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. JANUARY 2002
Troy is a important Dutch band that emerged by 1999 and released their first CD album by early 99. This band feature a female singer called Marrieke who gave to the band a new conception and a strong power. For those who love  the music of "Camel", "Eloy" and "The Gathering". Troy has an amazing level of energy in their music.

Troy are:
Marrieke van Veelen -Vocals & Saxophone
Michel van Geel - Guitars
Wim van Veelen - Guitars & bv
Bastiaan Los
Arjan Pijning -
Bass & Bv 
Randy Dubois
Drums & Percussion

Late 1999 the Dutch Symphonic Rock Band "Sinical Glance" brought out it's first CD entitled "Truth Or Delusion". Early in the year 2000 a band sees daylight and called it self Troy, after the departure of vocalist Frank Tuk (who was replaced by Marrieke). A new golden voice joins five members of the former band "Sinical Glance" in search of a new sound, a source of inspiration, creative impulses and a chance to get into the spotlights. Troy invites you to a journey with beautiful melodies, wailing guitars, atmospheric keyboards, dynamic rhythms and a touching voice. Troy writes its own songs in a style that is influenced by "The Gathering", "Camel" and "Iona".
(Troy live at Baroeg, September 16th, 2000

The promo CD 
contains 4 songs:

Jailed by Time
She Whispers
Song of Mary
For bookings 
Pierre Music Productions Oostenveldseweg 22 
8723 AN Koudum (the Netherlands)
E-mail: pierre@solcon.nl

Troy contact: 

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