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. JANUARY 2007
It's rare when you discover a new band that has all of the musical and instrumental qualities you are always looking for, and one of that is Maze Of Time, a band with a large musical spectrum and an even larger sound. Their music can only be described as a true  Progressive Symphonic Rock, adorned with hard elements into the symphonic arrangements, creating a highly original musical form only found in old groups from the 70's. The themes are developed through long tracks, characterized by ambitious sound, vocals are soft and melodic, giving some of the compositions a rich and a sensual format with extended and harmonic instrumental sections, lyrical and very delicate. Their trademark sound are the magical keyboards arrangements and very nice guitar solos, complemented by killer rhythm drums and low bass sounds. The music from Maze Of Time, can be discribed as a perfect mix of bands such as "Genesis", "Yes", "IQ", "Rush", "King Crimson", "Finch", "Apogee", "Anyone´s Daughter", "Like Wendy" and  "Galahad". Devoted Progressive Rock fans will finally have the opportunity to listen 64 minutes of brand symphonic music. Brilliant and fantastic, an incredible album and a amazing band, highly recommendable...

The line up on the Band are:
Robert I Edman - Guitars, Vocals and Keyboards
Christer Lindström - Guitars and Vocals
Janne Persson - Bass
Thomas Nordh - Drums
Alex Jonsson - Keyboards and Vocals

About decade ago, in the outskirts of our fair city of Stockholm, composer and guitarist Robert I Edman was growing weary. Playing music created by others just didn't do it for him as there was so much in him longing to come out, and to incorporate his own ideas in commercial music evidently was a no go. Neither was pleasing organizations, record companies and other big dogs on the mainstream media scene, by adapting to more commercial offerings.

Soon enough, Robert decided it was time to go out on the limb, go small, go wide, by taking the less travelled road and take the consequences of offering 10-minute tracks to a music scene that is mostly known for airing 3-minute hits. Inspiration came from all over the early 70-ies, with noteworthy progressive bands like "Yes", "King Crimson" and "Genesis". But there was also a darker, more intricate side, brandishing heavier guitars and noisier drum kits; with sounds from "Deep Purple", "Rainbow", "Ozzy" and many more.

Early efforts during these years included a noteworthy trio, comprising of Robert on guitars, together with talented symphonic hardrock drummer Thomas Nordh and bass virtuoso Janne Persson, where some of the themes were forged in long free-form sessions. In parallel, he produced a fair number of home studio recordings, with reinforcement from good friend vocalist and guitar enthusiast Christer Lindström. Confident with the outcome, Robert started out looking for fellow musicians looney enough to accompany him to a local studio, and to the journey beyond. The trio was extended with Christer as well as childhood buddy Alex Jonsson, known for tormenting various keyboards and woodwinds. Alas, Maze of Time was born. 

After about two years of reasonably structured rehearsal in the basement of the local church, it was high time to try the tensile strength of Robert's ideas and the band's arrangements "time to demo. Three tracks, with a playing time of about half an hour, were recorded on 1'' tape old-school style, and sent on CDs to a selected set of record companies. And all but one replied on a positive note, which seemed extraordinary from the reviews they were accustomed to from representatives of the record industry, They regarded the outcome as a tell-tale that the band was doing something right here, which made them work harder to sum up Robert's musical findings. 

The rest is history, a first full-length album ready for distribution and a sequel in the making that just might go double CD! They play their own stuff simply because they love it, and they truly hope we will like it too. 

If you would like, you can check out the recording blog for Maze of Time's album Tales from the Maze. The recording itself is finished, but there are a number of depicted events and images for documentation purposes, and most importantly - our fans around the world. On the bandís website you can listen to on-line demos, download stuff and keep up to date with whatís going on.

.New Release

"Tales From The Maze"

01) Tales
02) Here And Now
03) Distant Tomorrow
04) Ocean Of Dreams
05) Daydreamer
06) The Maze
07) Lady May
08) Under The Sun

Produced by Robert I Edman, Janne Persson and Mikael Lundin. Recorded and mixed by Mikael Lundin at Over the Hill Productions, Stockholm, June 2005 through February 2006. Mastered by Lars Rosin. Executive producer Johnny Rosengren. All music and lyrics by Robert I Edman, arrangements by Maze Of Time.

To contact them: 
Johnny Rosengren
Art Performance Production
Chico Mendesstraat 31
1102JG Amsterdam Zuidoost - Netherlands
Phone: +31-20 600 7231.
If you would like any other information about the band, please send e-Mail to Maze Of Time.

Also you can check Maze Of Time Blog.

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit MAZE OF TIME HOME PAGEN
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