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. JANUARY 2008
Magni Animi Viri has put together a intriguing
and almost totally unique sounding, where you can also find a perfect combination of Classic Music, adding the best Melodic Metal style with the traditional Symphonic Progressive Rock. Magni Animi Viri are not a new Band, they are really a new conception and a finest example of how to create a true and a pure epic “Rock Opera” that, includes all the musical elements that you have  never heard before, their musical performance is top-notch, having many musical sections. Great interchange and fantastic interplay between keys and guitar, dynamic and playful vocals, lyrics are in Italian and Latin, everything fits perfectly with the orchestral arrangements, fascinating listening experience both musically and lyrically, you can hear pure moments of magic. There is something unreal in their music which leads the listener to another dimension and which enable us to dream more
than ever. A collection of songs that come from the heart, a music with a new fresh innovative approach that will put Magni Animi Viri in the premier league of todays progscene. You can Imagine a perfect mix of "Banco Del Mutuo Socorso", "Nightwish", "Dream Theater", "New Trolls" and "Epica", all together into a dreamy atmosphere. I hope see "Heroes Temporis" recorded alive in a DVD, I believe that, it will be the best concert from all times. Brilliant, amazing, perfect and a fantastic work, highly recommendable for all progressive rock fans around the world...

Great international artists have participated in the recording of "Heroes Temporis".

The main musicians on this project are:
Francesco Napoletano - Tenore (Fondazione Arena di Verona)
Ivana Giugliano - Voce (Giovanni Mauriello, N.C.C.P.)
Giancarlo Trotta - Pianoforte, Tastiere, fx, moog, programmazioni
Luca Contegiacomo - Pianoforte, tastiere, fx, moog, programmazioni
Marco Sfogli - Chitarre (James LaBrie, John Macaluso, NCCP)
Randy Coven - Basso (Steve Vai, Mountain, ARK, C.P.R., Yngwie Malmsteen)
John Macaluso - Batteria (Yngwie Malmsteen, Vitalij Kuprij, Alex Masi, ARK, George Lynch)
Roberto D'Aquino - Basso, stick (Edoardo Bennato, Gigi D'alessio)
Simone Gianlorenzi - Chitarra acustica in "Sai cos'è"
Matteo Salsano - Voce narrante


A trip towards knowledge, the discovery of reality as an illusion, the classical world meeting rock, a symphonic orchestra and a progressive band for a new, exciting rock opera with major international guests.

"Magni Animi Viri" has a long range of musical experience, its Maestros Giancarlo Trotta and Luca Contegiacomo have both a musical background. The first has a classical formation while the latter a Progressive  Rock one. Magni Animi Viri begam as a project with a precise objective: create and realize an important "Rock Opera".

The difficult was to combine everything in a uniform and well balanced manner, two different "worlds" while trying to obtain contemporarily a warm and harmonious sound from a symphonic orchestra. 

Simple melodies at times sung by a strong and proud classical voice, like the one from a tenor, others by a sweet but raw feminine voice. Even from a literary point of view, the fusion of sentiment and contrasting emotions, reflects the hybrid musical soul of the work, giving it the right lyrical atmosphere through a marvelous modulation of emotions.

"Heroes Temporis", through the sequence of its tracks, narrates the story of a man that, in an undetermined time and space, encounters male and female characters, and thus, he reflects on the events of his life.

Every little stop he makes, is rappresentaded by a song it symbols a step towards a decision to change his life. Actually, he is slleping and at the end of his journey, he awakes and realizes that he has been a "victim" of a dream. 

The dream rappresents the symbolic dressings of his own being. The emotions of daily life are projected into his dream, in this case, sentiment and desires are a "man-protagonist". 

The dream is given as a renewal, as a matured way of freeing one´s self, that is to say, a stimulus for a new life (the character - man is born again).

Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra - Sif. 309 diretta dal M. Giacomo Simonelli, Ideazione e composizione della parte lettariaria Prof. Pietro Ruggiero

• Violins: Dimitar Dantchev ,Iulita Kirova, Gechko Gospodinov, Verka Stefanova, Iordan Dimitrov, Nanko Dimitrov, Hristo Andreev, Emil Haltakov, Mario Filipov, Stefan Hinov, Nikolai Katzarski, Gherghi Boiadjiev, Maria Kirova, Elina Djagarova, Nikolai Lanakiev, Evelina Arabadjieva, Iva Djadjeva, Emilia Tzekova, Vania Ibrihimova, Sahska Gecheva, Ghergana Aleksieva, Maria Dancheva • Violas: Petia Ivanova, Stefan Gilkov, Ognian Stanchev, Todor Mitrov, Viktor Mitzev, Evelina Haltakova, Gheorghi Stoianov, Rumiana Peteva • Cellos: Hristo Tanev, Nina Stefanova, Nevena Kehaiova, Vessela Pandinova, Petar Petrov, Gheorghi Bogdanov • Bass Guitars: Maksim Spassov, Irina komitska, Gheorghi Shiokov, Borislav Simeonov • Flute: Kremena Achea, Iana Mihailova • Oboes: Slavcho Mladenov • English Horn: Detelin Vuchkov • Clarinet: Borislav Iotzov • Bass Clarinet: Mihail Mihailov • Bassoon: Marin Valchanov • Harp: Iliana Selimska • Sweet Flute: Petar Ganev Timpanist: Radosvet Kukudov • French Horns: Ignat Velichkov, Vladislav Grigorov, Krassimir Kostadinov, Plamen Dimitrov • Trumpets: Dimitar Neikov, Gheorghi Velev, Ivo Kasassov, Marian Anghelov • Trombones: Atanas Karafesliev, Vassil Tododrov, Krassimir Kirirlov, Vladimir Slavchev • Choir Singers: Donka Banska, Emilia Andonova, Stela Koleva-Ivanova, Anghelina Lambrinova, Rossitza Grigorova, Rossitza Georghieva, Lilia Marinava, Budinka Popova, Dessislava Ivanova, Irina Raicheva, Iolanta Gheorghieva, Neli Bojkova, Vassil Sokolov, Nikola Vassilev, Sasho Kostov, Ivailo Donkov, Orlin Cholakov, Ivailo Iordanov, Ivailo Andonov, Konstantin Tzvetkov, Enriko Gheorghiev, Gheorghi Gheorghiev, Vassil Antov, Vladimir Marinov, Emil Esekiev, Krastan Krastanov, Iossif Gherdjikov, Iulian Perekliev, Konstantin Ivanchev, Valentin Ionchev, Hristo Stoinov, Petar Petrov.

New Release

"Heroes Temporis"

01) Colonna Sonora
02) Heroes ...
03) ... temporis
04) Intus
05) Finchè
06) Pensieri
07) Tertia vigilia
08) Mai più
09) Desertanima
10) Vorrei
11) Come un falco
12) Uritur
13) Sai cos'è
14) Immenso
15) Fortis
16) Senza respiro
17) Outro
18) CS instrumental

Production: Giancarlo Trotta and Luca Contegiacomo.
Conception, composition and arrangements of musical parts: Giancarlo Trotta and Luca Contegfiacomo 
Conception and composition of literary part: Professor Pietro Ruggiero 
Orchestra: Bugarian Symphony Sif 309 
Conductor: Maestro Giacomo Simonelli 
Rythmical Recordings: Studio Splash s.a.s (Naples-Italy) 
Sound Engineer: Marco Streccioni 
Sound: Massimo Aluzzi 
Pro-tools Assistant and Technician: Federico Federici 
Orchestra and Choir Recordings: Bulgarian National Radio (Sofia-Bulgaria) 
Sound Engineer: Marco Streccioni 
Pro-tools Technician: Federico Federici 
Assistant: Vladislav Boyagjiev 
Logistics and Orchestral Organization: Sud Ovest Records s.r.l. (Roma –Italy) 
Voice Recordings: Recoa Recording Studios (Pontecagnano F. - Salerno – Italy) 
Sound: Pasquale Faggiano 
Mixing and Editing: Mulino Recording s.n.c. (Acquapendente - Viterbo – Italy) 
Sound Engineer: Francesco Luzzi 
Pro-tools Assistant and Technician: Luca Pellegrini 
Mastering: Nautilus mastering (Milano - Italy)
Mastering Engineer: Antonio Baglio 
Sound Engineer: Francesco Luzzi 
Graphics and Illustrations: Inteli.it (Battipaglia – Salerno – Italy) Luigi Viscido 
Trade Marketing solutions in Asia: Italnippon (Roma – Italy) 
Dott. Raffaele Marano. 

If you would like any other information about the band and project, please send e-Mail to Magni Animi Viri.

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit MAGNI ANIMI VIRI HOME PAGEN
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