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. JUNE 2007
Another pleasant surprise from Sweden, who brings us a strong modern Progressive Rock Music, full of beautiful melodies, complex harmonics and elaborately arranged compositions. I consider Beardfish as a band who plays an enjoyable and dynamic Progressive Rock and Art Rock material, with plenty of classic 70's type arrangements but with a modern high level of quality. The music is excellent and so are the lyrics, the vocals from Rikard Sjöblom are on a high technical level and very consistent, sometimes hard, sometimes soft as well, hypnotic drum lines, monumental keyboards and atmosperic guitar textures, leave the listener on an introspective journey to a familiar Prog Rock style, played by famous bands as "Caravan", "Gentle Giant", "Focus", "Jethro Tull", "Genesis", "King Crimson" and "Yes". "Sleeping In Traffic: Part One" is a very interesting album, because all songs have the real progressive ingredients that, we want to hear, especially on the tracks "Sunrise", "Dark Poet", "Harmony",  "Roulette", "The Ungodly Slob", "Year Of The Knife" and "Same Old Song". Brilliant and fantastic, highly recommendable...

The musicians on the Beardfish are:
Robert Hnasen - Bass 
Magnus Östgren - Drums 
Rikard Sjöblom - Vocals, Keyboards and Guitar
David Zackrisson - Guitar

Beardfish was founded in 2001 by Rikard Sjöblom and David Zackrisson with the intention of playing well-written music in the manner of bands like "King Crimson" and "Gentle Giant".

The band didn't become really serious until 2003 though with the aid of drummer Magnus Östgren and Robert Hansen. The first album was recorded in 2003 by then keyboardist/flutist Stefan Aronsson at his studio Clockwork in the little town of Gävle, Sweden (the Beardfish dear hometown!). Shortly after the session, Stefan quit the band and Rikard took over duties as keyboard player, although still playing a lot of guitar. Then followed a really creative perios for the band and about a year later the band started recording what was to become the first release double CD "The Sane Day". It was cut in three different studios, all of them in Gävle though. Four of the songs were recorded at the Overlook studio by William Blackmon. 

For the morepart of the songs they rented a cottage outside of town where the band resided for about a week with borrowed equipment and recorded for theirselves, completely secluded from the world. 

They had with them an arsenal of instruments and they experimented alo-ot! Vocals however were recorded at Rikard Sjöblom´s flat and the album was mixed there as well. Beardfish recorded "Sleeping in traffic: part one" in their rehearsal studio with a borrowed reel-to-reel analogue tape recorder and then transferred it to a computer. Once again vocals were recorded at Rikard Sjöblom´s flat and the album was mixed there as well.

"Sunrise", "And Never Know", "Harmony" & "Year Of The Knife" were recorded live (basic tracks) on a 16-track Tascam tape recorder. Rikard Sjöblom then got some help from our friend Björn Arnell to transfer these 16 tracks to a digital format (WAV) and then them laid down the vocals at home, in Rikard Sjöblom´s flat.

"...On The Verge Of Sanity", "Afternoon Conversation", "Roulette", "Dark Poet", "Without You" & "Same Old Song" were recorded step by step, first they laid down one instrument, like keys or guitar in Rikard Sjöblom´s flat on the computer (to a metronome beat) and then transfered that to an old Korg D8 portable studio, rode the bicycle down to their rehearsal studio and let Magnus beat the drums up a bit while Rikard Sjöblom recorded him (some of the drum effects were done live, the screaming in the end of "Same Old Song" for instance). So the drums on these songs (where they occur) were recorded on two tracks, although generally there were more microphones going into an external mixer it was mixed down to two tracks in the recorder because that's the limit on a Korg D8. Somtimes, like in Roulette, Robert recorded the bass on the D8 as well. Then back home, Rikard Sjöblom put the drums (and bass) back in the computer and they each layed down our remaining parts (keys, bass, guitars, vocals) there.

The only song that was recorded in a state of the art studio is "The Ungodly Slob", that one was cut at Studio Högskolan in Dalarna by David with a digital mixer and stuff (They actually recorded the bass through a V-Amp though, ha ha!).

New Release

"Sleeping In Traffic: Part One"

01) ...On The Verge
......Of Sanity
02) Sunrise 
03) Afternoon
04) And Never Know 
05) Roulette 
06) Dark Poet 
07) Harmony 
08) The Ungodly Slob 
09) Year Of The Knife 
10) Without You 
11) Same Old Song

Also, you can read more informations, of the recording process for the first and the new album in, Beardfish blog at the Band´s MySpace Site.

"Sleeping In Traffic: Part One" is an excellent addition to the growing catalog of InsideOut Music, the perfect home for Beardfish.

Would like any other information about the band, please send e-Mail to Beardfish.

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit BEARDFISH HOME PAGEN
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