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. JANUARY 2004
We are starting 2004 with a great revelation in Progressive Rock group around feelings from 70' bands. Hobbit is an extraordinary USA Prog Band that certainly will attract a lot of attention, and one of main attention is the musical style developed by the musicians, an extraordinary wide range of musical experimentation including fantastics musical performances around Guitar, Drums and Keyboards. Hobbit has a kind of the music and lyrics inspired around the J.R.R Tolkiens, some thing very creative and innovative, a musical journey back to the writing and combination styles and influenced by "Yes", "Genesis", "Styx", "Rick Wakeman", "Jethro Tull" "Rush" and "Saga". The musical passages are enriched with plenty of guitar solos and sinths, the vocals are some time hard at the same time adventurous, melodic and atmospheric especially in the narrations, every thing is in synthony with the more authentic Progressive Rock spirit. Hobbit has a real spirit of the pioneers of Progressive Rock. The album is definitely recommended to all progressive rock fans.  Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable...

Hobbit are:
Gene Fields - Vocals, Guitars and Keyboards
Paul "Turk" Henry - Vocals, Bass, Guitar and Narration
Richard Hill -  Lead Guitar and Keyboards
Rusty Honeycutt - Drums

Hobbit began some years ago (1st Age) when 'Turk' (Bass/Vocals) and Gene (Vocals/R.Guitar) sparked a vision to make music. The combination of similar rock-n-roll influences, and the powerful attraction (and living in) to J.R.R. Tolkiens's Middle Earth, opened the way to a style everyone called "Fantasy Rock"?!

The addition of Rusty Honeycutt, and his artistic "drumworks", rounded out this then 3-piece band. When Richard Hill (L.Guitar/Keyboards) came into the "fold", the Fellowship was complete, and the vision became a reality. It was during this period that the project titled "Join The Celebration" was recorded in a 10'x20' storage room, converted to a studio in Gene's smial. This recording contains the bulk of the "Fantasy/Tolkien" oriented songs that made up the "roots" of Hobbits' style. One day, the band hopes to either, re-record this project, or release it as is?! After some time, Rusty left the band and was replaced by the very solid drumming of Keith Young, bringing a close to the 1st Age, and ushering in the 2nd Age.

A couple of years later, after drawing a very successful regional following, they were advised by Robin Hood Brians(recorded ZZ-Top's first few albums) to become a little more mainstream, than singing about Mordor, Wizards, Rings, Nazgul, and Hobbits! The results, were songs like "Love Is Forever", "Take Me Tonight", "Need Your Love", and "'Til I Get You Back", and a 45 done there, of "Love Is Forever" and (flip-side) "Take Me Tonight". Although they have never lost, nor will ever lose, the fantasy side of their roots, as seen in "Midyear's Eve", "Two Feet Tall", "Intensity", and "Up And Down", they have a variety of musical styles that should provide something for everyone, in the Melodic/Pomp Rock, AOR vein.

"Two Feet Tall" (the CD) was beginning to take on shape. Soon after, B.S.A. took the band to New York, where the recording (done at Wizard studios and mixed at The Record Plant) turned a dream into a reality (2nd Age). During this time, along with many self-produced concerts and countless club dates, Hobbit opened for such acts as: Cheap Trick, Loverboy, Nightranger, Quiet Riot, Axe, Iron Butterfly, and Humble Pie (a huge thank you to Mikel Leff/Beaver Prod. for most of those!). They were also featured on Q-102 and Zooberry LP's out of Dallas/Ft.Worth, including substantial air-play of "Midyear's Eve" and "Need Your Love" from those respective radio stations.

Due to legal problems, "Two Feet Tall" has remained "vaulted/shelved" until now! Hobbit invites you to join the growing family, share some scones, ale, and relax afterwords with some LongBottom Leaf, colourful smoke rings, and some AORock, with the hopes that you will enjoy this unique blend of music and fantasy from the land of the "little people"?!

.New Release

"All For The One"

01) Everywhere 
02) In The Shire 
03) Nazgul 
04) There and
......Back Again 
05) Wind and The Way 
06) One More Time 
07) Hey Bombadil 
08) Echos in Mirkwood 
09) Rivendell 
10) Grand Departure 
11) Mines of Durin 
12) Lothlorien/Whispers
......of Gollum 
13) Beyond the River 
14) Destiny Chaser 
15) Witchking 
16) Thoughts of Frodo 
17) Emptiness 
18) In Mordor 
19) Farewells/Last
......to The Havens

Hobbit - All For The One (2003/Midwest Records) Produced by Hobbit

Contact and Info:
e-mail to: Paul/Sally

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit HOBBIT HOME PAGEN
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