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. JUNE 2003
Akacia is a progressive rock band that have never been afraid to play the best rock music, they are a group that simply do not sound as any another band, they follow the same musical line from the bands like "Genesis", "Yes", "EL&P" and "King Crinson". The musicians of the Akacia use the common instruments found in any famous band, that they are the guitars, the keyboards, the drums and also the voices, very impressive musically and also lyrically, but in some passages, sometimes the arrangements are very complex, and in others parts are very simple. Their music is heavy and very solid, also very gentle, also very soft, these kinds of the arrangements were easily found in the bands of years 70, a world that the listener has a feeling that we returned to the past. You can bet, Akacia is certainly one of the most enjoyable bands that I will have ever the pleasure to listen to. Excellent and highly recommendable to all progressive rock fans.

Akacia are:
Eric Naylor - Voice 
Michael Tenenbaum - Guitars, Keyboards, Voice 
Steve Stortz - Bass Guitar 
Doug Meadows - Drums and Percussion
Dave Stratton is joining Akacia on keyboards and has already begun to pen music for the new project. He is a much needed addition to the band and a great keyboardist to boot. 

Akacia is the brainchild of Mike Tenenbaum who has been devoted to the music of Yes, Genesis, King Crimson and the like for years. After leaving his last band, he decided to assemble his own group of musicians to make music that reflects his love of everything progressive. Mike then
started looking into the current underground and independent progressive resurgence and has found influences in the Flower Kings, Salem Hill, Spock's Beard and so on.

Mike Tenenbaum - Guitar, vocals and visionary par excellence. Akacia is Mike's project. He found the rest of musicians playing for other bands and collected them one by one until he had amassed the formidable collection of musical misfits that together is saving the world from the "petrified forest of Boom- Boom- Bap!" (F. Zappa). He plays any instrument or piece of wood or glass that makes music, but this album should put him on the map of progressive guitar greats. Mike Tenenbaum is also responsible for most of the writing, arranging, keyboards and production. He is the band's fearless leader.

Doug Meadows - Professionally trained drummer with years and years of experience in just about every genre. He knows every band from Love to Carnivore, from Deep Purple to Frank Zappa to Jimi Hendrix. Name a song, and he'll slap out the beat. Doug is also handy with the axe, but Akacia keeps him behind the skins for now. Doug's delightful drumming derives from decades of dedication. His hot hands hammer home the heavy rhythms. Doug knows more about the history of rock than many deejays. Just ask him. And he's got more rock t-shirts than Spencer's. Can you tell who's featured on this one?

Eric Naylor  has played bass, guitar and drums in other bands, but Akacia handed him the microphone and asked for his vocal talents. His wife is also a lead vocalist in a rock band. Although he sings in Jon Anderson's alto range, with his carpentry-formed physique, he's no featherweight. Eric Naylor believes what he sings and sings what he believes. And they all believed he could sing, so we believe that makes him their lead singer. He is right at home playing just about any of the other instruments in the band, but we keep him tied down to the mic.

Steve Stortz  a complete hack (NOT!) of a bassist whose experience is in country music (yes, country!) He listens to Genesis and King Crimson on his 8-track player and collects comedy music in his spare time. Steve also reads existential philosophy and is a huge baseball fan,  wears a cowboy hat to play progressive rock music. So? He is also the Akacia webmaster and is solely responsible for all the nonsense you see in Akacia´home page.

Dave Stratton may or may not exist. He is rumored to have joined the band, but there are no known pictures of him and he is not listed in the liner notes as having played on the first album. He may have been sighted at a recent gig, but reports remain largely unconfirmed.

.New Release

"An Other Life"

1) An Other Life - 16:36 
    (I) An Other Day 
     (II) Dust You Are 
     (III) Your Calling 
     (IV) I Look Out 
     (V) No Other Life
2) Mary - 6:41
3) Hold Me  - 11:02
4) Journal  - 22:41
,....(I) The High Call.of God 
     (II) Dance of Days 
     (III) The Visceral.Melee 
     (IV) Weight of Glory 
     (V) The Beatific Vision 
     (VI) Mystery 
     (VII) Sands 
     (VIII) Insufficient Gratitude

To contact and all information, please write to the address:
Stephen Stortz
170 Centre St.
Milton, MA 02186

You can also email Steve (for buy CD's; feedback about the web page; and general chat) or Mike (bookings and prog theory).

For more information about the band visit AKACIA HOME PAGEN
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