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Coming from Brazil, Eduardo Aguillar  comes after more than 20 years, in his musical  silence, and a musician belonging to some of the important groups of Progressive Rock in Brazil from the years 80, such as "Vitral", "Coração de Leão", "Disciplos do Sol" and others. Finally, Eduardo releases his first debut album called "Plano Sequência". In his childhood, Eduardo met the style progressive rock through his older brother, who always brought home, the releases of the leading bands of progressive rock of the 70s, "Yes", "Genesis", "Pink Floyd", "Emerson Lake & Palmer", and many other. So, always listening to the musical influences of his brother, Eduardo Aguilar soon falls in love for the progressive rock style. His music is totally instrumental, full of progressive influences, including many instrumental sections with sophisticated  atmospheric and epic arrangements, which turn into beautiful symphonies. The Eduardo's music style, is well diversified, and travels through many references as Symphonic Progressive Rock, Neo-Prog, Classic Music, also including some Brazilian rhythms, his compositions are similar to adventurous and epic  soundtracks movies. Listening carefully to the album, from all five tracks, I can clearly say that, all of them are amazing, however, here are my preferences: "Coliseo", "Perto Do Fim", "Plano Sequência" and "Antigos Caminhos". If you like bands such as "Yes", "EL&P", "Camel", "Anthony Phillips", "Mike Oldfield", "Alan Parson Project", "Saga", "Steve Hackett", "Starcastle" you will love Eduardo Aguillar's music. "Plano  Sequência" is a beautiful masterpiece, glimpsing musical styles in the line of Classic music, Symphonic, Epic and Melodic, a mixture that crosses and exploits a variety of genres and influences. A  very strong album and a fantastic musician, showing the world that, Eduardo Aguillar already is a strong name around the best Progressive Rock performer from Brazil to the world. "Plano Sequência" is a set of amazing and beautiful classical symphonic songs, interspersed with strong instrumental interludes. There is a delicate atmosphere around all songs, which leads the listener to a "Dreamspace" full of energy, that infuses the whole album. Brilliant and incredible, an amazing album and a fantastic musician, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Plano Sequência album are:
Eduardo Aguillar - Roland W30 Workstation, Módulo de Bateria Roland R8M, Yamaha SY55, Guitarra Ibanez Roadstar Series.


Eduardo Aguillar - Musician since childhood and registered in the Order of the Musicians of Brazil as a classical musician in the early 80s, he studied music theory and classical acoustic guitar at the Music School Villa-Lobos and Composition and Conducting at the University Estacio de Sá. Produces instrumental music with progressive influences, with the characteristic compose, arrange and execute all instruments.

Recently had special broadcast in Greece, Canada and Brazil. Specialized radios in Brasil, Argentina, United States, Italy e UK have their music programming. Release two albums in 2015: "Plano Sequência", recorded in 1992, remastered and with new cover; and a second, as yet untitled, with newer songs. Eduardo Aguillar follows in order to produce soundtracks for advertising, movie and television.

Eduardo Aguillar - Brazilian instrumental music with good classical dash in progressive seasoning.

In the early 70s it seemed like everyone in Rio de Janeiro had a recorder in his leather bag. It was with one of them that Eduardo Aguillar began to trouble mankind with his first tune notes. Then he left for the guitar and it was enough to find out riff of Smoke On The Whater hidden in their old frets. He began piano lessons at a music school created by Luperce Miranda.

Ready! Another toy for collection. He then discovered the bass and "Chris Squire". He fell in love. In the 80s he studied music theory and classical guitar at the School of Music Villa-Lobos, he joined the Order of the Musicians of Brazil as a classical musician, and came the first compositions and bands. He began Composing and Conducting university and early 90s set up a small studio where he composed, arranged and produced his first album: "Plano Sequência" ("Sequence Plan"). Instrumental progressive rock completely recorded by him.

At the time few copies of this work were made and distributed in K7 tape for friends. Two tracks of this work are now available on your pages, as "Coliseo" and "Antigos Caminhos" ("Old Ways"), and the album, remastered and with new cover, will be released on June 28 with production of the AG Produções and Laboratório Pedra Branca.

Time passed and other professional commitments have meant that the music stay aside and wait your turn.

Come the year 2012 and Eduardo Aguillar mounts a new studio (named Laboratório Pedra Branca). Rescued his old songs, composed new works, started producing soundtracks and production of his new album with songs also written, arranged, produced and performed by him, now with some more than special guests, as the violinist Kleber Vogel ("Kaizen" and "Quaterna Requiem") in "O Retorno" ("The Return"), Allan Cavalcanti on percussion in "Dança Dos Cavaleiros" ("Dance Of The Knights") and "Eclipse" - "Luz e Sombra" ("Light And Shadow") and his cousin Fabio Aguillar on lead guitar in "Orcus". The album, still untitled, is scheduled for the end of 2015.

Gradually some songs of this new work, still not final version, are also being made available on their pages, with thousands of views and taking Eduardo Aguillar several times the first national place in category Instrumental Music by ReverbNation site.

Eduardo aguillar maintains its goal of producing soundtracks for advertising, film and television.

New Release

"Plano Sequência"

01) Coliseo
02) Perto Do Fim
03) Plano Sequência
04) Um Pedaço
......Do Tempo
05) Antigos Caminhos

All music was composed, arranged, produced and performed by Eduardo Aguillar.

Also you can visit Eduardo Aguillar at: 


Kilima Njaro

Minha Linda

Dança Dos Cavaleiros


Antigos Caminhos


For more information and every thing about the musician and his project, visit EDUARDO AGUILLAR HOME PAGEN
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