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. JANUARY 2006
We are starting a new year and, I´m very happy to introduce to all prog friends a special band. The Band Of Rain has a big heavenly orchestral sound and another example of pure Music - played and written at it's heart. The guys on the band play an incredible Symphonic Progressive Rock music, adorned with Hard Rock textures, blending elements from many sources such as Electronic Space Rock, Heavy Metal and Classic Rock, and even modern chamber music into a cohesive whole. The musical elements are extremely well balanced, all the instruments are clear, audible, with delicate arrangements, the main highlights on the songs are the killer guitar sounds, sometimes symphonic and sometimes heavy, driven by precise and very dynamic rhythms, while the floating synthesizer and orchestral keyboards add a touch of symphonism to all songs. In fact, the members on the band are highly talented musicians, who do not focus on one style, but show on their works how versatile they are. It´s hard classify the influences from Band Of Rain but, I can say that,  they sounding like a hybrid of "Pink Floyd", "Mike Oldfield", "Yes", "Flamborough Head" and "Porcupine Tree". Band Of Rain is definitely recommended to Progressive Rock fans around the world. Brilliant and magnify absolutely recommended discovery, highly recommendable...

The musicians on the Band Of Rain are:
Chris Gill - Writer, Multi Instrumentalist and Lead Guitar
Graham Elks - Lead Guitar and Multi Instrumentalist
Billy Fleming - Drums and Multi instrumentalist
Sarah Smith - Electric Violin, Guitar and backing vocals
Genever Morgan - Vocals and Multi Instrumentalist
Katrina Gill - Flutes and Keyboards
Melissa Jayne Smith - Multi Instrumentalist
Andy Fisher - Guitar and Vocals

Chris Gill - Writer - Multi Instrumentalist - Lead Guitar.
Chris Gill began playing guitar at 13, and learned like so many playing along to Hendrix and Cream records. He really got in to it after seeing The Groundhogs and more specifically Tony T.S.McPhee. It wasn't long before he had a school band together called "Gondolin" performing Groundhogs/ King Crimson/Free covers. Inevitably they split up after leaving school, and Chris played with various different bands in the then thriving Bedford U.K. music scene.Prowl, and The Eyes of Eleanor being 2 of them. He got invited to a Bath Arts workshop which was to introduce him to the world of improvisation. Chris, Mike Westbrook - Lol Coxhill (Kevin Ayers - National Health) and the mighty George Khan (Robert Wyatt) and members of the Global Village Trucking Company played non stop for about 6 hours, even through a Hawkwind gig that was going on in the next room, without playing the same thing twice. In fact when the Hawkwind gig finished, they came on stage and jammed along too. Chris saw a whole new way of making music through improvisation. He tried for a few years to recreate the magic of Bath but it never really worked. Chris played on the fringes of festivals such as Stonehenge (before it was stopped) Bath and occassionally Glastonbury jamming along with as many different types of musician he could find. This was where Chris preffered to be, as that was where "raw" music was being made, and, there were so many different influences. It was to prove a very fortunate learning curve. About this time the UK music scene had moved in to Punk, and so like many others he decided to try the USA. Having moved to Houston Texas he eventually found a club there called Carnabys in the bohemian Montrose area. Here he met a whole bunch of like minded musicians. They soon put a band together, and found themselves playing at various universities and clubs across the southern states. However after an accident at The University of Arizona in Tuscon, Chris stopped playing for a while as he had broken most of his fingers.He drifted in to Los Angeles, and made some "pocket money" coaching an actress (who will remain nameless) to talk with an English accent. However, he still found time to work with new bands that were trying to get off the ground. But it was no substitute for playing.He decided to move back to the UK and start again. He bought himself another guitar, and got his fingers working properly again. Add to this he found new inspiration after talking to Nick Mason and Adrian Belew, Chris put together what we know as Band of Rain. Because he wanted to try to make a new kind of music, he decided to take on the debut album "Deep Space" as a solo project, as he really wasn't sure which direction it would go in. Except for some help with vocals from good friend Andy Fisher, he played all the other instruments himself. His wife Katrina who is also a musician played the flute on "Casanova of the Cliff Dwellers". Deep Space has been out since September 2004, and has been very well received. There are already fans all over the world and word is spreading fast. 2005 will see another CD as well as the formation of a live band. Progressive Soundscapes Radio USA calls the music: "Incredibly complex and mesmerising..."

Graham Elks - Lead Guitar/Multi Instrumentalist.
Graham Elks has a vast array of experience with a range of instruments, as well as being a sound recording engineer.He has written and recorded 4 prog albums of his own called : Kingdom of Rock - Time Traveller - 7th Generation - and Meltdown. Plus another album with his fellow musician Phil Crewe who played together for 5 years under the name of G2.
His lead guitar style is very much in the laid back but loud style of Band of Rain, and we know that he will fit in seamlessly with the band and will be a writing contributor in the future. His guitar work has been described as " Breathtaking" so they are very happy to welcome him in to the fold and hope that you will grow to like him as we will.There will be more info here soon regarding Graham, and they should have some pictures too.

