranged in a lush musical perfection. The album "Ascension of Kings" is another one important acquisition for all the Progressive Rock's lovers around the worlds. Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Nth Ascension album and actual band are:
Martin Walker - Guitars
Gavin Walker - Bass Guitar
Craig Walker - Drums and Percussion
Alan ‘Spud’ Taylor - Vocals
Darrel Treece Birch - Keyboards 


Imagined in November 2009 by keyboardist Darrel Treece-Birch and drummer Craig Walker after oth helping out a friend with a Charity concert. Long time writing partners and friends Alan Spud’ Taylor and guitarist (and father of Craig) Martin Walker signed up and in January 2010. The writing ‘core’ of Darrel, Spud and Martin has been in operation since the mid 80’s.

A demo recording "Frequencies Of Day & Night" was issued as a free download option via website Aurovine in late 2011. 2012 saw the addition of brother to Craig, Gavin, on bass guitar making it truly a family band. In 2013 the band began sessions developing what became the songs for Ascension Of Kings. In November 2013 the band signed to Sonic Vista Records and began recording their ‘real’ debut album. Some unfortunate delays pushed release back from summertime 2014 to December.

The link with the band is also due to keyboardist Darrel Treece-Birch actually being a member of TEN also.

The album Ascension Of Kings has a thread or theme running through it but it isn’t a concept album. With the exception of a 3 part suite entitled "Clanaan Chronicles" which will run and occur on subsequent albums. This follows a story by Darrel Treece-Birch in the vein of Narnia/LOTR which sees the rescue/redemption of a tortured realm from an evil dictator by a Seventh Rider who ultimately ascends to be a prophesied King.

There is a spiritual element to the album for certain. Strange Dreams has a "Matrix" type theme to the lyric. Vision tells the story of Moses vs Rameses from the perspective of a slave. Weight Of The World tells the story of desperation and fear that can cripple the soul but how that can be lifted through each other and true friendship.

Writing in Nth Ascension is very collaborative affair. Initial "bare bones" of songs are brought into a rehearsal setting and the band form and colour the rest from there. Once the song is fleshed out and expanded upon it is then ready for playing live or indeed recording. All members of the band bring ideas to the table and in some cases a reinvention of older ideas, eg Vision is a song written originally in 1991 by Darrel Treece-Birch, at which time it was 8 minutes long and not 18 minutes as it finally ended up.

Influence wise each band member sites many artists as ‘having an influence’.

Such as, Marillion, Genesis, Yes, Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Rush, Dream Theater, Pink Floyd to name a few. But the band resolutely stands by, that the music that is created is not designed or to order but is a flowing and natural extension of the collective.

In December 2014 Nth Ascension’s second album yet first official release "Ascension of Kings" was released.

Following our debut demo album "Frequencies of Day and Night" which was made available as a free download through Aurovine.com and received some very good reviews, our latest album has been officially released through Sonic Vista Records.

The reviews are beginning to come rolling in . . . but in the meantime please order yourself a copy right now and we would love to hear what you think!

“The album seems to be something of a watershed for the band. They have moved on from an experimental framework into the realms of becoming serious about forging their own identity. . . (Nth Ascension) are well on their way to establishing themselves as a real force in progressive rock music.”

“By just listening to the music alone that Nth Ascension offer throughout the album is enough to slip into reflective poise but its real magic is in the sprinkling of lyrics that punctuate the air like a steam train driving through the warmth of an Edwardian summer . . . . the sound employed by the band is a splendour in which that the train running through the countryside is heard in all the quietest spaces.”

“From northwest england, below the highlands, where the wind blows cold but the hearts are warm with joyfulness and inspiration, ascends a five piece rock act that in their own uncompromising way created a very interesting set of musical pieces . . . [this is music] to place you in dimensions of your mind and soul that you never reached, or want to live in . . . this music is awesome, it should be presented in schools for the young ones to first know and learn about good music before they diverge to the bubble gum scene. I’m very impressed!!! Congratulations are in order. Hope to hear so much more of this in the near future.”

“The real highlight (difficult as it is to pick just one from this album) has to be Vision . . . Everything comes together in stunning clarity. Instant classic. It’s rock, its traditional prog, its pomp or is it heavy metal? No – it’s all of that forged together with an outstanding arrangement finely crafted with Nth Ascension showing how good they are. Breath-taking. You must listen to it to for yourself as words (well, my vocabulary at least) alone cannot do it justice.”

“Wow! . . . The amount of creativity, musicianship and energy bursting out of their debut release, ‘Ascension Of Kings’ is simply astounding! . . . I didn’t want to set my expectations too high for this album to only be disappointed in the end. If anything, I expected another decent Progressive Rock album. It turned out, obviously, to be completely different! Oh my gosh! ‘Ascension Of Kings’ captures everything that is great about progressive rock and deftly blends it with a liberal infusion of modern rock sensibilities . . . Ascension Of Kings moves the progressive rock genre forward while staying true to its roots, unlike so many recent prog rock albums that seem to be purely retro. Nothing on, ‘Ascension Of Kings’ sounds forced or
pretentious. Not a moment is wasted, and every bit flows beautifully and effortlessly into the next . . . Nth Ascension will take your senses to a new level/dimension, a new and modern perspective of a classic style. – Highly Recommended”

New Release

"Ascension of Kings"

01) Fourth Kingdom
02) Return Of The King
03) Strange Dreams
04) Overture
......(Clanaan Pt 1)
05) Realm With A Soul
......(Clanaan Pt 2)
06) Seventh Rider
......(Clanaan Pt 3)
07) Weight Of The World
08) Vision

The album was recorded at Berlin Studios Blackpool for Drums in 2013, and at RW Studios in Rossall and at The War Room studio in Cleveleys from November 2013 to March 2014.

Engineered by Phil Brown and mixed by Nth Ascension guitarist Martin Walker with assistance from the entire band. Mastered at Digital Audio in Skipton, UK. Artwork was commissioned from UK artist Oliver Pengilley. TEN vocalist Gary Hughes recorded all the vocals for the album in April/May 2014 and added backing vocals.

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Nth Ascension - "Ascension of Kings"

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