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. JULY 2002
In the first point of view, you think that the band is a tribute for EL&P, you are missed. Tarkus could be the future of Brazilian Progressive Rock, of course that, with influences of some bands as Jethro Tull, only because of Flutes, but only this and nothing more. The arrangements are symphonic with a perfect harmony between all the instruments. You don´t know what you are missing. Excellent and indispensable work, highly recommendable.

Tarkus are:
Mr. Zamboni - Lead Vocal, Lead Acoustic, eletric Guitars and mandolin
Beto Guimarães - Guitar and Backing Vocals
Mickey Nicolas - Keyboards and Backing Vocals
Cesar Frezzato - Drums
Luiz Teixeira - Bass and Backing Vocals
Leandro Guimarães - Flute

Tarkus started in November 2000 as a Progressive Rock band in São Paulo, Brazil. Former friends joined to produce quality music based on the traditions of the progressive bands of the ’70s. Songs are performed in English. It is worthy to mention that Tarkus isn’t a tribute for ELP, but a name of the band was a homage for second album these fantastic prog band. A stronger name! But we’ll not die at the end. Believes that some of the best pieces of music in the progressive rock heritage will still be played for many decades, and perhaps centuries, by future generations of musicians, just like pieces of classical music. 

The combination of this progressive heredity, rich melodies, and thoughtful lyrics provides Tarkus with a distinct identity. The presence of a flautist in a rock band offers many interesting possibilities. Although some of their music cannot be labelled as “progressive rock”, and has a more popular sound, and includes hard rock elements their music as a whole reflects progressivism as a conscious effort to articulate the meaningful. This explains why their concerts are attended and appreciated also by many other musicians. Their present aim is to bring this type of music to many new people.

A Gaze Between The Past And The Future represents one kind of magic journey back to the seventies years. It begin with Exit from Calcutta that includes one intro/ version of “ the coming of Kohoutek” from Nexus album of English keyboardist Rod Argent. You want the real me, bring of us one acoustic and electric fusion of folk music and classic hard rock. We adapted, and played three fragments of a masterpiece, one miniopera called “Dies Irae” of Devil Doll. This work represents a classical symphonic rock and the last gift has been offer by Mr Doctor. Blue light is a sweet song. (Like as a classic songs produced by Italian groups: Le Orme or Premiata, but in addiction with Brazilian regional elements. We finish this work with an orthodox prog rock that tells one tragedy with a French boat called Medusa. (A Paint of Theodor Gericault) and your teachings for human behaviour. Epic! After a gaze... you must hear it many many times.

.New Release

"A Gaze Between The Past And The Future"

1. Exit From Calcuta 
2. You Want The 
....Real Me 
3. Fragments From
....Dies Irae (Devil Doll,
....arranged by Tarkus)
4. Blue Light 
5. The Raft Of Medusa

Produced by Tarkus and Raymundo Raine. Recorded mixed and mastered on pro tools by Luciano at Watase Audio e Video, São Paulo, Brazil.

Special Limited Edition
Only 500 copies
Contact and info:
Valdir Zambinha and Tarkus

Would you like know more about the band? Visit TARKUS HOME PAGEN
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