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. JULY 2008
I have to say that "D" Stephane Desbiens is a phenomenal guitar player and a fantastic talented musician. His music is diverse enough to recall the some important seventies bands and musicians like "Yes", "Camel", "Pink Floyd", "Genesis", "Steve Howe",  "Curved Air", "Steve Hackett" and "Kansas", adding a special combination of instrumental symphonism, with a dynamic feeling and positive vibrations. "D" plays a kind of musical trip that, leaves you thru different emotions, full of texture and energy, including a spectrum of emotional and dynamic orchestral elements. The music on "The Sagarmatha Dilemma" is very beautiful, layered within strong songwriting. All the tracks shows an very diverse inspiration, with elaborate arrangements that it keep a good balance between all instruments, mainly among the keyboards and guitars. On the first track "Closer to Heaven", the music follows around  symphonic style with many instrumental sections, mainly when the violin become the main solo instrument, you can find the same musical energy listening the tracks "Sagarmatha Dilemma", "Red Mountain", "Thin Air", "Even If a Was Wrong", "Radio Sherpa" and "I'm Coming Down" where everything is just perfect and majestic, it clear that "Sagarmatha Dilemma" is one of the best albums of the year. Brilliant, amazing, perfect and a fantastic work, highly recommendable for all progressive rock fans around the world...

The musicians on the band are:
"D" Stéphane Desbiens - Vocal, Guitars and Keyboards
Mathieu Gosselin - Bass, Chapman Stick, Backing Vocals
Jean Gosselin - Drums

Special and additionnal musicians:
Sandra Poulin - Violons
Alissar - Back Vocals
Francis Delisle - Cello
Francis Foy - Backing Vocals

Guest Appearance:
Stu Nicholson (Galahad) - Vocals on "The Sagarmatha Dilemma"
Brett Kull (Echolyn) - Guitar Solo on "The Sagarmatha Dilemma"
Derek Sherinian (ex-Dream Theatre) - Keyboard on "Radio Sherpa"
Jonh Green (Singularity) - Vocal and Keyboard


Better known as founder and leader of the progressive band "Sense", Stephane Desbiens had made no compromises on is first album "Shimmering Lights" in 2006. Stéphane had offering us an exceptional and unconventional musical experience. Calling on its various influences, from blues, hard rock to jazz and classical music, this amazing guitarist had makes no excuses as he had proposed a very personal and alternative view of Progressive Rock Music.

For the first album, "Tomas Bodin" from "Flower Kings", "Martin Orford" from "IQ" and "Fred Schendel" from "Glass Hammer" have all contributed to this very special project. Two years after the "Shimmering Lights" album, a new D Project is in the making. In "The Sagarmatha Dilemma", Stéphane Desbiens explores new musical horizons as he interprets the Everest Experience in his own special way. Once again, he calls upon author and producer Francis Foy to put words on his inspired music. Donít miss the "Sagarmatha Dilemma" release, under the Ozéta Productions label. Special guests such as Derek Sherinian (ex Dream Theater), Stu Nicholson (Galahad), Brett Kull (Echolyn), and John Green (Singularity).

New Release

"The Sagarmatha Dilemma"

01) Closer to Heaven
02) Sagarmatha
03) Red Mountain
04) Thin Air
05) Even If a Was Wrong
06) Radio Sherpa
07) I'm Coming Down

Recorded by "D" assisted by Francis Foy and Maxime Boulay-Grenier. Mixed and mastered at Studio de La Rive, Québec, Canada, (Spring 2008) by "D". Additionnal recording by Lee Abraham at Sheddy Lee Studios Southampton, Hampshire, England on Sunday 6th April 2008. Soundteck by Erick Rousseau.

If you would like further information about The D Project, please contact Ozéta Productions Label.

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit THE D PROJECT HOME PAGEN
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