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For many years the brazilian progressive rock band Caravela Escarlate continues to be considered as an impressive band and worshiped by many Brazilian fans and as well as fans around the world. Caravela Escarlate, initially formed in 1990, as a project from multi-instrumentalist and composer David Caravelle (David Paiva), a lover of progressive rock from seventies. During all those years David Paiva has been composing songs that many would consider a historical album. The group has been going through several different formations, but always with the tutelage of David and his determination to show the progressive rock world his musical ideas and his work. The musicians on the band, mainly David Paiva,  offers us a travel and an adventure around the Progressive Rock School, exploring a wide variety of the symphonic musical traditions, around the same styles from famous seventies bands such as "Yes", "Alan Parsons Project", "Camel", "Genesis", "Emerson, Lake & Palmer", includind some brazilian icons such as "O Terço", "Mutantes" e A Bolha". David Paiva, Ronaldo Rodrigues and Élcio Cáfaro together show an innovative energy, and an exceptional instrumental performance, they all know how to play an exciting Symphonic Progressive Rock, considered as an impressive and favorite style, quite always appreciated by all Progressive Rock listeners. The classic symphonic Progressive Rock lovers will find tremendous delight hearing the music from Caravela Escarlate, a rich sound full of memorable and sensitive melodies with extended and atmospheric instrumental sections. Today, actually the Caravela Escarlate is formed as a trio, the understanding of the musicians is total, which allow them to play a very pure and clean sound, able to expand and to contract according to the evolution of the musical works, without losing the beauty of the arrangements. "Caravela Escarlate's" album consists of eight distinct songs, full of energy and filled with aural detail, I have no special preference to one o more songs, all are incredible in all senses, but, allowing me, I would like to highlight some tracks, five of the eight songs delight me and caught my attention, mainly due the instrumental grandeur, and they are "Caravela Escarlate", "Atmosfera", "Gigantes da Destruição", "Kosmos" and "Planeta-Estrela", however, all tracks represent the true scent of an amazing music, that this band manages to convey, you can bet, at the end of the album there is a lasting sensation that we have heard a musicianship full of powerful themes and delightfull arrangements. Congratulations on the excellent work. "Caravela Escarlate's" album is their second wok, since the previous one, was considered like a EP, is a set of beautiful classical symphonic songs, interspersed with amazing instrumental interludes. There is a delicate atmosphere around all songs, which leads the listener to a dreamspace full of energy, that infuses the whole album. Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Caravela Escarlate album and actual band are:
David Caravelle - Bass, Violões, Guitar and Vocals
Ronaldo Rodrigues - Teclados
Elcio Cáfaro - Bateria


The band Caravela Escarlate is a project of the multi-instrumentalist and composer David Caravelle, formed in Rio de Janeiro, under the influence of Brazilian music with progressive and experimental rock. The project started in the early 1990s and had several hiatus periods, returning to activities from the partnership with keyboardist Ronaldo Rodrigues (ex-Massahara, ex-Modulo 1000, current Arcpelago and O Terço lado B) in 2011. The current line-up features veteran drummer Elcio Cáfaro (who has played with Chico Buarque, Edu Lobo, Flavio Venturini, Boca Livre, Roberta Sá, etc.). Experimenting as a duo, David and Ronaldo recorded in the first half of 2016 the album "Rascunho" exploring acoustic songs and electro-acoustic crossings. In 2017, the band again entered the studio, to record in a definitive way the songs and suites already tried on the stages in trio format.

Caravela Escarlate it was formed by David Caravelle (David Paiva) at the beginning of 90's. With several different line-ups, the band splited few years later and did not recorded anything officialy. In 2010, David Caravelle knowed Ronaldo Rodrigues, keyboardist, and the musicians started a new incarnation of the band, in trio format. Several line-up changes made the band released their first album (called "Rascunho") only in 2016 and as duo (only David and Ronaldo), in digital format. With Elcio Cáfaro as drummer, the band concluded the recording of their second album, as a trio, with most of songs composed at the early carrer of David.

Since his youth, David Caravelle has composed songs inspired by english and italian progressive rock and popular Brazilian music. In the early 1990s, he experimented several different line-ups for the band which was named after one of his compositions, "Caravela Escarlate". Without having been able to establish a consistent and definitive line-up, the group alternated active periods and long hiatus.

In 2009, keyboardist Ronaldo Rodrigues moved to Rio de Janeiro, while still a member of the band Massahara, with whom recorded an album released just in 2011. In search of musicians to form a brand new band and join in the music scene of his new city, in mid-2010, Ronaldo Rodrigues receives an indication from producer Claudio Fonzi, who had found David Caravelle casually on the street after a long time without seeing him. David had told Claudio his intention to restart his progressive work and was also looking for musicians. Then, Claudio Fonzi passed the invitation to Ronaldo and got both in touch.

