Since their first appearance, with their self debut album titled as "Traumhaus", in 2001 that the band have been receiving excellent positive reviews. After some changes in the line-up, in 2003 with the departure of Bernhard Selbach soon replaced by Tobias Hampl, with this new formation, In 2005, the group runs to another album and the band released ''Hinaus'', a EP produced by themselves. In that time, in 2008 a second album was released, titled as "Die Andere Seite", once again the group receives great compliments. After seven years the band return to the prog rock scene, with a new formation, and performing another superb album. On the third album, from Traumhaus band, they show again some line-up changes, as only Tobias Hampl (guitars) and Alexander Weyland (vocals, keyboards) both remnants of previous formation, remain in the group. With the addition of Sebastian Klein a new member on the bass, and the cooperation of Stefan Hope, who provides additional drum loops on the songs, also together with Jimmy Keegan ("Spock's Beard"), a guest musician on drums, after those last years Traumhaus released the album "Das Geheimnis". Once more, the guys on Traumhaus, have managed to produce an other quite exceptional work. Traumhaus is a fantastic band, their music transcends to a high level of musicality, showing many different directions, combining some important styles such as Symphonic Progressive Rock, Hard Rock and interesting pinch of Krautrock adding subtle touchs of Neo-Prog, they play a kind of music that fit in exactly with the sensibilities around glorious german bands of the 70s, as well as adding some modern musical elements, in the line of "Marillion", "I.Q.", "Pallas", "Arena", "Galahad", "Pendragon", "Sean Filkins", "Ziff", Martigan", "RPWL", "Shades of Dawn","Blind Ego" and others in the same style. However, the musicians on the band have great musical influences from many famous german bands such as "Stern-Combo Meissen", "Novalis", "Anyone's Daughter", "Grobschnitt", "Amon Düül II", "Birth Control", "Curly Cueve", "Epidaurus", "Faithful Breath", "Hoelderlin", "Metropolis", "Tibet", "Wallenstein", "Pell Mell", "Ramses", and so on. "Das Geheimnis" features a startling diversity in its compositional approach , all of the tracks on the album flow together, the compositions are sophisticated, arrangements are elaborated, the sound floats between magical keyboards, with a suspenseful and incredible guitar work, with remarkable drums, closing with a vibrant bass guitar, but the lyrics are sung in German. The album is compound by five songs, totaling 57 minutes, full of a pure musical delight, all the songs are memorable, but my favorite track is called as "Das Vermächtnis", a "suite" composed with almost 28 minute, with is a grandiose and bombastic instrumental, this song represents exactly the feeling of the musicians on the band. "Das Geheimnis" is a true progressive rock masterpiece from beginning to end, and is a must acquisition album for all real Progressive Rock lovers around the world. We should thank Progressive Promotions Records, for believing, in increasingly, new  progressive rock bands, and even more, strengthening the market for progressive rock showing new emerging talent from around the world. Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Traumhaus album are:
Alexander Weyland - Led Vocals, Keyboards, Electric Guitar, Loop-programming and effects
Tobias Hampl - Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Sebastian Klein - Electric and Uprights Bass
Stefan Hopf - Add. Drum Loops

Featuring :
Jimmy Keegan - (Spock's Beard, Santana) Drums


Traumhaus is a German group that evolved out of a mid 90s outfit called Zweeback. The group's name translates to "House of Dreams" and their music combines very well progressive rock, hard rock and some hints of a krautrock, including symphonic atmospheric sourses.

While the style looks back to many German bands of the 70s and 80s, their use of angular melodies and their native tongue draws valid comparisons to one in particular, "Anyone's Daughter". "Novalis" and "Grobschnitt" might be other reference points, although Traumhaus is somewhat more rhythmic.

Five years after the release of their much acclaimed previous album "Die Andere Seite" ("The Other Side") here is a new sign of life from Traumhaus at last - and it was sure worth the wait.

Noone other than Jimmy Keegan (Spock's Beard, Santana) played drums on all titles to support the band! This is by no means usual for a band which exclusively works with German languages lyrics.

The songwritting has been enhanced significantly for "Das Geheimnis". Ambitius complex polyrhythmic compositions are contrasted by catchy melodies and hooklines with a high recognition value. Like its predecessor the new album offers many "retro" elements such as sheets of mellotron and minimoog sounds.

"Das Geheimnis" represents by far the band's most elaborated album including an incredible longtrack lasting for 27 minutes - "Das Vermächtnis" - ("The Legacy"), whit deals with different perspectives of an egomaniac personality - the perpetuation of failures and different changes of perspectives. This track, "The Legacy" is embedded into the complete concept of  "The Secret", the modest striving after self-realisation whilst searching for the key to our existence.


New Release

"Das Geheimnis"

01) Das Geheimnis Teil 1
......(The Secret Part 1)
02) Das Vermächtnis
......(The Legacy)
03) Wohin der Wind Dich
......Trägt (Where the
......Wind Carries You)
04) Frei (Free)
05) Das Geheimnis Teil 2
......(The Secret Part 2)

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Traumhaus - Burg Herzberg 2010

Traumhaus - Frei

Traumhaus - Progressive Promotion Festival 2013

Traumhaus - Die andere Seite Part 1

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