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. JUNE 2008
The sound of Believe is between Symphonic Progressive Rock like the original progressive rock bands of the 70's and, Neo-Prog Rock with bands that blend modern musical styles, with surprising orchestral ideas. Believe follows the tradition of a pure symphonism, with beautiful vocals, ample keyboards sounds, dominant electric guitar solos, very well combined with energetic drums and bass sounds, everything working together with marvelous violin (perhaps the highlight instrument on the band), where it´s not used only as an atmospheric instrument but as solo instrument as well. The compositions, music, lyrics and arrangements on "Yesterday Is A Friend" are emotional, atmospheric and unforgettable, listen carefully all tracks, you must have a special attention to the songs "Time",  "Tumor", "You & Me", "Danny Had a Neighbour", "Memories",  and "Unfaithful" you will find only pure emotions, but, in my opinion, the strongest tracks on this album are "What They Want" and "Mystery is Closer", both are full of musical feelings. If you consider yourself a fan of Progressive Music you must have this album.  Brilliant, fantastic, and amazing work, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Believe band are:
Mirek Gil - Guitars 
Tomek Rozycki - Vocals and Guitars
Przemas Zawadzki - Bass Guitar 
Wlodek Tafel - Drums 
Satomi - Violin
Robert Sieradzki - all lyrics and a few words out loud
Adam Milosz - as a guest on whole album on Keyboards also
Winek Chróst - solo on Guitar in "What They Want"
Krol Wróblewski - Flue in "What They Want"


Believe, the band, created by Mirek Gil, guitarist, composer, producer, founder member of groups Collage, Mr Gil, Ananke, but he played with "Satelite" as well (on the debut album), started to be interested in rock music very early. Thanks to his older "hippie" brother he heard first rock compositions. It was 1969. War in Vietnam and wonderful pacifist activity. No wonder he remembers "T.Rex" song named "Children Of The Revolution". Then there was a time for "Led Zeppelin", "Deep Purple", "Pink Floyd", "Genesis", "Yes", "King Crimson". First group that was giving concerts mainly in Mirek's secondary school was named "Tris Plus". Marek Trojanowski, Mirek's friend since primary school period, invented the name of the band.

For his new band Believe, he recruted former "Satelite" bassist Przemas Zawadzki, Tomek Rozycki (Vocals, Guitars), Adam Milosz (Keyboards), Wlodek Tafel (Drums) and Satomi (Violin). Six people, each from a different musical angle, with a different sensitivity. How does it work? Mirek, Tomek, Przemas... for them music is passion and joy of creation. Adam, Satomi and Tafel... for them it's all about education, notes, classical music and an ability to lose oneself in Believe.

Seems strange, but they understood each other so well. Nobody defined the overruling style and concept. They all did what felt right and then voila! Hope to see another day. Let's hope it keeps on going.

And let's not try to classify where are the roots of such playing. Who needs that? 

Music is not a running track. There is no race going on and it's fine the way it is. Like it or not. Believe connected a few musical worlds... let the result remain a pleasure for everyone who decides to listen to these songs a couple of times.

Hope to see another day - first Believe record is a set of eight stories. A little scary, a little sad and uncanny. Robert who wrote all the lyrics added another dimension to the music and... and do we need an and?

On this record you will not find any virtuoso attitude. Instead you get a powerful sound full of faith and melody, with some hidden powers and various different flavours added - for these who listen to discover.

Name of the band, title of the record, lyrics and music are a whole that falls well into place within one's head - if one is willing to spare a moment. A little incredible taking into consideration this XXI century.

All together they have over two hundred years and some moments that left a mark on their souls... you can hear it.

New Release

"Yesterday Is A Friend"

01) Time
02) Tumor
03) What They Want
......(Is my Life)
04) Mystery is Closer
05) You & Me
06) Danny Had A
07) Memories
08) Unfaithful
09) Together

Bonus tracks only on a digipack edition:
10)  I Wish I Could
11)  Holy Night
12)  Best Wishes for
.......Robert Fripp

The album is avaliable in two versions: as a standard CD and a digipack CD.

"Yesterday Is A Friend" is the second album recorded by Believe and an excellent addition to the growing catalog of Metal Mind Productions.

Also visit the Believe at Myspace.

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit BELIEVE HOME PAGEN
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