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. JULY 2006
Frost* is what will probably be called as the next big thing in Progressive Rock, formed in September 2004 by "Jem Godfrey", and you can you consider this band a product of several of Prog Rock's top musicians, where they bring a lot of new and interesting musical ideas, a brilliant collection of instrumental arrangments. The musicians on the band explore a modern progressive landscape, where, sometimes, the music is very melodic and symphonic, with richly textured layers of well chosen and enjoyable keyboards arrangements, sometimes hard with speed drums sounds, beautiful guitar solos are always present into the songs. The vocals take two forms to reach the listener, one of then is hard, alternating, all time, around clear and sweet voices, given an impressive support to all the compositions. I absolutely guarantee you that, you won’t be able to resist songs like the long suite "Milliontown", also, other wonderful instrumental song is "Hyperventilate" where it´s possible to find lots of musical variations, and "Black Light Machine", a perfectly innovative music, with fantastic guitars solos. Frost* may be consiered as a mix between bands such as "Riverside", "Pain Of Salvation", "Kino", "IQ", "Spock's Beard", "Arena" and "Porcupine Tree". "Milliontown" is one of those albums that you'll never forget from the first moment you play it. Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing debut album, highly recommendable...

The line up on the Band are:
Jem Godfrey - Keyboards and Vocals
John Mitchell - Guitar and Vocals
John Jowitt - Bass
Andy Edwards - Drums
As a guest:
John Boyes - Guitar

Born out of pure frustration and the desire to join the swelling ranks of progressive acts in the UK, Frost* is the project of renowned studio producer "Jem Godfrey", who has scored production hits with the likes of Atomic Kitten, Holly Valliance and Shane Ward from TV’s The X Factor. Craving to break out of his mold as a pop music songwriter and producer, progressive music soon became the outlet and impetus for Frost’s debut album, "Milliontown".

“After five years of songwriting with three chords and lyrics that rhyme "heart" with "start," I had to give my brain some fresh air,” begins Godfrey. “Nothing against pop music, it’s like a family car, reliable and safe. But now and then you want to rent a Ferrari and race it along the Nuerburgring to prove to yourself that you’re still alive. Prog is my Ferrari.”

Joined by Kino’s John Mitchell and IQ’s Andy Edwards and John Jowitt, Godfrey was able to draw from several influences, ranging from 70’s prog to classic rock. However, Godfrey warns that "Milliontown" is by no means a throwback album.

“Most prog bands sound as if the last thirty years never happened. How can that be progressive?” he ponders. “It’s much more difficult to write pop hits than most people think. You have to get to the point as quickly and as effectively as possible. When you can tell people something inspiring in three minutes, using a wonderful melody and wrapping it in great production, then you’ve got a hit. I don’t see why it can’t be the same with prog.”

Guided by Godfrey’s virtuoso keyboard playing, "Milliontown" is full of highlights, most notably the grooving “No Me No You,” the elegant “Snowman” and the catchy, funk-inspired “The Other Me.” Surrounded by some of most talented names in the UK prog scene, it is no wonder Godfrey has a hard time masking his enthusiasm.

“When I had decided to record a progressive album, I went out and bought around 40 CDs by the leading bands from this genre over the last few years,” acknowledges Godfrey. “One of these CDs was the "Kino" album Picture. So I sent an e-mail to (Kino guitarist) John Mitchell and asked him whether he would be interested in playing on my album.

It was a similar case with Andy Edwards and John Jowitt of "IQ". So I ended up with three of the best musicians from the UK prog scene in my band! And I can promise that we will rock the people when we go out to perform Milliontown live.”

A fresh and inspiring debut, Milliontown is poised to join the ranks as one of the finer prog debuts alongside Presto Ballet’s Peace Among the Ruins, and the aforementioned Picture from "Kino". Under the guidance of Godfrey, expect Frost* to hit the road in support of "Milliontown" and garner a legion of fans.

.New Release


01) Hyperventilate
.... .(07:31) 
02) No Me No You
03) Snowman (03:55) 
04) The Other Me
05) Black Light
. ....Machine (10:06)
06) Milliontown (26:35)

Written and Produced by Jem Godfrey. Recorded and mixed at The Cube, South UK. Additional recording at The Outhouse, South UK. Design and Art Direction by Paul Tippett for Vitamin P. Mastering by Tim  Turan at Turan Studio. Frost* and "Milliontown" is another excellent release to the growing catalog of InsideOut Music.

To get in contact or, If you would like any other information, please visit Frost*  Forum Index - Ask The Band.

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit FROST* HOME PAGEN
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