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. JUNE 2012
Children In Paradise is a new band that comes from France, originally formed by exceptional and experienced musicians, this supergroup has developed a melodic, atmospheric and powerful style, that is not so common on the progressive rock scene today. Their sound, follows merrily around many atmospheric and gothic ambient, blending musical styles such as traditional Celtic Music, Progressive Rock, Prog Metal, adding some gothic, psychedelic and metallic flavor, everything, especially combined, and engaging together in a harmonious, gentle and melodic instrumental. The smart lyrics, the music, the arrangements as well as the recording sections, the mixing, the vocals, all instrumental parts are generated by nice melodic performances, where really the musicians show a consistent, mature and highly original work, using high degree of musical expertise and full creativity, with a high focus on themes such as melodic, atmospheric, and especially Gothic, without aural assaults, where, certainly will transport us to a mystical journey. Children In Paradise has a rich instrumental, mainly on the use of the Celtic instruments, like "Uilleann Pipe" and "Low Whistle", complimented by an unique layered and marcante drums, with a melodic tapestry of a guitar bass, in accordance with nice symphonic keyboards, however, the main highlights are the wonderful solos of guitar, that always dominates all arrangements. Also, the main focal point, on the band, are all vocal tones, well developed, interpreted and very well led by a talented female singer/songwriter Dam Kat (Kathy Millot), singing in English, her voices sounds around many different tones, blending  vocal nuances from famous female singers, such as "Enya", "Hayley Griffiths", "Robin (Marta Kniewska)", "Tori Amos", "Olivia Sparnenn", "Anne-Marie Helder", "Christina Booth" and so on. Esyllt is the band's debut album, and shows once more, an excellent example from a new French group playing a amazing kind of dark rock, gothic also symphonic and progressive. The album is divided into ten tracks, no doubt all of songs are outstanding, and involves a lot of musical elements that the musicians on the band graciously offers for us, with an excellent result, however, my favourite songs on the album are: "Little Butterfly", "King Arthurís Death" is a fantastic song, "My Song", "The Battle" this track is really the most exciting song on this album, "Esyllt", "Silent Agony", "Donít Forget Me", "Iím Not Scared" and "Look Around You". For sure, Esyllt shows a range of compositions, instrumental arrangements, with an awesome vocal work, where all musicians work finely combined to deliver an album of an incredible deep and powerful music, in every way, which surely will delight all progressive rock listeners worldwide. You can believe, Children In Paradise follows in the same line of many important bands, catching such as references some bands like "Strawberry Fields", "Pink Floyd", "Sub Rosa", "Karnataka", "Magenta", "Clannad", "Hawkwind", "Mostly Autumn" and others in the same line. I believe that, soon from this year, they will be together on the top of the many important bands from this century. Brilliant, fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Children In Paradise album are:
Gwalcíhmei - Guitar
Dam Kat (Kathy Millot) - Vocals
Patrick Boileau - Drums
Hilaire Rama - Bass
Loic Bléjean - Uilleann Pipes & Low Whistle
Philippe Turbin - Piano, Keyboards

Guest Musician
Pat O May - Guitar
Clotilde Trouillaud - Harp


Children in Paradise is a french musical project born in the summer of 2007, created by Kathy Millot "Dam Kat", songwriter and performer of the band. This project is co-produced with Gwalc'hmei, co-author and guitarist.

The band is now complete: exceptional musicians from Britany. Loic Bléjean (Uilleann pipes), HiIaire Rama (bassist), Patrick Boileau (arranger, drummer), Philippe Turbin (Pianist) and two special guests for this first album "esyllt" : Pat O May (guitar) and Clotilde Trouillaud (Harp).

Really Difficult to "catalog" the music of Children in Paradise, due to a fusion of many styles. Between "Pink Floyd", "Dead Can Dance", "Radiohead", "Porcupine Tree", "Portishead", the influences of Children in Paradise are also the traditional Celtic music, world music, prog rock and metal ...between light and tear, rich  melodies and captivating rhythms. Guitars and traditional Celtic instruments harp, uilleann pipes and low whistle mix with the mystical and soft voice of Damkat.

The album evokes mythological themes, historical or autobiographical characters from legends like King Arthur (King Arthur's death), Dristan Esyllt (Esyllt), Óengus, god of love in Irish mythology (Silent Agony) but also Celtic-inspiration like the dream (Little butterfly), the courage of men facing their destiny (I'm not scared), War (the Battle), the other world (Don't Forget me) and the death (My son) and also rock mix with melancholic and mystical sounds (Look Around You, I'm Alive) ... a beautiful invitation to the Other World...


New Release


01) Little Butterfly
02) King Arthurís Death
03) My Song
04) The Battle
05) Esyllt
06) Silent Agony
07) Donít Forget Me
08) Iím Not Scared
09) Look Around You
10) Iím Alive

To get in contact or, If you would like any other information about the band, you must visit Children in Paradise at MySpace.

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For more information and every thing about the band, please visit CHILDREN IN PARADISE HOME PAGEN
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