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. JULY 2005
From time to time a new bands appears in the progressive scene that surprises for amazing and a wonderful musical performance, in fact we are talking about Maldoror, an extraordinary French band that will attract lot of attention, capable to satisfy a varied Progressive Rock legions. Maldoror plays a Symphonic and orchestral Progressive Rock style, the keyboard solos during the instrumental bridge are fantastic and extremely well done and, gives the guitarist full freedom to play dreamy melodies at the heavy arrangements, including some melodic metal edged guitar solos around the instrumental sections, while the soft parts have a sense of harmony and, concentrates on the pure prog elements that really captures the listeners attention with its beauty, where we can
appreciate the magnetic talent from these formidable young musicians. Like other famous French bands, the lyrics are singing in french. If you want some references on the band´s music, we can easily find common traces and musical textures from bands as: "Atoll", "Ange", "Pulsar", "Saggarah", "Minimum Vital", "Mona Lisa", "Sandrose" and "Synopsis". Absolutely brilliant and an indispensable work, highly recommendable...

The musicians on Maldoror are:
Stéphane Descamp - Bass/ Vocals & Backing Vocals
Christophe Bellieres - Lead vocals/ Guitars & Keyboards
Jean-Christophe Rouanet - Guitars/ Backing Vocals
Silvain Goillot - Drums

Maldoror was born in June 1994 when 4 French musicians met. Their respective musical roots, the various bands they played in as well as the performances they had given provided them with a reliable background. Consequently, after several rehearsals, a good musical potential was quickly confirmed. Maldoror is a progressive rock band. This kind of music dates back to the 70’s; it is based on the development of complicated musical atmospheres. Roughly speaking, its keystone often consists in a very detailed and accurate harmonic and formal research. After playing a few covers they decided to devote themselves to composition almost exclusively.  Their first album is now completed and released; it is a concept album entitled  "L’arbre-Cimetière", it deals with Iken’s deliriums – the main character - and the story of his rebellion against the established power.
Iken "le médisant" is going to tell you about it... 


Huddled in a corner of his cell, Iken is gazing into space. Thoughts are flashing and clashing through his mind, the unbeareable truth hurts him... 

He is filled with  fear and hate, and a growing unbearable feeling of frustration is coming over him. He knows he will carry the dreadful secret along  in his delirium, and the hopes of having the truth willed out will disappear into his tortuous coming death, his last journey.

Impelled by his sence of rebellion, Iken did the unforgivable: he entered the "Tour Interdite" (The No Admittance Tower), firmly convinced that he could have found in this building something which should have made the power fall. He saw "le Grand Livre des Mémoires" (The Great Book of Memories): a huge  register in which the acts of destruction of the works which had shaped the elders’ thoughts had been carefully classified. The overwhelming proof of the existence of a past that had been erased by centuries of dictatorship was there, written down in those pages. Each of these confirmation of auto-da-fé  was signed an sealed by the Masters... the Masters of Power.

This power is absolute and arbitrary. The dynasties have been following one another for a very long time, each time more despotic. They rule by terror the "Médisants", divided people lying down the "Tristes Citées": there live the persecuted, the starving - having nothing to hope for their life - and those who, like Iken, still find  the strength to fight and revolt. But for those rebels  the risk of being caught is great and the punishment is extreme. The Masters of  Power inject them a psychotropic poison and  bury them alive under magestic trees called "Arbre-Cimetières". Pushed by this murderous perversion they enjoy strewing their large properties with those funeral trophies.

Thus, the opponents of the regime are not entitled to the posthumous gratitude of their peers since their tombs are not in the "Tristes Citées" cemeteries... Those "Arbre-Cimetières" symbolize the strength of power and the Masters are grateful to those who denounce a dissident.

For having  violated the secrets of the Tower, Iken will be sentenced to capital punishment: the poison will flow into his veins, his tombstone will be the witness of his death and his "Arbre-Cimetière" his last confidant.
Here is the story of Iken’s lingering death, the last bursts of his rebellion under the leaves of his tree...

.Great Release


Act I: Les Pantins De
.........La Verite
01) L’Arbre-Cimetière
......Part 1 - Le poison 
02) Tristes Cités
03) A la recherche
......du passé
04) Bal des pendus
05) La convocation
06) L’ouverture du procès

Act II: Comparutions
07) Le pouvoir des mots
08) Les nouveaux
09) Simples physiciens
10) Ainsi soit-elle

Act III: Les Cendres
..........De La Memoire
11) La sentence
12) L’Arbre-Cimetière
......Part 2 - Le grand
......livre s’effeuille

All Arrangements by Maldoror

To get in contact with the the band, send an e-mail to Maldoror.

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit MALDOROR HOME PAGEN
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