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I consider that, since the glorious 70's, the progressive rock music from South America, including some countries, It has become a reality on the progressive rock world scene, while maintaining a freshness and musical vitality that is unmistakable. Of course, among many countries, from this continent, we can mention Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, Uruguai and mainly the Brazil. Though the Brazilian progressive rock scene had existed since the '70s, and with the appearance of numerous bands that here we can mention some of them, such as: "O Terço",  "A Bolha", "Recordando o Vale das Maçãs", "Os Mutantes", "Terreno Baldio", "Casa das Máquinas", "A Barca do Sol", "Modulo 1000", "Cheiro de Vida", "Som Imaginário", "Azymuth", "Tellah", "Som Nosso de Cada Dia", "Moto Perpétuo", "Casa das Máquinas", "Bixo da Seda", "Vimana", "Bacamarte", etc... However, it was from the 80s when it started to appear a new generation from musicians and bands with the same energy from previous decade, that, increasingly, is revolutionizing the Brazilian Progressive Rock public,  as also around world. So, here is some great examples from many new  brazilian prog bands:  "Quaterna Requiem", "Únitri", "Aether", "Kaizen", "Index", "Apocalypse", "Dogma", "Angra", "Anima Dominum", "Sagrado Coração da Terra", "Arion", "Ashstar", "Banda do Sol", "Blezqi zatsaz", "Cálix", "Cinema Show", "Grandbell", "Haddad", "III Milênio", "Lumina", "Poços e Nuvens", "Quantum", "Semente", "Sleepwalker Sun", "Spin XXI", "Sub Rosa", "Tarkus", "Tempus Fugit", "Tesis Arsis", "Violeta de Outono", "Via Lumini", "Wejah", "Acidente" and many others, all them composed by talented musicians and highly professionals. To complement this select group, I am pleased to introduce to you, one of the new sensations of brazilian progressive rock, belonging to this new generation, they are called of Arcpelago. Arcpelago is a new band, hailing from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the musicians from this group are classically influenced by some progressive rock monsters from the past, thus preserving the pure musical tradition created in the seventies. Arcpelago it's typically configured such as many progressive rock bands, using conventional instruments like guitars, keyboards, bass, drums, and naturally adding soft vocals, however, this "amazing quartet", have a musical orchestration, like a group composed with several musicians. They have a sound highly accessible and deliberately catchy, and reminds us a musical style pretty similar from many famous groups from 70's. The main band's style is symphonic progressive rock, but, some times they using Hard Rock, ArtRock and Neo Prog elements, their music is composed by atmospheric keyboards, astonishing guitar solos, powered by a emotional guitar bass and complemented by vibrant drums. "Simbiose" is their debut release, it contains six tracks, almost 44 minutes of a pure musical emotion, all tracks have an excellent musical performance, all them are filled of amazing instrumental feeling. It is hard to determine which is the best track of this album, really it's not that easy specify what is the best song among all, but I'd like show you my favourite songs. From all six tracks, all them are perfect, but here are my preferred songs "Sopro Vital", "Distância Entre Um Dia E Outro", "Cidade Solar" and "Dentro De Si". The album "Simbiose" is another one important acquisition for all the Progressive Rock's lovers around the worlds. You need listen this album immediately, and should listen all the tracks with a special attention, can bet, you will love their music. Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Arcpelgo album and actual band are:
Ronaldo Rodrigues - Keyboards and Vocals
Eduardo Marcolino - Guitar
Jorge Carvalho - Bass
Renato Navega - Drums


Arcpelago was founded by keyboardist Ronaldo Rodrigues, with the desire to cover several strands of progressive rock, heavily influenced by the sounds of the 70s. With Jorge Carvalho (bass), Eduardo Marcolino (guitar), and the drummer Rafael Melo, they formed the first line-up of the band between 2011 and 2012, initially named Aurah. The name was later altered to Arcpelago, right after the departure of Rafael Melo. After playing with a couple more drummers, the band’s formation finally stabilized with Renato Navega in January 2014.

This line-up consolidated the repertoire and the band made its first live appearance in Rio de Janeiro in January 2015. In April of that year, the band was invited to the 14th edition of “Aldeia Rock Festival”, traditional rock event in Rio de Janeiro state. Simultaneously, Arcpelago started the recording sessions of their first album, called "Simbiose", released independently in June 2016.

Arcpelago plays progressive rock inspired by the esthetic of the 1970s’ rock sound, crossing the energy of rock with more classical pretensions, adding references of jazz, blues, folk and ethnic music, in a context of experimentation and dialogue between the acoustic and the electric/electronic sounds.

