. JULY 2016
With one of the best albums this year, coming there from Italy, with the name "Vivo - Live in Concert", which belongs to one of the Italian revelations of recent years, Barock Project definitely breaks the gates of the Progressive Rock world as one of the best Italian bands from this genre and style in this century. Always and always, I must confess, I've always liked  Progressive Rock bands from Italy. Their music is very sensitve, symphonic, melodic, mixed with a refined progressive rock instrumentation and including good lyrics. Barock Project is another one of these new bands that delivers us a lush form of Prog Rock Music, followed by atmospheric arrangements, embellished with wonderful symphonic musical ideas. The young musicians in Barock Project, do not hesitate to adventure through long orchestrations, creating an perfect balance in the instrumental ensemble, with endless symphonic passages, adding wonderful vocal layers, which are evident in many of the songs. The Barock Project's concept is, to perform a desire to show a lush classical music structure, together with baroque style, and gentle jazz's pinches and, of course, adding many progressive rock elements, with a clear intention to bring the 70s rock universe, to the present day. Their musical influences aren't followed only from the "Progressive Rock Italian from the Golden Age", but also owes a strong smell of progressive rock outside of Italy, especially in the famous English bands, as exemplified, an amazing mix among "Emerson, Lake & Palmer", "Yes" and "Genesis" together with "Premiata Forneria Marconi", "Corte Dei Miracoli", "Le Orme", "Goblin", "Newtrolls", "Maxophone" and "Reale Accademia Di Musica". With the  resurgence of the new Italian amazing progressive rock bands, I'd like to say that, this fascinating musical genre and captivating called Progressive Rock, loved by many generations, since the seventies,  will be very well represented today by this group called  Barock Project and its talented musicians. "Vivo - Alive In Concert" is an true  masterpiece and a highlight from 2016,   I hope the next album follow on the same line, or even better than this one, I believe that, with this perfect formation and with  this talented group, still relatively from young musicians, I already see them, as part of the select group of  the progressive rock into the Italian and world scene. I for one think that,  with these enjoyable music, and also, as deeply  vibrant found on this "Alive" album as well as in previous work, they are definitely one of the best bands and one of the best albums, from 2016. "Vivo - Alive In Concert" is another one important acquisition for all the Progressive Rock's lovers around the worlds. Using as best reference,  the music from Barock Project is for all lovers of bands such as: "L'Uovo di Colombo", "Le Orme", "Jumbo", "Stormy Six", "Goblin", "Museo Rosenbach","Il Paese dei Balocchi", "Delirium", "Alphataurus", "Banco del Mutuo Soccorso", "Quella Vecchia Locanda", "Semiramis", "De De Lind", "Latte e Miele", "Ingrannagi Della Valle", "Biglietto Per L'Inferno", "Maxophone", "Cherry Five", "La Curva Di Lesmo", "Il Tempio delle Clessidre", "Genesis", "Yes", "ELP" with a rich instrumental and a technical innovative skill. Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Barock Project album and actual band are:
Luca Pancaldi - Lead Vocals
Marco Mazzuoccolo - Electric Guitars
Luca Zabbini - Piano, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Francesco Caliendo - Electric Bass
Eric Ombelli - Drums


The Barock Project idea generates from desire to deliver the finest and perfect structure of classical music (mainly baroque music) with rock-style and a little bit of jazz harmony, supported by a pop structure with the declared intention to revamp the '70s progressive-rock love.

The project founder is keyboardist Luca Zabbini, pianist and composer.
His passion for famous keyboardist Keith Emerson (ELP), has fueled his desire to compose and play a full range of style , from classical to rock and jazz.

In the summer of 2004, Giambattista"GB" Giorgi, young bassist influenced by rock sounds with big passion for jazz, and drummer Giacomo Calabria joined the band.

Luca Pancaldi singer, after a long European tour with "Children of the Damned" and Maiden's singer Paul Di'Anno in 2002 joins the band as lead voice.

The Barock Project music show suits perfectly venues like theatres and festivals.

In January 2007 the band performs live in Bologna (Italy) with a string quartet, arrangements written by Luca Zabbini, releasing a DVD called Rock in Theater.

In December 2007, published by Musea Records, the first album Misteriose Voci impact with very good reviews media coverage from all over the world.

In summer 2009 the band releases the second album Rebus with the Italian label Mellow Records, once again with very good international reviews. 

In March 2012 , published by French label Musea Records, the band releases the third album "Coffee In Neukölln", with all lyrics in English language. 

In the summer 2014 the band welcomes on board two new members, Eric Ombelli (drums) and Marco Mazzuoccolo (guitar) and begins recording sessions for their 4th and most complex album. Towards the end of 2014 bass player Giambattista Giorgi leaves the project leaving Luca Zabbini to play and re-record the bass lines on the forthcoming album.

January 2015, Barock Project sign a management contract with Stars of Italy and immediately after announce their 4th album, Skyline. In March 2016, the band welcomes aboard bass player Francesco Caliendo, a talented musician who made his debut in the band in the live show on Nobember 2015. In spring 2016, the band releases the first live album called VIVO (a double cd) with over 2 hours of music featuring the main hits of the first 10 years of Barock Project history.


