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. JULY  2003
I am always happy when the new Progressive Rock bands emerge, especially when they present a true and original sound, and NIL is one of them, therefore it was very difficult to choose, among many other great bands, as my favourite from this month. The sounds from them are composed in the spirit of the Symphonic and Progressive Rock British movement of the early 1970's. The group balance electric guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, and voice, where the vocals are full of mystery, and the sounds structures are amazing with intricate moments, while in many parts we find an instrumental harmony that really captures the listeners attention with its musical beauty. If they keep this wonderful and delightful energy, of course they will be being  noticed by Progressive Rock communities as a new generation in this musical genre. "At first, you will be probably surprised by the number of themes they expose in the beginning of the album... "Excellent and indispensable work,
highly recommendable.

Nil are now:
David Maurin - Prepared Guitars, Flute, Gong and Bass Clarinet
Samuel Maurin - Bass, Stick, Vocals, Aegyptian Incantations
Benjamin Croizy - Synthesizers, Mellotron, Church Organ, Hammond Organ, Piano, MS20, Timpani
Frank Niebel - Drums and Percussion
Roselyne Berthet - Vocals and Ethereal voices

Prehistoric - After their cover band had splited, David Maurin and Julien Paget decided to work on their own compositions. Two ideas were developed during their first rehearsal (which you can hear at the end of Inner Mazed...). Samuel Maurin will quickly rejoin the newborn "band". The only problem is that Sam never played bass nor any other instruments before! (still, he is really motivated!). End of 1994, David, Julien and Samuel started to work on ideas that will later lead to The Three stigmata of Palmer Eldritch, Inner mazed, and Parazyth (unpublished). The three members' motivation allowed the band to survive after David's departure for Russia (to follow his studies in theoretical physics).
Benjamin's arrival - Samuel moved to Grenoble and took one day a hitch-hiker who, beside listening to inventive bands was also playing keyboard. September 1995 saw our first rehearsal with Benjamin. After a few months Julien left the band. 
First demo - The three of us left wrote music in Sam's real tiny apartment. A lot of ideas came from these writing sessions that would eventually appear in the first album... and even some parts of "40 jours sur le Sinai". During summer 1995, a first demo is going to be realized in two days on a 8 tracks analog recorder(with the help of a drum machine programed by David). 
Frank's arrival + demo album - This demo will help us to find a new drummer. After six months of unsuccessful research, David contacted an old school friend. Having a more jazz-rock approach to music (even though he is a big Rush and King Crimson fan), Frank will be at first surprised by what he hears but soon rejoins the band. In the beginning of 1996, the band seems finally completed. Frank is getting more and more involved in the writing process (which was not the case for the first compositions). Old songs are definitively rearranged, and new songs are written with the help of all, which will mark a new start in the band's history. Frank's arrival allows us to give several concerts as well. The recording of a six tracks demo album ends up this period. From now on, the band's name will be NIL.
First and second album - After the re-recording of the demo album with a better equipment, we decide to adapt Debussy's classical piece called Nocturnes. Ligeti's piece Bagatelle n°4 will rejoin Debussy's only just a few days before the recording of the CD (spring 1999).
"40 jours sur le Sinaï" - At the end of 1999 the band records the drum's parts of an ambitious concept album called: 40 jours sur le Sinai (40 days on the Sinai). The recording of all the other instruments (church organ, mellotron, MS20, cello, soprano sax, bass clarinet, harp, bass, stick, guitars, keyboards...) plus all the vocals ended up during 2001's summer. Then everything went wrong with our new recording gear, with our former translator, our ex-futur label... and on the top of that Chirac got re-elected...Nasty year! Anyway it took us a long time to sort it all out and now that's history. 
Projects - Concurrently the band has written their fourth forthcoming album. Roselyne Berthet who was only a guest singer on our third album now has rejoined the band for a new adventure... Hopefully this one will be faster to record and release!
.New Release

"Quarante jours 
  sur le Sinaï"

The album is divided
in two parts:
Act  I - 36'16
Act II - 26'42

The CD: jewel box, picture disc, 8 pages booklet + another 20 pages booklet.

Instruments: drums (and percussions), bass guitars (and stick), guitars, synths (organs, mellotron, MS 20, piano), voices (vocals, incantations), harp, cello, soprano saxophone , flute and bass clarinet.

Is in fact one giant piece of music. The listener is free to follow Solon's adventure or to build up its own story.

For more information about the band visit NIL HOME PAGEN
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