Billy Fleming - Drums/Multi instrumentalist.
Billy Fleming was a professional drum technician from 1980 to 1994 working for such people as Denise Dufort [Girlschool], Simon Wright [AIIZ, AC/DC ], Phil Taylor [Motorhead], Pete Gill [Saxon, Motorhead], Ginger Baker [Cream], Peter Vanhook [Mike & the Mechanics], Danny Thompson [Hawkwind], & Rod Morgenstien [Steve morse, Dixie dreggs, & Winger] and many more. During this time Billy played live on occasions with Girlschool, Hawkwind & toured with Dumpys Rusty Nuts. Billy retired from the music business in 1994 & moved to Norfolk to settle down to family life, but also picked up his drumsticks again & helped form DOGWOOD with Pat Rolf which lasted until 1999. Then in 2000 Old friend Paul Samson was tired of London & moved up to Norfolk asking Billy to find a bass player to form a blues trio which became “METALLIC BLUE”featuring Nick Mallet on bass. During this time Billy was to join the new line up of “SAMSON”& record what was to be the final album for the band, as sadly Paul passed away on the 9th of August 2002. Since then Billy has played for a variety of bands including THE BARRY HOMAN BAND, EGYPT [Ex Groundhogs], THE STONKING BLUES BAND, featuring Pete Cruikshanks [Groundhogs], The Sean Webster Band [Blues Matters], & Gregg Wright [Ex Micheal Jackson Guitarist]. Billy started THE MUSIC OUTPOST in 2002 teaching drums & passing on the knowledge which he has gained over the years. 

Sarah Smith Electric Violin/Guitar and backing vocals
Sarah grew up on board her Moms tour bus, therefore Music has always been a major part of her life. Sarah is a classically trained Violinist. She holds improvisation workshops as well as being a Violin teacher.
She has toured Canada and Europe extensively, and now brings her special talents to Band of Rain. Sarah can also be seen playing in a folk band called "String Thing " with her husband Tim. In Band of Rain she will be performing electric violin solos as well as playing some of the guitar parts. We welcome Sarah in to the fold. "Best Young Performer" North Country Magazine. 

Genever Morgan - vocals/Multi Instrumentalist.
Genever is a trained musician which is a bit unusual for the Band of Rain set up! Gen plays with various jazz bands around Wales as well as perfoming classical music pieces. Her voice lends itself very well to the kind of music we produce here, and Gen has agreed to come in to the studio to do more vocals with us. It will remain to be seen if she plays live with us, as she does have other commitments.We would really like to get her on board as a full time member, but she has put her education first and has gone to University. (they have no problem with that) and so they will have to work together when they can. 

Katrina Gill - Flutes/Keyboards.
Katrina as well as being a good photographer, plays some keyboard and flute. She has also taken up Irish pipes and whistles. The haunting flute at the start of "Casanova of the Cliff Dwellers was improvised by Kat, and she will be featured more on the third album which has begun, but as yet remains untitled. Katrina is married to Chris. 

Melissa Jayne Smith - Multi Instrumentalist
Melissa is a very talented trained musician who will be playing with us quite a bit in the future. Melissa is also a multi instrumentalist, but specialises in Double Bass and Guitar Bass. She has played with most of the Jazz bands from our area, as well as sharing the same bill as Jackie Dankworth, which if you know anything about Jazz, will also know that the Dankworth name is like Royalty. Melissa has worked at Foel Studios. Where some serious legends have been through the doors! She has also recorded with Band of Rain. Currently studying bass and piano at The Royal Welsh College of Music. 

Andy Fisher - Guitar/Vocals.
Andy did some vocals for us on the Deep Space album. He performed "Search for my Forgiver" and "A room where time stands still."
Andy came from Reading in the UK originally and having passed through many bands along the way, found himself here in mid wales. Chris heard him singing and invited him along for some sessions which ended in Andy performing these songs. There may be more vocals from Andy in the future.

.New Release


01) Ghost Town
02) Test Pilot
03) Voyager
04) All Moonlit Through
......The Trees
05) Magnetic South
06) The Flying Sorcerer
07) Lady Evening Star
08) Beneath My Tree
09) Sun On The
10) Garlands
11) Clouds

Produced by Chris Gill for Hollowhill Music. Music and lyrics by Chris Gill. Swiss Navy Productions artist Management, represaentation and Media Relations.

To get in contact or, If you would like any other information, please e-mail to Band Of Rain.

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit BAND OF RAIN HOME PAGEN
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