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. JULY 2012
Here, an another unexpected surprise for all fans of the best progressive rock's from current days, a band formed by amazing and talented musicians, who together produce a very powerful musical, where  the result is an fashionable and ambitious but very original work. Frequency Drift is a cinematic Progressive Rock band that comes from Germany, who plays a kind of music that when we sit down to listen, soon we are transported to another place, an atmospheric environment full of bright lights, which plays a relaxed musical feeling but also contagious, that have been dormant within our soul. Musically, Frequency Drift operates at the interface of Symphonic Progressive Rock mixed with Celtic music, with touchs of Folk elements, originally found around Western European legacy from the middle-ages to 20th century. A kind of music based on strong melodic lines, and a liking for sudden changes of colours and atmosphere, trying to create an overwhelming sound dimension, however, their musical feelings are also influenced by some fine progressive bands and artists of the glorious years 70. Frequency Drift has an music  of immense proportions with stunning symphonic instrumental parts. The band utilizes a well defined instrumental, the arrangements are well orchestrated where each instrument, follows its own course, however, never moving away from the central themes. Frequency Drift has an music of immense proportions, full of stunning symphonic and epic instrumental parts. The band utilizes a well defined instrumental, the arrangements are well orchestrated where each instrument, follows its own course, however, never moving away from the central themes. All instrumental compositions features lush waves of keyboards, intricate electric guitar solos, and plenty surges of bass and of a strong and outstanding percussion, however, it is noticeable that the band's music is led by two very important points, the first one is the violin, which have a domain in most of the arrangements, the second point are the vocal tones of Antje Auer, an amazing voice, where is clearly noticed that the vocal determines the right way that all instruments should follow. Their fourth album titled as "Laid to Rest" is divided into six tracks, but all of them are well thought-out, well-performed and well-produced, the album opens with a incredible song called "Dead", one of my favorites, the arrangements are totally dominated by an impecable violin, followed by beautiful female vocals. The second song is more melodic in the style of bands such as "Karnataka", "Magenta", "Mostly Autumn", also the violin is a important part of this music, you can hear a showdown between the violin and all the other instruments, every thing is so perfect on this song. In sequence, the next song is called by "Cold", it´s a long song, and starts with a beautiful flute, followed by melodic piano, where Antje Auer sings as if she were reciting a poem, this song has several instrumental parts divided into different conceptions, at times the violin is the most important instrument within the arrangements, strong keyboards well defined complements the orchestration, flute, bass and drums are perfect, some times we can hear some special sounds, like tiny bells, once more female vocals are the apex of the music, of course it´s my second preference on this album. Now the fourth track called by "Wish", begins with a dark atmosphere, but symphonic, the instrumental is growing in a heavy and powerful environment, dominated by a Symphonyc guitar, suddenly female vocals arise stronger, not so melodic, giving a heavier tone to the arrangements, and again, the violin leads the arrangements in all musical passages. I have no words to describe the next song, "Ice", as it is called, it´s so melodic and symphonic, an amazing and fantastic track, after some melodic instrumental passages, rapidly the music become strong into a epic sound with a darker environment, but involved in an angelic aurea, may be one of the best song on the album. Finally we reached the sixth music, of course, it's the apex of this album, to me it's the best song, titled as "Copper", this song is wrapped in a warm and welcoming atmospheric, where the soft and angelic vocals from Antje Auer gives a special touch so amazing to the music, the instrumental passagens are, sometimes heavy and sometimes symphonic, where once more the violin is the central point of the arrangements. You can bet your life, that this album will be qualified as one of the best releases of 2012, and definitely will consecrate the Frequency Drift such as one of the best bands of this century. The music from Frequency Drift, follows in the same line and style such as the bands "Children in Paradise", "Karnataka", "Magenta", "Mostly Autumn", "Moebius Cat", "Strawberry Fields", "Eternal Wanderers", "Coda", "Maze of Time", "Like Wendy", "Finch", "Quorun",  "Ephemeral Sun" and many other Symphonic Progressive Rock bands that we know and love. Brilliant, fantastic and an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Frequency Drift album are:
Antje Auer - Vocals
Christian Hack - Gitar, Flutes and Clarinette
Jürgen Rennecke - Bass, Stick
Nerissa Schwarz - Harp
Andreas Hack - Keyboards
Frank Schmitz - Violin
Jasper Jöris - Drums,
Percussion, Gemshorn

Guest Appearances:
Barbara Jöris - Gemshorn & Sev.
Mideval Instruments
Thomas Epp - Clarinette
Alexander Galimbis - Gitar
Martin Schnella - Gitar 


Frequency Drift were formed in 2006 by some musicians living around Bayreuth/Germany. They soon began to develop a unique conception inspired by movies like "Blade Runner", "Lost' und 'Ghost In The Shell" and keyboard player Andreas Hack is mainly responsible for the composing part.

The band's debut album "Personal Effects (part one)" from 2008 was released by the French Musea Records label telling the story of a girl named River living in 2046 and having problems with an imaginary association named "Diomedeidae".

Lyrics are in English and the band didn't include them into the booklet deliberately to enforce a special concentration on the visual component. They worked together with a graphic designer for that and the CD booklet is full of black-and-white pictures representing a darker atmospheric mood depending on the story.

Relying on Katja Huebner's impressive voice the music is basically turned out dreamy melancholic - cinematic prog as the band implies. The instrumental parts are blending some tricky effects with symphonic and heavier rocking elements pushed by a varied keyboard/guitar work.

The second part of "Personal Effects", released by Cyclops in March 2010, is continuing River's story with new melodic atmospheric songs including a wider range of instruments and female vocal contributions. A follower CD is already in the making and announced for early 2011. (Taken from Progarchives)

Having started with a single concert in the course of a band contest, Frequency Drift advanced to one of the insiders' tips of Germany's Prog Scene: Frequency Drift are going to release their fourth album "Laid To Rest" on the RPWL-Label Gentle Art Of Music. With this record however they won't lay theirselves to rest at all: Just in time for their Show at the legendary "Night Of The Prog" - Festival at Loreley on 6th of July the new Cinematic Prog Album of Frequency Drift will show up in stores.

Since 5 years the 7 musicians around initiator and keyboarder Andreas Hack are dealing with extraordinary Prog-Music. Their thematically linked debut albums "Personal Effects 1" and "Personal Effects 2", as well as their follower "Ghosts" have been thrilling the fans of atmospheric Prog-Music, and coined the term of "Cinematic Prog" as the band's style. Thereby, the extraordinary instruments are a real eye-, or ear-catcher: Clarinette, E-harp, and several mideval instruments like Gemshorn find a place next to singer Antje Auer on the overlong tracks.

The lyrics partly inspired by Romanic or Victorian poems are perceiveing theirselves just as accessory parts to a unique sound construction. At the same time, the band doesn't have any appeal to be exceptional by all means: "We want to call up the listeners associations, and don't make up selected pictures. Our music wants to be discovered, and should awake and challenge our listeners with special instrument ." , Mastermind Andreas Hack points out: "I'm glad to have found a more than dignified Lead Singer with Antje."

Frequency Drift are now taking advantage of their Show at the famous "Night Of The Prog" Festival 2012 to release their latest opus "Laid To Rest" together with the RPWL-lablel Gentle Art Of Music.

New Release

"Laid to Rest"

01) Dead 
02) Parted 
03) Cold 
04) Wish 
05) Ice
06) Copper (feat. Martin
......Schnella of
......"Flaming Row")

Frequency Drift fourth album "Laid to Rest" was released through GENTLE ART OF MUSIC.

Also you can visit Frequency Drift at:
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