The current formation in the Arcpelago band consists of:

Ronaldo Rodrigues

Ronaldo started playing keyboards in 1996, under the influence of liturgical and classical music, and began playing routinely at age 17, when he discovered rock, blues, jazz and MPB (Brazilian popular music). In 2009, he moved from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro, beginning to deal exclusively with original music instead of playing in cover bands. In 2011, he recorded his first album with heavy rock band Massahara (self-titled album). Also in 2011, along with multi-instrumentalist David Paiva, Ronaldo joined the new formation of progressive trio Caravela Escarlate, and simultaneously started to recruit musicians to form Arcpelago. Besides Arcpelago, Ronaldo Rodrigues has a history of hundreds of live presentations, reviews on websites and journals, interviews, participations in disc recordings with rock bands The Mothers (current Blind Horse) and Barizon, participation in the final formation of Módulo 1000, with the guitarist and founder of the group, Daniel Romani, and he is also guest musician in "O Terço lado B", with guitarist Sergio Hinds from classic progressive rock band O Terço.
Influences: Keith Emerson, Rick Wakeman, Dave Stewart, Thijs Van Leer, Jon Lord, Elias Mizhrai, Luiz Paulo Simas, Herbie Hancock, Jimmy Smith, Larry Young, Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis.

Renato Navega

Renato started playing drums in 1986 as an autodidact musician and gradually began to study music more seriously. His first musical job was in the band Paradox, playing heavy progressive rock, in which he made a brief appearance in "Programa Livre" of Globo TV, in the 1990s. A few years later he joined the band Quinta Trilha, with an eclectic sound involving blues, MPB and progressive rock. In the 1990s Renato also made some presentations with singer Zana Rubim and formed a jazz, bossa nova and fusion band called Déjà Vu. In the 2000s he joined the progressive rock group Mind the Gap and played with them for several years, including opening a show for Dutch progressive rock group Focus in Rio de Janeiro. In 2003 he had a brief experience with classical music, playing the piece "Sonata para Quinteto Misto", composed by Yahn Wagner, his colleague in Mind the Gap. In 2014, after one year away from music, Renato joined Arcpelago.
Influences: Neil Peart, Bill Bruford, Phil Collins, Steve Gadd, Dave Weckl, Vinnie Colaiuta, Stewart Copeland, Jon Hiseman, Steve Smith, Gary Novak, Pierre Van Der Linden, Carlos Bala, and Edu Ribeiro, among others.

Jorge Carvalho

Jorge Carvalho started to play the bass in 1981 when he formed his first band with schoolmates called Overdose. The group introduced rock music in the high school they attended, where musical performances until then were restricted to Brazilian popular music. At this time, Jorge met drummer Marcelo Faria, who would later join Yahoo (band of renowed guitar player Robertinho do Recife) and together with Overdose guitar player, Mauro Moraes, they formed a progressive trio in 1982 that had a short life. After the end of Overdose, Jorge Carvalho formed in 1984 another band called Nexus, which performed the song "Ebulição dos Tempos" (that would integrate Arcpelago’s repertoire decades later) at a local festival. Also in 1985, he was invited to join FMY, a group with some gospel music influence that was the embryo of the band Catedral. With this group, he participated in some festivals and radio programs, including the recording of two demos, which yielded certain popularity. Since 1986 he participated in some projects and short-lived groups. In 1991, he formed the group Quadrante Opus, again with guitar player Mauro Moraes, and drummer Roberto Nascimento, but without major prospects the group disbanded in the following year. In 2011, Jorge joined Arcpelago, invited by keyboardist Ronaldo Rodrigues.
Influences: Paul McCartney, Chris Squire, Geddy Lee, Klaus Peter-Matzol, John Wetton, Ray Schulman, John Camp, Jack Bruce, Antonio Pedro Fortuna, Willy Verdaguer, Gary Thain, Franz Dondi.

Eduardo Marcolino

Eduardo Marcolino started playing the electric guitar in 2001, aged 14, under the influence of his favorite band Dire Straits. Over the years he developed his style in blues rock and progressive rock, also appreciating hard rock from the 1970s and 1980s and several pop-rock artists. In 2003 he founded the band Anxtron with his brother Rafael Marcolino on drums, working on instrumental progressive rock. Anxtron has a history of many live presentations and prizes at festivals and opened for British prog band Marillion in Rio de Janeiro in 2012. Also in 2012, he joined Arcpelago, integrating simultaneously both bands since then. In 2013, Anxtron released their first album "Brainstorm", with positive reception by specialized media.
Influences: Mark Knopfler, Gary Moore, Joe Satriani, Larry Carlton, Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eddie Van Halen, Robben Ford, Eric Johnson, Pat Metheny.

New Release


01) Sopro Vital
02) Distância Entre Um
......Dia E Outro
03) Ebulição dos Tempos
04) Cidade Solar
05) Universos Paralelos
06) Dentro De Si

Also you can visit Arcpelago on:

Arcpelago Dentro de si - Série Echoes in Concert - Brazilian Progressive Rock

Arcpelago - Estudio Eco Som - Botafogo - RJ - 22/01/2015

Arcpelago - Estudio Eco Som - Botafogo - RJ - 22/01/2015

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