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. JANUARY 2010
Highly accomplished and a talented musician, Erik de Beer impresses me with his amazing knowledge and musical ability, to write a kind of music that alternating from symphonic to a progressive rock, to a mellow and light without effort, full of energy and enthusiasm, creating a special and different musical textures on all his projects. Leaded by Erik, Life Line Project is a Symphonic Progressive Rock Band that deserves a special attention, from all fans this amazing musical style full of atmospheric imagination, where we can hear many kind of keyboards sounds dominated all the arrangements. Actually, after two excelents releases, the first was in 2008 titled as "Modinha", and some months later in september 2009, Erik released "The Finnishing Touch", both were very well received on the progressive rock scenary.  Now, "The King", his third album, comes to the progressive rock fans such as a masterpiece, very well inspired into the prog scenary from years 70', is a real Symphonic Progressive Rock Opera, the music on this album is full of incredible orchestration, dominated by a range of keyboards sounds, adorned with atmospheric elements, flutes, guitars, bass, drums and vocals are in a perfect harmony, everything is so perfect, where a creative musical imagination, runs wild on all the compositions. Personally, all tracks are amazing, but the long song called "The King" reminds me the best age of Symphonic Progressive Rock from all times. If you like "Trace", "Coda", "Camel", "Like Wendy", "Alquin", "Earth And Fire", "Finch", "Focus", "Lady Lake", "Egdon Heath", "Mangrove", "Odyssice", "Salmon", Life Line Project is an excellent addition to any Symphonic Progressive Rock music collection. Brilliant, fantastic, and an amazing album, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Life Line Project for the recordings on the album "The King" are:
Erik De Beer - All Lead & Acoustic Guitars, Piano, Organ, Harpsicord, Moog & Other Synthesizers, Mandolins, Lute, Chitarrone, 5-String Bass & Backing Vocals
Elsa De Beer - Flute & Bass Recorder
Maruschka Kartosonto - Lead & Backing Vocals
Peter Van Der Stel - Lead Vocals
Yvette Vrij - Additional Lead & Harmony Vocals
Jody Van Der Gijse - Backing Vocals
Dineke Visser - Oboe
Anneke Verhagen - Clarinet
Ada Bienfait - Bassoon
Jessica Ter Horst - Alto & Sopranino Recorders
Bram Vroon - Electric Rythem Guitars
Ramon Bergwerff - Bass Guitar
Ludo De Murianos - Drums & Percussion, Toto-Toms, Kettle-Drums, Triangle, Tambourine, Cowbell & Renaissance Drum.


Life Line Project is a project in the true meaning of the word. It is build around one musician, Erik de Beer, either playing all instruments himself or contracting all the necessary vocalists or players according to the needs of the work in progress.

Born in The Hague, Holland Erik started to play the guitar when he was 14 years old and keyboard at the age of 16. Right from the start his preference was symphonic rock. Erik started his studies at the conservatory for music in 1977 and finished them in 1983. He now works as a guitar & keyboard teacher. He started his first symphonic rock band "J.S. Quasar" in 1975 in which he played both keyboards and lead guitar. After some short stays in several bands Erik founded keyboard-dominated power-rock trio "Brancard" in 1979. In 1982 he left "Brancard" to form "Zoundworks" with singer Ankie Jansen. Their music ranged from symphonic rock to jazz-rock. In 1985 "Zoundworks" was disbanded and it wasn't until 1988 that Life Line Project was started.

With Life Line Project all instruments were played by Erik de Beer, while the vocals were taken care of by singer Anja Dirkzwager. The first 3 demo-tapes were recorded on 4-track, resulting in a less favourable sound quality. The music consisted of bombastic instrumental symphonic rock and some more light-footed melodic rocksongs. In 1990 quality rose to 8-track and the epic albums "The Journey" & "Duplo" were recorded. These demo-tapes were highly acclaimed in the European rock-magazines. "Duplo" saw the birth of the homonymous logo "Duplo" decorating all Life Line Project-products.

In 1992 several works were re-mastered and transferred to CD-recordable. In 1993 "The Final Word" was recorded. This time the sound quality had improved a lot. In the meantime concerts had been given by a complete band, while some of the songs were recorded both on stage and in the studio with the live bands. In 1994 Anja Dirkzwager was replaced by Marion Stroetinga and in the period '94-'95 some of the best Life Line Project-recordings were made, all on CD-recordable.

In the period 1996 - 2003 Erik founded the baroque orchestra "Tempesta Consort" with whom he recorded mainly unknown masterpieces of the baroque-period. He reworked old manuscripts to playable parts and then conducted the orchestra from the harpsichord or the chitarrone (a large lute) both on recordings and concerts. 

In 2003 Life Line Project was brought back to life, from then on with a complete band and recording on 24 digital tracks. In 2003 the short album "Illusion" was recorded. Since then the Life Line-sound was embellished by the subtle oboe-sound of Dineke Visser, already featured as soloist with the "Tempesta Consort". 

In 2004 "The Journey" (52 minutes for the title track) was completely re-worked and re-recorded. An extended woodwind section consisting of flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon & clarinet was added to counterpart the bombastic keyboard & heavy guitar dominated symphonic rock pieces. With the same line up "Duplo" (56 minutes) was redone in 2005. The crown on this "epic" period was placed by "The King", a work condemning all personality cults and the abuse of both religion and democracy to establish dictatorship. 

In 2007 the actual line up of Life Line Project was formed. The sound made a change to an instrumental fusion of a seventies' sound dominated by vintage keyboards like the Moog and the Hammond with modern jazz & progrock playing. Both albums "Modinha" (2008) & "The Finnishing Touch" (September 2009) were officially released.

The main theme on "The Finnishing Touch" album is built rather freely around the charming anonymous melody of a sad Finnish folksong. The harmonisation of the song is made by Erik, thus leaving hin all possibilities to change it to the different styles of music. They have made it a classical piece, jazzed it up a little, made it a synthesizer piece, turned it to melodic metal and finally ended it in a happy folk-dance. On this album they have mixed jazz-rock to symphonic rock, trying to create a dynamic sound. Apart from the new compositions they also recorded some oldies like Little Alice & I Miss You More, both performed in the early eighties by power-rock trio "Brancard". The songs "Without Tears", "The Missing Drink" & the bonus-track "Desire" are taken from the "Zoundworks" repertoire of 1984. "The piece Saudades de Sor" is a jazz piece built around a chord progression of the 19th century composer Fernando Sor (1778 - 1839). It's performed on a copy of one of Sor's guitars, a Panormo of 1828. The only piece on this album by Jason is about James the Rover. While making this recording, James was ready suffering severe ailments. Of course they wish James a fast recovering. In "The Finnish Finish" some less frequent instruments in rock music, like a mandolin, a lute, a renaissance drum & a harpsichord can be heard.

New Release

"The King"

01) Opening (5:00)
02) Is this the End' (5:51)
03) Free Passage (2:36)
04) Dusk (4:15)
05) The King (37:58)
......i) Haze and Overture
......ii) Reflections -
..........Saltarello -
......iii) The Chosen Ones
......iiii) Democracy
...........(a mockery)
......v) Invincible
......vi) World of Steel
......vii) Defeat
......viii) Doom
......viiii) Finale
......x) Haze

You can order "The King", "Modinha" and "The Finnishing Touch" directly from Life Line Project using PayPal, they will include a free guitar pick.


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