Luca Zabbini (keyboards - backing vocals) was born on 26 March 1984 in S.Giovanni in Persiceto , near Bologna , and lives in Crevalcore. His father Onelio was flautist and saxophonist and his grandfather was pianist. His uncle Massimo was a drummer. Therefore, Luca was surrounded by music from his early days , listening to his father and grandfather while composing.  In 1990 Luca took the first piano lessons and  the first steps in improvisation , listening to jazz and rock from father's vinyl . One of those vinyl was by Emerson Lake and Palmer. Luca was soon fascinated by ELP music and started playing Keith Emerson's parts on the keyboard.  In 1995 he had his fiirst band called Fattore Comune, a disco-funky cover band. In 1996 Luca founded the K2 band, with bassist Giambattista Giorgi (GB ) and guitarist Luca Comellini.

This band played progressive rock music, like ELP's cover (Tarkus, Pictures At An Exhibition, Hoedown, ecc...). In 1997 Luca joined the "O.Vecchi" Musical Institute as pianist and composer. Luca has written a great amount of compositions, from jazz to rock and classical , like Guadiana (a suite for two pianos and two cellos) and soon he will finish to write a concerto for piano and orchestra. In 2004 he became the keyboardist of Jesus Christ Superstar musical's company in several theatres.

He played in several cover bands too.  His favourite classic composers are B.Bartòk, S.Prokofev, S.Rachmaninoff, A.Ginastera but mainly J.S.Bach. In 2006 he composed a concert for piano and orchestra. In 2003 his dream came true when founded Barock Project, with the intent to spread the classical atmospheres mixed with the power of rock. His official site Luca Zabbini.

Eric Ombelli (drums) born 15th May 1989 in Modena. Age 8 he started playing guitar under several teachers and after he continued as self-taught. Ten years after he decided to study drums, the instrument he loved as a kid. Under the guide of Diego Crivellaro in 2007 and since 2011 with Paolo Caridi at Modern Music Institute in Modena, he practices rock style and especially rock-progressive. His roots are on classic rock bands like The Who , Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple, although he likes to play in several styles, from funky to latin and metal. Eric is the drummer of Barock Project since February 2012.

Marco Mazzuoccolo (guitar)  born on 14th September 1989 in Carpi, near Modena. In 2003,  he fell in love with music after hearing Smoke on the Water riff played by his uncle.  At the beginning he studied as self-taught and spread mainly on the technical side of the instrument.  In 2006 he began attending guitar lessons with Khaled Abbas, who gave rise to his interest in harmony and improvised music.  In summer of 2008, he won a contest called Bande Sonore with a Prog-Metal cover band. In autumn of the same year, he enrolled a Jazz course, at the G. Frescobaldi Conservatory in Ferrara, and at Modern Music Institute.  In February 2011 he got the Master qualification at Modern Music Institute with excellent marks, and in September of the same year he joined the teaching staff of the same school. He is the guitarist of the Prog-Rock Italian Band Barock Project since February 2012.

Francesco Caliendo (bass) born on April 8, 1990 and raised in Carpi (MO), surrounded by a music environment and musicians, thanks to a father drummer, oboist and bassoonist. He begins studying piano at age 10, and discovers a passion and love for low frequencies. He begins his studies of electric bass as a self-taught, influenced by great bassists Victor Wooten, Federico Malaman, Jaco Pastorius, Hadrian Feraud, Marcus Miller and Dario Deidda, developing interest and passion for Funky, Latin, Brazilian music, Progressive, Fusion and Jazz. At age 15 he joins a band as bass player getting the opportunity to further practice as bass player and accumulate live experience. He then begins to collaborate and be part of projects, some of which still ongoing, as the Turner Show (Tina Turner Tribute Band), Black Voice History (tribute to soul music), Nicholas Merzi, Extras band, and minor collaborations with local artists in live and Studio Recording sessions. At age 15 he also begins his studies of Classical Composition, at the music conservatory located in Modena, and at the same time he is hired as a teacher of electric bass in two music schools in Emilia. In 2013 he enrolls the department of Jazz at the Conservatory of Amsterdam where he currently lives and studies, having the opportunity to deepen the style and language, thanks to the comparison with great musicians and teachers from all over the world, developing skills in 'field of Latin music, Jazz, Brazilian and Funky. Finally, Francesco makes his debut in the progressive band Barock Project on November 2015.

New Release

"Vivo - Alive In Concert"

01) Back To You
02) Coffee In Neukolln
03) Save Your Soul
04) Fool's Epilogue
05) Inside My Dreamer's
06) Un Altro Mondo
07) Duellum
08) Los Endos
......(Cover Genesis)

01) Overture
02) Gold
03) Roadkill
04) Skyline (Video)
05) The Silence Of
......Our Wake
06) The Longest Sigh
07) My Silent Sea 
......(Studio Track)

Recorded in Milan (November 2015) plus one previously unreleased studio track.
Barock Project`s 5th album is called "VIVO". It`s a Live celebration of 10 years of composing and recording activity. "VIVO" is released as a digifile double CD, featuring the band`s 2015 full Live Show setlist, recorded in 2015, Plus one previously unreleased "studio" song, for a total of 120 minutes of music! The first CD features songs from their first 3 albums "Misteriose Voci", "Rebus" and "Coffee in Neukölln" (2006/ 2009/ 2012), plus a very special encore: "Los Endos" (a Genesis masterpiece). The Second CD features 6 vibrant live versions from the successful release "Skyline" (2015) Plus a special bonus Studio song, "My Silent Sea" written and recorded in 2015 as a "Skyline" "imaginary follow-up".

Also you can visit Barock Project at:
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Barock Project - "VIVO". Double CD LIVE (official teaser)

Barock Project - Gold (Skyline album)

Barock Project - Skyline

Barock Project - My silent sea (studio track "VIVO" 2016)

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