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. JULY 2013
I confess that I was very surprised, when, for the first time, I have listened the Imthemorning, realy it was the  beginning of an unforgettable relationship,  something different, since then, I have heard more times their wonderful album, of this amazing band, who pleased me immensely. Imthemorning are located in St. Petersburg, Russia, a big country of incredible classical composers, also with a history full of suffering. The band is led by two musicians, the pianist Gleb Kolyadin, student of St. Petersburg Conservatory, together with self-taught vocalist Marjana Syomkina, who together, they know exactly how to navigate in a shining atmosphere around many mysteries and full of magical performances. The main goal from the band is to incorporate classical music instruments with the conventional prog rock instruments, naturally found in all  bands, however, the musicians on the band, have found a perfect marriage between the classic music and  progressive rock music, that in fact, already exists a long time ago, but, Imthemorning created something very different from what we are used to hearing. Strings instruments, like Violin, Cello and Viola are the main base on the arrangements, where the violin is the main highlight of this string trio, following the sequence instrumental, piano, guitar, bass and drums together defines the course of the orchestration, meanwhile, the piano is the main highlight, but the main point, the master, the magician, the sovereign, is the wonderful vocal from Marjana Syomkina, her singing is the essence on the band, which provides a nice contrast with the musical arrangements, creating a lovely sense of delight and happyness. All the Marjana's vocal tones, follows in different tonal variations, a blend of vocal tones from differents female singers such as Annie Haslam ("Renaissance"), Rachel Jones, Lisa Fury and Hayley Griffiths ("Karnataka"), Christina Booth ("Magenta"), Anna Batko ("Albion"), Evelyn Downing ("The Mermaid Kiss"), Emilia Derkowska ("Quidan"), Anne-Marie Helder ("Panic Room"), Tracy Hitchings ("Landmarc"), Dam Kat ("Children In Paradise"). In fact, Imthemorning's music, ranges from three different points, violin, piano and vocals. I have no idea how to classify the style of this incredible band, some music critics classify the group's style as a Crossover Prog Rock, others like Prog Folk Rock, but, in my opinion, Imthemornig converges from various styles, this is the main difference that the band have to show us, a blend of many musical configurations, it does not matter what the best musical style they are playing, the most important is that Imthemorning is a real band, of course they are fundamental part of the progressive rock scenery from this century. What do you see, when you close your eyes? Imthemorning is their debut album, is a set of amazing and beautiful classical symphonic songs, interspersed with small instrumental interludes. There is a delicate atmosphere around all songs, which leads the listener to a dreamspace full of energy, that infuses the whole album. Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Imthemorning album and actual band are:
Marjana Syomkina - Vocals and Backing Vocals
Gleb Kolyadin - Piano and Keyboards
Maxim Rudenko - Bass Guitar
Evgeniy Abzalov - Electric and Acoustic Guitar
Mikhail Istratov - Drums and Percussion
Alina Shilova - Cello
Il Diakov - Violin
Filipp Buin - Viola
Nikita Velamin - Shaker and Tapping



For the first couple of months after they met, they were just playing some music, improvising and getting to know each other's musical feel, and then realized that this was so warm and nice that they decided to make “iamthemorning” to share these feelings with people. As a wonderful motivation, an Icelandic band Arstidir came to Russia and they were supposed to warm up for them. 

And this is how it started.

For the first year and a half, there were three string players, who left the band after our debut album recording. They left, but we suddenly found ourselves playing with three new wonderful members: guitarist, bass guitarist and drummer. We were searching for someone to help us with the album recording (we didn't want it to be entirely acoustic) and those guys were eager to help — and then they stayed to play release concerts. And then some other concerts. And then they just stayed.

So, for the first year and a half we perfomed like a chamber quintet and then started to play like a full band. And several times we even played with chamber orchestras!

All people who ever worked with us or working right now are in the process of getting higher musical education.

Our work on the first album took a lot of time and mental and physical strength and all money we had. If you only knew how we recorded it! In old Soviet Union halls, looking for any opportunity to record a good grand piano, percussion, vibraphone and all other instruments. Travelling from St. Petersburg to Moscow and back, recording vocals at home late at night with neighbors willing to kill us. Mixing and mastering it at the last night before the release and folding copies of album before the release concert. We never want to repeat that and suggest you by all means avoid situations like this!

So, In April'12 we have released our debut album, all by ourselves, no funding apart from money we were able to save with Gleb, no label, no media support, nothing — and it took almost a year for us to be noticed outside the country. The big breakthrough for us was when in January'13, we simultaneously got to several TOPs of best albums of 2012 (which was totally unexpected!), but here the biggest gift of fortune was one of some big sites around internet.

And so the giant system started to work, and now we are still unknown by anyone but the small circle of prog-rock lovers, but eternally thankful to people for sharing our album on their blogs, sites and all their support! The album is being played on various radios in something about 10 countries of the world (still, 900 likes on Facebook, haha).

During the last year we've been working on a material for the second album and finally decided that we are ready to record everything. And as a sign from the above, we suddenly received a message from Marcel Van Limbeek — wonderful sound engineer from the UK who has been working with Tori Amos for the past 20 years and made all her albums. He said that he really liked the first album and is interested to work with us on our second one and suggested that we go to London to record a really outstanding instrument and use the best mics for it and for vocal recording.

So what we have now is the most exciting chance in our lives, a real opportunity to create something beautiful, but no means for that =\

It will take a lot of money to record all the instruments (although we are planning to record only vocals and grand piano in London, and all the rest will be recorded in Russia), mix, master everything and then print at least 500 copies of the album.

So we decided that it is time to be brave and start the Kickstarter campaign. It took us almost two months to make this happen — because Kickstarter is closed for everyone outside the UK and USA, but Marcel happened to be so extremely kind that he registered an account for us and now we can start. This is frightening, but what if it works! No other band from Russia has done anything like that before, so this is a huge experiment.

All in all, we need approximately £6000, and this includes recordings in London, Russian recordings, session musicians fees, printing, mixing and mastering of the album. And sadly, this is the minimal sum. Kickstarter campaign is aimed to collect only £2000 (+KS commissions and taxes) because we realize that the more we ask for — the less chances we have to get anything, because Kickstarter is “all or nothing”. And more than anything else in the world we want to achieve this goal and go to London.

So we thought of rewards that we may possibly offer for ones who'd like to help us. something that we are sure will be beautiful, and we promise we'll do our best.

New Release


01) ~ [Intermission I]
02) Inside
03) Burn
04) Circles
05) ~ [Intermission II]
06) Weather changing
07) ~ [Intermission III]
08) Scotland
09) Touching II
10) ~ [Intermission IV]
11) Monsters 04:02
12) Serenade 02:30
13) ~ [Intermission V]
14) Would this be 04:17
15) ~ [Intermission VI]
16) I.b.too
17) ~ [Intermission VII]
18) Afis

Recording, mixing and mastering by Nikita Valamin (Interzvuk studio). Mixing of intermissions  by Max Roudenko. Remasterede edition released with the help of Covax Smart.

Also you can visit Imthemorning at:
Bandcamp and also at
Facebook Site

Imthemorning 01
Imthemorning 02
Imthemorning 03
Imthemorning 04
Imthemorning 05

For more information and every thing about the musicians and band, please visit IMTHMORNING HOME PAGEN
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