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Osada Vida is the name of another example of a brilliant and amazing Progressive Rock band that reflects a wide variety of influences and styles, we can find in their works, elements of Symphonic Prog Rock, Neo-Prog, Progressive Metal, Alternative Rock and Metal. The instrumental arrangements consist of very tasteful and  energetics guitar solos, mixed with magical keyboard sounds, adding stunning harmony vocals, not aggressive but very powerful and efficient. We can find a variety of symphonic musical atmosphere present in all songs, as a result, you get moments of astounding power, in the same time lots of melodic and symphonic instrumental parts, but all executed with a perfect precision and discipline. Comparisons are hard to make, but in some ways, It reminds me something of "Riverside", "Satellite", "Anathema", "Collage", "Abraxas", "Porcupine Tree", "Tool", "Pain Of Salvation". I believe that Osada Vida will rank very well in the top of the Progressive Rock Band lists from the next months. "Three Seats Behind A Triangle" is definitely recommended to all prog rock fans and absolute assept to all progressive  CD collection. Brilliant and fantastic, an incredible album and an amazing band, highly recommendable...

The line up on the Band are:
Lukasz Lisiak - Bass & Vocal
Bartek Bereska - Guitars
Adam Podzimski - Drums
Rafal "r6" Paluszek - Keyboards


In the area of today's Benin, there's a small village. Its inhabitants live far from all the civilisation, but in perfect harmony. Their newborn babies are given to pythons, which look after them and protect from dangerous bushes.

This village is called Osada Vida.

Two mates - Adam Podzimski and Lukasz Lisiak - both having the same music tastes. They persuaded the third friend - Blazej Kubica - to join them. First music sessions, first songs. They did not choose one style of playing, everything was born itself. They accepted only one limit in music - no limits at all. The music means pleasure of playing and joy of listening. It did succeeded. But something was missing. The sound wasn't full enough.

Rafal Paluszek - soon appeared, listened to their music and stayed in the band. Osada Vida had its first inhabitants. The whole was fullfilled by a singing Magda Hajda and Luca Juraszek - a lead guitarist. In fact everyone was different, like from other story, but everyone had already played the music. However, they understood each other and created their own melodies. Each of them added something from himself and that's how Osada Vida mixture was made.

They recorded their sounds on silver discs. First "Critical Moment" (2000), next "Heading For The Moon" (2002) and finally "Osada Vida" (2004). A few people heard the last CD and somehow they affected Osada Vida's fate. Positive reviews, invitations for concerts, sold cd's. It was also appreciaeted by musicians from Polish Band Riverside and as a result. Osada Vida  was  invited to play together within their Progressive Tour II. Due to this proposition, the name of Osada Vida started to reach bigger and bigger number of progressive music listeners. Such things inspire, give new energy to create. But not for all. Magda and Luca decide to leave he band and "move" to different music areas.

The moment of hestitation. A short break. Decision. And here comes Bartek Bereska. Young, talented, full of enthusiasm. And always somehow close to Osada. They started playing together. It really worked. So now there are four of them. The first concert together - really fullfilling. So let's get to work.

New ideas blossom and new sounds are born. Finally "Three Seats Behind A Triangle" is released. Every day brings something new. Osada Vida welcomes those who have an open mind and want to listen to sounds without clasifying.

Why "Three Seats..."? 

Three seats behind a triangle... Well, in fact it's not a really interesting or noticeable place in the orchestra, which hardly anybody wished to take. Most of Dreamers see themselves in the light of flashes. 

Painters, artists, musicians, doctors, architects, sportsmen, scientists... etc.

In the childhood or in the early adolescence many Dreamers discover their passions, pretending to sing to the broomstick, playing on the tennis rocket, painting every single view, spending the whole hours in the pitch, collecting insects and plants etc. Various areas of art, science, sport initially treated as a hobby, become their main aim and they decide to devote to their passions, making of them a kind of lifestyle. They also dream to create something, what will be noticed and appreciated, something, that can change views and bring people some profits.

Having finished their education, Dreamers full of ideals, take up different activities, which they treat as temporary or as a "break" in a long way to the fame, career or a great revolution. Unfortunately, not all dreams come true at once. An idealistic and positive attitude is not always treated seriously by the people around and reluctantly considered by the job givers. Innovatory ideas are thought to be not commercial enough, unreal or too vanguard. So in most cases Dreamers "do their job" at work and perform passions after hours. But after some time they realize how much time they've wasted, what makes them feel annoyed and desperate inside. Maybe it will be too late for revolutions in a while...

This irritating invariability of every day is intolerable for Dreamers, so their passions become sleeping. They only fullfill someone's orders, the freedom of creativity has no right to be. They're bitterly disappointed with the whole situation. Dreamers mentally grow up to say, that the present times aren't good for idealists. 

What's left for them is their passion. Accepting the order of the world in which they must exist, they do what they're expected to. However, Dreamers are again trying to treat their passion as hobbies. The passion makes them content, torn from the surrounding reality, lets them perform their visions. Without waiting for an admiration of world - only for their own pleasure of creativity, thinking, moving etc.

Dreamers take an unwanted seat: three seats behind a triangle. Although, what always remains in them is the passion. 

.New Release

"Three Seats Behind A Triangle"

01. The Passion

01st Seat - Driving
.....Desires To Become
.....The Aim
02. Pictures From Inside
.....(Part I) - Colours
.....& Notes
03. Pictures From Inside
.....(Part II) - Unlimited
04. The Decision

02nd Seat - And
......Desires Are The
......Most Delicious
......Thing Of Routine
05. Devotion (Part I)
......- After Hours
06. Devotion (Part II)
......- Flying Time 
07. Tension Blossoms 

03rd Seat - Constant
.....Rhythm Of The
.....Routine Makes All
.....Dreams Unaware
08. Everyday Ltd.
09. Boiling Point
10. Bitterly Disappointed

11. The Rebirth
......Of Passion

Recorded at studio 04 in June to August 2006, All music by Lukasz Lisiak and Osada Vida. All Lyrics Ola and Adam Podzimski, Mix and  productions by Rafal "r6" Paluszek. Drums recorded at "Lemanski" Studios in June 2006, engineeredby S. Witta.

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit OSADA VIDA HOME PAGEN
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