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Surely I would choose many of bands from the seventies that made a musical revolution in our ears and life, which still impresses many old admirers, but also dazzles many of the "new" listeners to our beloved Progressive Rock style and encourages influences and references to many young musicians of this century. However, with a particular attention. I prefer choose many bands of this new century, that today make a revolution in our ears and life too, somehow many of those stunning revelations, deserve special attention. As an example, I would talk about a new group called Kant Freud Kafka, a awesome and amazing musical work. Kant Freud Kafka or KFK, is a new glamorous solo project by Javi Herrera,  that comes from Spain. More precisely, he lives in Barcelona. Kant Freud Kafka is a incredible project composed by that is deeply entrenched around a symphonic, and classical music style, the main leader is Javi Herrera, an experienced and talented musician, also very well inspired, accompanied by a star cast of musicians who are well aligned with the musical ideas of Javi Herrera, created a powerful symphonic prog rock with various aspects and high sense of variety, an infinity of musical variations, easily found by the diversity of classical instruments used in the compositions like Violin, Cello, Crotals, Wind Chimes, Dulcimer, Acoustic Guitars, Mandolin, Bouzouki, Oboe, Cor Anglais and others. Javi Herrera, is a lover and long-time fan of progressive rock music, made his first compositions when he was 15-16. Such as an innovative and  audacious musician, Javi Herrera mixes various rhythms and styles in a highly personalized merger, following a Classical Music line, Experimental, Symphonic, Progressive and  jazz passages, also adding elements of the Spanish regional music, into a impressive and contemporary musical style. The music of Kant Freud Kafka or Javi Herrera is not artificial or invented but fully inspired by classical symphonic elements, sometimes heavily pompous, sometimes lyrical and delicate, filled with stunning atmospheres, epic passages, including dreams and mystery, with some darkness passages, creating a richly textured ambient, layered sounds, making extensive use of challenging musical structures, occasionally very complex but, above all, filled with emotional intensity. "Onirico" contains six tracks, totaling 50 minutes of a pure musical emotion, no doubt, all tracks have an excellent musical performance. The sound palette is dominated by incredible guitars' solos, lush keyboards, while the violin is the classic base from the arrangements, paired with inventive bass patterns,  with a perfect combination drums, adorned by the classical instruments. However one of the charms of this album, comes from lyrical and soft female voices of Alia Herrera, along with the strong vocal of Javi Herrera, the voice of Alia exalts the inventiveness of the arrangements, that come together with the voices of Javi in a perfect link. "Onirico" is an album that offers many musical delights, track by track, however, I have my preferences, and some are: "Insomnio de una noche de verano", "És quan dormo que hi veig clar", in my opinion, the best song from this album, "Vida y muerte", "A nightmare on Major St." and "Awakenings" also a masterpiece from this amazing album. "Onirico" album takes the listener on a journey through a progression of musical styles, emotional states, and sonic territories, an amazing and unique journey from the beginning to the end, enjoy this amazing music, certainly is a band and a album that deserves to be discovered immediately, because their quality standard musical is so incredible that deserves our special attention. Moreover, the Javi Herrera's music is a true delight to the lovers of Symphonic Progressive Rock style. Brilliant, fantastic and an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Kant Freud Kafka album are:
Javi Herrera - Drums, Vocals, Vst Instruments

Guest Musicians
Cecilia Burguera - Violin
Mónica Cruzata - Viola 
Queralt Garcia - Cello 
German Fafian - Electric Guitars 
Daniel Fernandez Campos - Bass Guitar 
Alia Herrera - Vocals 
Andrea Herrera - Tap Dancing
Mandharu - Crotals, Wind Chimes 
Rafael Pacha - Dulcimer, Acoustic Guitars, Mandolin, Bouzouki 
Pol Sanchez - Electric & Spanish Guitars, Mandole 
Dick Them - Double Bass 
Guillem Vilar - Oboe, Cor Anglais


KFK, Kant Freud Kafka, is the name of Javi Herrera's solo prog rock project. Javi Herrera is a drummer, singer and composer from Barcelona who works as a musician in different spheres.

Javi Herrera, a great and long-time fan of progressive music, made his first compositions when he was 15-16. The music of "No Tengas Miedo" began to take shape at the end of the 1980's, and a first 4-track home made recording was made of a first, rather naive version of Principio, Dama and Viajes. Antítesis and Hombre passed from score to sequencer years later thanks to the computer music technology that started to be available in the 1990s.

After years of musical silence, in 2007 JH took again the original score, rewrote it and, with the crucial help of Pol Sánchez, began to record the music in its final form.

During 2015 Javi Herrera has undertaken the composition of a new album, taking musical ideas from the same era as "No Tengas Miedo" with fresh arrangements and some brand new music, to give form to "Onírico", a thematic, rather than conceptual album, based on different aspects of the world of dreams.

"Onírico" is currently finished, and hopefully will be recorded after a necessary crowdfunding campaign. As with "No Tengas Miedo", "Onírico" will be recorded in collaboration with fellow and session musicians and will involve string and woodwind instruments, along with guitars, bass and drums, and the current VST technology for keyboards.

As a curiosity, the name Kant Freud Kafka is actually not related to these great philosophers or their works, but just a joke amongst friends. After all, thrpowing a bit of good humor to prog rock is not a bad thing...

New Release


01) Insomnio de una
......noche de verano
02) Dulces sueños
03) És quan dormo que
......hi veig clar
04) Vida y muerte
05) A nightmare on
......Major St.
06) Awakenings

All music composed & arranged by Javi Herrera .

Also you can visit Kant Freud Kafka at:



Kant Freud Kafka Onirico - Awakenings

Kant Freud Kafka - Antitesis

For more information and every thing about the musicians and band, please visit KANT FREUD KAFKA HOME PAGEN
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