Ronaldo Rodrigues was initiating, in an embryonary stage, a new band with the drummer and friend Rafael Mello; David Caravelle was, in the same way, restarting his career with the Caravela Escarlate with the drummer Tadeu Filho. When the two met, they discussed influences, references and musical ambitions, immediately establishing a strong connection to start a partnership. 

David presented some of his compositions for Ronaldo and presented his idea of  constituting the band as a trio, without a fixed guitarist. However, both were working with different drummers and there was a question about who would occupy the drummer post. The solution was to form two different bands - Ronaldo would follow with Rafael Mello and will form the band Arcpelago in follow months, but simultaneosuly will join with David and Tadeu Filho to form the new version of the Caravela Escarlate.

The band's trajectory began in 2011, with rehearsals held in the suburbs of Rio. The premiere took place in October 2011 at Rio Prog Festival, organized by Claudio Fonzi, along with the bands Massahara and Anjo Gabriel. In early 2012, after constant rehearsals, the band begins the first attempts to record their repertoire. After some unsuccessful tests, drummer Tadeu Filho leaves the band for personal and musical incompatibilities. Few weeks after, David recruits drummer Henrique Moreira, with whom he had already worked. In early 2013, the new line-up premiered at the Rio Custom Festival and played in Prog Camp festival, in Minas Gerais. A new attempt to enter the studio happens with this lineup - Henrique, David and Ronaldo - and again the attempts do not advance, although all the repertoire that the band had at that time had been fully recorded.

Henrique remains in the band until early 2014; however, his professional aspirations were not compatible to the structure that David and Ronaldo disposes to keep the band active. The following period was a pause for the band; Ronaldo was invited to join a new lineup of the legendary psychedelic band Módulo 1000 at the end of 2013; in addition, he conducted the work with his own band Arcpelago. With Módulo 1000, Ronaldo remained until April 2014, when guitarist Daniel Romani fell ill and passed away few months later. In 2014, Ronaldo also  progressed with Arcpelago, achieving a stable line-up for the group and preparing the repertoire for the album that he would record with the group from 2015. Between 2014 and 2015, David Caravelle also integrates the band Lummen.

Only in early 2015, David and Ronaldo go out looking for a new drummer; Ronaldo contacts the drummer Leandro Pires, who had already played with Marcus Moura (Bacamarte) and the rehearsals were restarted again. The band evolute fast and a new recording process started in late 2015. The process was quite troubled, due to disagreements with the new drummer and in early January 2016 everything was aborted again and months of work were discarded. Only one show took place with this band's formation, in September / 2015.

In 2015, Ronaldo works frantically in music - he records the album with Arcpelago (whose conclusion and release took place only in 2016), receives the invitation to integrate the show "O Terço Lado B", alongside guitarist Sergio Hinds to perform less known songs by the legendary Brazilian prog band O Terço, in addition to being recruited for the solo project of guitarist Luiz Zamith. In the band of Luiz Zamith, Ronaldo is in contact with the veteran drummer Elcio Cáfaro, a recognized sideman and session man, who had already played with great names in Brazilian music (Chico Buarque, Edu Lobo, Flavio Venturini, Boca Livre, Roberta Sá, etc.). After the departure of Leandro Pires, Ronaldo then asked Elcio Cáfaro to indicate names to fill the post and Elcio himself asked why Ronaldo did not invite him! Caravela Escarlate enters 2016 with renewed hopes. David proposes to Ronaldo the elaboration of an entirely new repertoire, that could be executed and recorded as a duo. Then the musicians immersed themselves in the challenge of producing and recording the album "Rascunho", the band's first album, recorded between April and May and released in July of that year, in which they explored influences of folk and MPB with a progressive approach. The album was well received by the public, despite the modest production and the few resources that the band had at that time.

Simultaneously, the rehearsals with Elcio Cáfaro follow and the band debuts the new formation in July / 2017, in an event of the Cena Carioca de Música Progressiva (CCMP), a collective association of progressive rock bands of Rio de Janeiro, of which Caravela Escarlate is a founding member. Other shows take place throughout 2016 and early 2017, in an upward trajectory of recognition with the local public. In July 2017, they finally enter the studio definitively and record their trio repertoire in only 12 hours of studio, at Estúdio Mata, in Niterói, RJ. The recording process continued until October, with overdubs and details of arrangements, completing circa of 40 hours of studio work under conduction of sound engineer and producer Sergio Filho. On November 30th, the band's second self-titled album comes to light, with partnership of the producer Vertice Cultural.

New Release

"Caravela Escarlate"

01) Um Brilho Frágil
......No Infinito
02) Caravela Escarlate
03) Atmosfera
04) Gigantes
......da Destruição
05) Toque as
06) Futuro Passado
07) Cosmos
08) Planeta-Estrela

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Caravela Escarlate - Atmosfera

Caravela Escarlate - Full Concert

Caravela Escarlate- Planeta Estrela

Caravela Escarlate - Planeta-Estrela - Realmente Som 5 - Casarão Floresta - RJ - 29/04/2017

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