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. JULY 2007
Perfect, amazing, great,  wonderful, marvelous and a pleasant Progressive Music come from Switzerland with an Italian spirit and, deserves all our attention. Influenced by the best and famous Italian bands from the seventies, the musical style retains the pure late 70s Progressive Rock, with touchs of the European Symphonic Prog Rock groups. We are talking about a complete musical orchestration including, elaborate arrangements of which consist of very tasteful intrumental. In fact, I´m talking about Alex Carpani, a versatile composer and keyboard player, the man behind some interesting musical projects and, one of them is "Waterline". The music on this album is rich, with a perfect balance of orchestral-driven sympho progressive instrumentals, playing by a collection of musicians with different experiences and many inspiration. Delightful guitar solos flows brilliantly into atmospheric keyboards sounds, complemented by melodic vocals from "Aldo Tagliapietra". The music from Alex Carpani remind me of "Genesis", "EL&P", "Gentle Giant", "Camel", "Le Orme", "Locanda Delle Fate", "Banco", "La Torre Dell'Alchimista", "CAP", "Il Castello Di Atlante", "Foglie Di Vetro", "Nuova Era", "La Maschera di Cera", and "PFM", in any moments. Listen carefully "The Siren And The Mariner", "The Levees' Break", "In The rocks", "Recalimed", "Agua Claro", "Starcurrents", "A Gathering Storm", "The Waterfall" and "Catch The Wave" you realize how many different passages of music they play on "Waterline". Brilliant and fantastic, highly recommendable...

The musicians on "Waterline" are:
Alex Carpani - Keyboards 
Aldo Tagliapietra - Vocals 
Dan Shapiro - Bass
Ken Jaquess - Bass
Neil Bettencourt
Tony Spada - Guitar
Lindsey Boullt - Guitar
Michel Sajrawy - Guitar
John Thomas - Guitar
Robert Wolfe - Guitar
Marc Pattison - Guitar
David Scott - Guitar
Shelley Doty - Guitar
Cory Wright - Sax And Flute
Beatrice Casagrande - Vocal On ‘the Siren And The Mariner'

The musicians on Alex Carpani band multimedia show are: Alex Carpani - Keyboards and Vocals
Ettore Salati - (former ‘The Watch’) Guitar
Maco Fabbri - Drums
Fabiano Spiga - Bass, Guitar and Singer.

Alex Enrico Carpani was born in Montreux (Switzerland) in 1970 of an Italian father and a French mother. At the age of 6 he gave clear signs of a particular inclination for music, starting playing electronic organ and taking his first lessons of solfeggio and music theory. Later he passed to piano and composition. He was gifted of an ear for music that his first music teachers defined "out of the ordinary", but his musical education has been mostly a self-taught one. He constantly refused to enter in a conservatorium and to follow an "academic" musical education. 

He took a graduation in Musicology at the University of Bologna, he specialized in "music for film" at the C.E.T. (a famous Italian school of music) in Central Italy, as well as in "sound engineering" with top Italian sound technicians at the Arte Scenica Foundation in Bologna. He's also been awarded in several Italian and international composition prizes.
From all these training and forming experiences, he acquired the tools and knowledge to become an indipendent artist and to be able to produce his own music, taking care of all the artistic and technical aspects of a project: composition, arrangment, recording, mastering, creation of the cd artwork, promotion via Internet (by his self-built site), etc.

Alex Carpani is a versatile composer and his repertory ranges from progressive rock to classical music, from electronic music to new age, from music for films/video to electro-jazz, from music & poetry to jazz-rock. The meeting with "Keith Emerson" at the age of 7 has been fundamental in his musical formation: Emerson's son Aaron was a classmate of Alex in his parents' college in Switzerland. From this moment, the progressive rock and the love for keyboards became part of his life, influencing his style and his following music experiences. 
In 1990, at the age of 20, he formed the instrumental duo Gemini with another keyboardist and composer, starting to compose intensely and in a continuous way. Gemini recorded two concept albums: "Polychromie" and "States of Mind from a Surrealist Existence" with a mix of new age, Renaissance melodies and ballads and progressive rock. The duo made also several concerts in italy in which music, videos, dance and scenographies were mixed together.

One of their pieces, "Gentle Ballad", has been included in a compilation LP distributed in Italy. Despite of the interest of the listeners and the producers, the duo disbanded in 1992 because of soloist projects that started to overlap, just before the recording of the third album, that remained unaccomplished. However, some tracks have been re-arranged by Alex Carpani and have been included in his first solo album "Hypothesis" in 1993. 

Later, the meeting with Mogol (the best Italian lyrics writer, author of Lucio Battisti's greatest hits) in 1994, when Alex has been selected to enter in Mogol's top level music career school, has been basic for him as well. There he studied with some great film composers and started writing symphonic and orchestral music.

From 2000 his attention has been mainly focused on the following genres: 
- Progressive rock: this genre has always influenced and inspired him, maybe because of the "magic" encounter he had with "Keith Emerson" when he was a child... In 2005 he signed a contract with Cypher Arts, an American indipendent label that will publish and distribute his prog albums.;
- Electronic music: he composed several electronic albums and has been performing multimedia concerts with fractal animations and slides; he also has been reviewed on the Italian electronic music webzine "21st Century Music" in 2004;
-Music & poetry: he composed a 3cds-trilogy inspired by the poems of Edoardo Sanguineti, one of the greates Italian living poets, and 2 albums inspired by the poems of Filippo Finardi, another Italian poet and writer; in both cases, the music has been composed starting from the recorded voice of the poet reading his poems;
- Music for theatre and multimedia: he composed the music for a multimedia theatre show called "Il Ritorno" (The Return) written by Filippo Finardi and represented in an historical theatre of Bologna, the music for the multimedia theatre show "Cerco un paese innocente" (Looking for an innocent country), directed by Sandra Cavallini and represented in Bologna,  the original soundtrack of a short film called "Passaggi" directed by Dario Marzola, the original soundtrack of a promotional DVD of CMAS (an international diving association), that has been distributed all over the world and the original soundtrack of a short film dedicated to the "Caritas" House of Piacenza, Italy, directed by Giorgia Scalia.

Alex Carpani lives in Bologna, a nice historical city of about 400.000 inhabitants in northern Italy. He speaks three languages (Italian, French and English) and has got a true passion for cinema, computer music, vintage synthesizers and modern & contemporary art. Besides being a composer he's the manager of the culture department in a municipality near Bologna.

Aldo Tagliapietra Neil Bettencourt Shelley Doty Lindsey Boullt
John Thomas M. Pattison Robert Wolfe Cory Wright M. Sajrawy Tony Spada
New Re-Edition


01) The Siren And
......The Mariner
02) The Levees' Break
03) In The rocks
04) Recalimed 
05) Agua Claro
06) Starcurrents
07) Song Of The Pond
08) A Gathering Storm
09) The Waterfall
10) Catch The Wave
11) Prelude No. 2 In
......C Min. (BWV847)*
* composed by J.S. Bach, arranged by Alex Carpani

"Waterline" (c2003-2004) this album has been published in 2007 by the American label Cypher Arts.

Also, you can read more informations, and all about Alex Carpani recording process for all albuns in, Alex Carpani´s MySpace Site.

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit ALEX CARPANI HOME PAGEN
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