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. JANUARY 2005
After some years, the Italian band The Watch finally returned with new album, more emotive than previous albums, with fantastic instrumental works. The album is wonderfully produced, with rich layers of keyboards, decorated  by amazing guitar sounds. The musical style played by the musicians is a Symphonic Progressive Rock, where the sounds from all the instruments become strong and audible, with powerful arrangements. The main highlight are, the impressive vocals by "Simone Rossetti", he has an extraordinary abilities as a singer and also like an actor, basically because of the characteristic sound of his voice, that it is very similar to the vocal tones from Peter Gabriel. In fact The Watch is the band that represents the "Genesis" feeling at the present day, and is a specially work for all Genesis fans, where the songs contain references from memorable albuns as "Selling England By The Pound" and "Foxtrot". Brilliant and an indispensable work, highly recommendable...

The musicians on The Watch are:
Roberto Leoni - Drums and Percussions
Ettore Salati - Electric, Acoustic and 12 String Guitars, Bass Pedals
Simone Rossetti - Vocals, Flute, Dtambou, Atmospheres
Marco Schembri - Bass Guitars, Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Sergio Taglioni - Piano, Mellotron, Organ, Moogs, Synths

The Watch is a 5 component band born in 1995 in Milan. In 1997 releases the first album, called Twilight and it's soon very well welcome by both "critics" and listeners.

After some changes in the line up, the band begins working in a more professional way and in 2001 comes Ghost, whereby the band becomes largely known. The Watch's music seems in some way inspired by artists of 70's period, first of all by Genesis. This is also due to an incredible similarity in Rossetti's vocals that very sound like an early Gabriel. But in the meantime the band shows his own style, alternating a sprinkling of modernity with old sounding atmospheres.

In many interviews the guys have been asked to tell how they could reach that kind of result and the importance of classical music approach in composition but every time they like to say that they simply try to do nice songs and nothing else.

In 2004 November, comes Vacuum, the last Watch effort, in the pure mood of The Watch style, that is soon extremely well reviewed. 8 traks that are already be defined as a future classic indeed. Like done before a particular attention is given also for the production and in the use of original instruments. 

In the future plans a live album and a DVD that will catch this incredible band performing his theatrical and unique show on stage.

.New Release


01) Hills 
02) Damage Mode
03) Wonderland
04) Shining Bald Heads
05) Out Of The Land
06) Goddess 
07) Deeper Still 
08) The Vacuun

All Lyrics, music and arrangements by The Watch. Produced by Simone Stucchi, Coproduced and engineered by Gino Menichini and Sergio Taglione. Recorded at Studiolab & TW Studio, Mixed and mastered at Studiolab. Simone Stucchi Recording at TW Studio, Arrangements, Gabriele Manzini Keyboards. Gino Menichini Programming on "Deeper Still". Digital Illustrations by Mariza Pizzo.

To get in contact with the the band, send an e-mail to The Watch.

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit THE WATCH HOME PAGEN
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