To my joy and happiness, because I am an unconditional fan of Progressive Rock in this country, and from what country I could be referring, of course, I am referring to Brazil, my country, which along with other nations is always at the top of musical innovations, with a massive presence of talented musicians with impressive creativity. Again another one "jewel" of Brazilian Progressive Rock scenario, coming from Rio de Janeiro, arrives for our pleasurable listening. In 2014 a multi- instrumentalist Eduardo Aguillar had recorded the song "Vitral" that he still remembered since 80's. But, since the recording was old and did not contemplate perfect arrangements, Eduardo added several elements to the original arrangement that was very simple. Now, we are in the middle of 2015, together with amazing brazilian prog rock bands revelations around the last years, at this time a gem,or a "rough diamond", is found from old musical archives, which were forgotten since the 80's, are found by chance, by one of the keepers of this jewel. Eduardo Aguillar, a veteran musician and multi-instrumentalist, the master mentor and guardian of this jewel, decides to shape this "rough diamond". So,  Eduardo reunites more three guardians of Brazilian progressive rock Claudio Dantas, Luiz Zamith and Marcus Moura, all together with a lot of creativity, talent, perseverance, commitment and mainly with love the art of music, they cuted this jewel, at this time, the "rough diamond" becomes a perfect jewel and is called "Vitral" band, so, emerges another one fantastic Instrumental Brazilian Progressive Rock Band. Vitral plays an exciting Symphonic Instrumental Progressive Rock style, a musical style quite always appreciated around the world. The classic fans of Symphonic Progressive Rock  will find tremendous delight hearing the music from Vitral, a rich sound full of memorable and sensitive melodies with extended and atmospheric instrumental sections. well elaborated compositions and full of feeling. All instruments are in perfect tune, all well aligned and within the times, Keyboards, Guitars, Flutes, Bass and Drums travel together in full harmony, guitar solos explode at the right time in conjunction with the solos of the keyboards, while the sounds of flutes echo softly in symphonic forms, at all times the drums control the rhythms and the bass reinforces all this wonderful ensemble. "Entre As Estrelas" (Among the Stars) is composed with three songs, 64 minutes for a pure delight, the first one is called "Pétala de Sangue" (Petal of Blood), the second is called "Entre As Estrelas" (Among The Stars) and the last one "Vitral" (Stained Glass), all the songs are wonderful. However, I call attention to the track "Entre As Estrelas", a Suite with almost 53 minutes, full of beautiful instrumental passages, all in perfect harmony and without repetitive conflicts, a true masterpiece that defines this album as one of the best releases from 2017/2018. Vitral is an extraordinary Brazilian band, a new name, that certainly will attract a lot of attention, it is true that there are many reasons in this attention, and one of them is the musical style developed by the musicians, an extraordinary wide range of musical experimentation full of creativit and a perfect symphonism. Do not think twice to listen to this wonderful album and learn more about this fantastic band, you can bet that you will not regret. If you like "Premiata Forneria Marconi", "Genesis", "Yes", "Solaris", "Amenophis", "Sebastian Hardie", "Steve Hackett", "Quaterna Réquiem", "Bacamarte", "Mangrove", "Coda", "Plackband", "Camel", "Rick Wakeman", "Finch", "Greenslade", "Kaipa", "Novalis", "Like Wendy" you will love Vitral. Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Vitral album are:
Claudio Dantas - Drums and Percussion
Eduardo Aguillar - Bass and Keyboards
Luiz Zamith - Guitar
Marcus Moura - Flutes

New Member:
Vitor Trope - Bass


Vitral is a symphonic instrumental progressive rock band formed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in the early 80's by musicians such as: Alex Benigno - guitar and keyboards, Claudio Dantas - drums and percussion, Eduardo Aguillar - bass, keyboards and guitar, Elisa Wiermann - keyboards and Luis Bahia - guitar and bass.

The group spent approximately two years in activity and few records were recorded at the time. That, for personal reasons, the group disbanded and each followed their musical paths. A few decades later, Eduardo Aguillar (Bass, Keyboards and guitar), organizing his studio and his old files, he finds an old folder with some scores, rare pictures and some cassette tapes with domestic recordings. With these important files in hand, the idea came up to produce a solo album with songs composed for the band.

Eduardo Aguillar

What in principle would be a solo work, but with the initiative of Eduardo Aguillar, the idea becomes a proposal to reunite the old members of Vitral to participate on the project, proposal immediately embraced by Claudio Dantas (Drums and Percussion) and currently member from the Quaterna Requiem Band. So, in this way, both starting the recordings of keyboards, bass and drums. 

Claudio Dantas

With much determination from the two musicians, the results began to emerge and the old songs sprouted from the ashes, in that case, Vitral was born again.

Luiz Zamith

With the results of the recordings, Claudio Dantas proposed the challenge of relaunching the band for shows and new productions. 

Marcus Moura

Since the other former members for personal reasons, could not participate on the project and the return of the Vitral, it was time to rebuild the group with new ideas, experiences and inspirations to complete the recordings of what was now taking the form of an album by Vitral band.

Vitor Trope

Finally, almost a year after the findings of the old files of the band, today Vitral is back, formed by magnificent musicians that besides Eduardo Aguillar and Claudio Dantas we have Marcus Moura on the flutes, also member of the famous Brazilian band Bacamarte, Luiz Zamith on the guitars, member of the project "Icones do Progressivo" and guitarist of his band Luiz Zamith Band, complementing the formation, Vítor Trope on bass, also a member of the band Bacamarte, where everyone, even involved in their personal projects, all decided to be part from this new amazing brasilian Progressive Rock story.

New Release

"Entre As Estrelas"

01) Pétala de Sangue
02) Entre as Estrelas
03) Vitral

Also you can visit Vitral at:

Vitral - Pétala De Sangue (Petal of Blood)

Vitral - Alive at CMC - Rio de Janeiro

For more information and every thing about the musicians and band, please visit VITRAL HOME PAGEN
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