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. JANUARY 2012
It is a great pleasure to begin the year 2012 with another amazing revelation, into the world progressive rock scenario. As already I have wrote about some new bands that are emerging in recent years, mainly about bands who come from places like Russia, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and others from European Eastern, this band come specially from Poland, that last years this land already became an amazing reference at the Progressive Rock Scene. So I would like to introduce you my current choice, I'm sure will please all lovers of the best progressive rock from today. They are Tune band, and they came from Poland, formed by a new young generation musicians, Tune is really strong enough to convince the masses and close the ranks to leading acts such as "Riverside", "Xanadu", "After", "Lebowski", "Believe", "Collage", "Osada Vida" and many others. The musical style from Tune could be added under the topics of Symphonic Progressive Rock, Art Rock, Progressive Metal, adding some dark elements, however, to be more specific the style Progressive rock tends to be more symphonic and melodic traditionally, but the musicians on the band have introduced hints of dark elements, the music developed by musicians, on the band, follow in the same line from "Riverside" and "Xanadu". You can bet your life, really is one talented band and their instrumental prowess are easily demonstrated on their musical arrangements, their music is so provocative, where the guitar sounds, played by Adam Hajzer, are definite highlights in the arrangements, virtually dominate all the compositions, in the same time together in an perfect accordance with the quitars, we can hear incredible symphonic keyboards, also another highlights is a kind of instrument that usually is not used into the progressive rock elements, Janusz Kowalski plays accordion, and he knows how to introduce and create amazing sounds, adding a gentle atmospheric textures, drawing a rare variety of musical sources. Kuba Krupski displays a amazing vocal interpretation, one of the strong points on the band, sometimes his voice is so melodic, with an emotive "tune", sometimes harder, but not in an very aggressive tone, drums complements with the force of a thunder providing vibrant rhythms, the bass sounds close the musical structure. This Poland's quintet has put together a surprisingly powerful debut album, with nine tracks of a unique mix of Progressive Rock, Art-Rock, Progressive Metal with some dark elements. "Lucid Moments" is full of musical delights, from the first track to the last one. The first and second tracks are titled as "Dependent" and "Repose", both follow in the same direction of the "Riverside" band's style. "Confused" is more symphonic and melodic, meanwhile the track four, "Lucid Moments", is composed by diverse musical elements, is one of the best song on the album, the next one is named as "Mip" is more melodic, the vocals dominate totally the arrangements, however, the next track "Dimensions", is totally instrumental, very symphonic and full of melody, dark guitar sounds dominate the arrangements. "Cabin Fever" is the seven track, start with a very beautiful accordion sound, this track is supported by amazing guitars solos, adorned with different vocal tones, really one of my prefered on the album, but "Masquerade" is the musical apice from this album, and contains many impressive guitar solos, it´s really the best song on this album, then, to close the album, we have the last song titled as "Dr. Freeman", the guitar solos are more aggressive and the arrangements are involved in a dark atmosphere, vocals follow in a narrative line into different ways. Tune really is an excitant band, who offers a highly captivating and vibrant sound for all Progressive Rock lovers. For all listeners of the best progressive rock style, using as a reference, we can say that, the band Tune follows the same line of bands such as "Riverside", "Xanadu", "After", "Lebowski", "Believe", "Collage", "Osada Vida", "Amarok", "Framauro", "Lizard", "Lunatic Soul", "Millenium", "Moonlight", "Mr. Gil", "Nemezis", "Retrospective" and others in the same line. Brilliant, fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Tune album are:
Adam Hajzer - Guitar
Jakub Krupski - Vocals
Leszek Swoboda - Bass,Vocals
Wiktor Pogoda - Drums
Janusz Kowalski - Accordion, Piano, Keyboard


Tune was created at the beginning of 2009 in Lodz (Poland) on Leszek Swoboda and Adam Hajzer's initiative. The music of Tune oscillates in stylistics of broadly comprehended Art Rock and their characteristic sound is defined by accordion that is very unique in rock music. 

Apart from theatrical atmosphere during concerts, the music of Tune is accompanied by film projections. Currently, the band is promoting their debut album titled "Lucid Moments". 

The recording has been realized in one of the most high-tech recording studios in Poland TOYA STUDIOS and mastered by the Grammy Awards winner - Robert Hadley, who worked with such prominent bands as "Pink Floyd", "Electric Light Orchestra" or "Korn".

New Release

"Lucid Moments"

01) Dependent
02) Repose
03) Confused
04) Lucid Moments
05) Mip
06) Dimensions
07) Cabin Fever
08) Masquerade
09) Dr Freeman

The album was recorded and mixed by Maciej Mularczyk at Toya Studios, Lodz. Mastered by Robert Hadley at The Mastering Lab, Los Angeles.

To get in contact or, If you would like any other information about the band, you must visit Tune at MySpace.

For more information and every thing about the musicians and band, please visit TUNE HOME PAGEN
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