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. JULY 2010
Soul Enema is a new project led and fronted by a experienced musician called Constantin Glantz, who together other musicians created a really enjoyable and rewarding listening musical experience. Their music could be described as a Progressive Rock Metal, blending other diverse styles such as Art/Rock, Symphonic Progressive Rock, Symphonic Metal, Melodic Metal and Neo-Medieval Folk. The intensity of their musical performances varies from melodic and powerful to symphonic with some theatrical Prog Metal opera. The musicians' energy under this project is really striking, the musicianship of each of the band members and their performance are amazingly strong and masterful, with a diversified instrumental of which consist of very tasteful passages of guitars, sometimes in the prog metal style, sometimes symphonic and atmospheric, accompanied by lush synthesizer sounds. The drums are full of energy, sometimes tending to the prog metal, but most of the time in the prog rock style, Irene Sherr's vocals are a perfect addition on the arrangements, with different vocal tones, she gives the music a dynamic feeling and a positive vibration. The band's album "Thin Ice Crawling" consists of nine tracks of which featuring strong and unique compositions, high-quality sounds, full of a musical prowess. The Soul Enema's compositions stylistically combine nuances and range of influences around bands such as "Dream Theater", "Porcupine Tree", "Yes", "Genesis", "Karnataka",  "Egdon Heath", "Transatlantic", "Mostly Autumn" and many other bands that you realy enjoy and love. Soul Enema and "Thin Ice Crawling" are an amazing and unique journey from the beginning to the end. Brilliant, fantastic, and an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

Here follows the main line-up that was featured in the recordings of the album "Thin Ice Crawling":
Irene Sherr - Vocals
Constantin Glantz - Keyboards, Sound Effects, Vocals
Max Mann - Bass Guitar
Yevgeny Kushnir - Electric And Acoustic Guitars
Oleg Szumsky - Drums

Guest Musicians:
Teddi Shiki - Percussion (Tracks I, 2 and 7)
Stas Gorodov - Alto Sax (Tracks 8 and 9)
Valeria Kaplan - Backing Vocals
Michael Rosenfield - Backing Vocals


Soul Enema is a project led by Constantin Glantz and was formed in summer 2001. The band is combining conventional melodic rock aspects with occasionally more experimental way of writing. Demo EP containing five tracks was released in 2003. During the next years the band was working on a debut album titled "Thin Ice Crawling". 

The album's style is influenced by progressive rock and metal, ethnic, psychedelic, jazz-fusion and sympho-rock elements, with a somewhat theatrical approach to the lyrics. It can be taken both on a plataform of a concept story and on an individual, independent issue of each track. In the fall of 2009 the work on "Thin Ice Crawling" was completed and it's released in April 2010 via Mals Records.

"Thin Ice Crawling" album by Soul Enema is not about playing the safe ground, it's definitely more about taking risks. From the dark, theatrical vibe in the lyrics and elegant, renaissance-inspired melodies of the past, to the modern, futuristic heavy sound, Soul Enema is here to let it go at anything that seems to be interesting and seems to fit the concept well. At one time it can be into some familiar elements from progressive metal and rock, European folk and oriental ethnic music, at other times it flows into some electronic and psych touches, jazz-fusion and flamenco patterns, and what's not - hey, there's even some obscure grind-noise hidden track you may find somewhere there. However, there's one thing the band seems to know well - an experimentation should go hand in hand with strong melodies and themes, and not instead of them. And that's the pleasing point of the album - the right balance to carry you through the ice shelves without falling into banal cliches on one hand, and without running into some boring soulless shred fests on another...

According to lyrics and a story line, there's a common "Thin Ice Crawling" fate line that goes with the heroes of a plot. With every step and every twist, the burden of a "Gordian Knot" becomes harder, the grip of madness becomes stronger, and reality slips further away out of control. Is it just a little nightmare, or maybe a reflection of the world around us? No answers are given. Anyway, ironic or serious, the lyrics here manage to harmonize with the music in a natural way, adding a bonus emotional dimension to a sonic frame. So, in the bottom line, it's like in a twisted black light theater - you'll have your colorful hour-long journey, and while it may be exiting, fragile or dangerous stuff coming at you out of the dark, it's probably never a dull moment in any way.

New Release

"Thin Ice Crawling"

01) The Land Derailed
02) The Last Night
03) Quicksand Lies
04) Crystal Territory
05) Splinter
06) Other Line
07) Unholy Ghost
08) 911
09) Thin Ice Crawling
......- Outro

Musical arrangements by Soul Enema, produced by C. Glantz. "Thin Ice Crawling" was recorded at Papa Studios by Avi Toledano, Metrosound Studios by Michael Rothenfield at home studio by Constantin Glantz, at home studio by Yevgeny Kushnir. The album is mixed at home studio by Constantin Glantz. Additional mixing and mastering by Michael Gimmervert and Constantin Glantz at TakeTwo Studios. Cover art by Plumbum. Inner sleeve design by Xsenia Kaplan.

"Thin Ice Crawling" is released in a limited edition paper sleeve format with colorful inner booklet including the full album lyrics.

To get in contact or, If you would like any other information about the band, you can send a mail to Soul Enema.

For more information and every thing about the musicians and band, please visit SOUL ENEMA HOME PAGEN
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