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. JUNE 2006
Among amazing and incredible new releases, I´d like to invite all Progressive Rock lovers to a special attention for this incredible band called La Tulipe Noire,  an extraordinary Greece band with five inspired and virtuoso musicians, all them developing an extraordinary range of musical experimentation and full of interesting ideas. There is a seventies feeling into the songs but with a much more modern sound that keeps the music very intense and very heavy also. All compositions takes us on a different musical journey, blending a wide range of styles  such as Neo-Prog Rock, Progressive Rock, Melodic and Symphonic Rock with touchs of Epic Melodic Metal. The symphonic keyboard and magnificent guitar interplay are the feature of this album as they get into some great musical dialogues, but the main highlight are the splendid female vocals, with a cool male epic vocals narration into the atmospheric opening track "Anakroussis". If you want some special references, their music oscillates around bands as: "IQ", "Marillion", "Pallas", and "Genesis" whit touchs of  "Spock's Beard", and "Pain Of Salavation". Brilliant, fantastic and an amazing release, highly recommendable...

The musicians on La Tulipe Noire are:
Alix - Piano, Organ and Synthis
Hyde - Bass and Keyboards
Ima - Vocals
Kostas Savvides - Guitars
Nick Kassavetis - Drums and Percussion
Guest musician:
Chris Pertsinides - Guitars

This amazing Greece Progressive Rock group was formed in Athens in 1997, recording "In the Gate of Dream" with greek lyrics and the following members: Lena on vocals, Alix - piano & keys, S. Kontakis - el. & ac. guitar, Y. Barkoulas - el. & ac. guitar), George F. - drums and finally Hyde on bass guitar.

During the recordings the band translated three songs in English and sent a tape to Musea. To their astonishment, because they were a new band and they came from a country without tradition in progressive, Musea showed interest in their work! So in 1997, La Tulipe Noire released their first CD titled "In the Gates of Dream". Then Lena left the band to continue her studies in classical vocals and George F. left the band due to health problems.  They were replaced by Ima on vocals and Nick Kassavetis on drums.

Then, in 2000, La Tulipe Noireís  second album "Shattered Image" was released by Musea. It met a great success around the world. Hundreds of e-mails were sent...with enthousiastic comments about the group. Shortly after Y. Bakoulas left the band...replaced by K. Savvides  who started as "guest star" before becoming a regular member, then the group released "Faded Leaves" in 2002 with great success around the world. 

This was a concept album, tellling about loneliness in todayís world. On March, the 1st 2006 Musea released La Tulipe Noireís fourth album "Nostimon Hemar" which seems to be the greater commercial and artistic release of the group till now! "Nostimon Hemar" is an allegory of Homerís Odyssey, telling the stories of the adventures of modern man.

Members: Starting on keyboards, Hyde, moved later toward bass, he is the main composer and he is writing all the lyrics. He has participated in various rock and Progressive Rock groups composed by students from Thessaloniki, second Greek town after Athens, like "Periploki" 
(Complication) and "Iris" (Grece) to mention these two.

Alix, keyboardist and piano player, is a founder member of the band and she is participating in the greater part to the compositions with Hyde.

Ima made backing vocals for various artists of mainstream music before joining the group in 1997. Kostas Savvides, guitar player, is also a professional sound technician and he has participated in various rock groups in Greece and heís made all the recordings of "Faded Leaves".

Finally Nick Kassavetis who has made studies of drums and classical percussion, is a very well known session drummer participating in many jazz and rock groups.

.New Release

"Mostimon Hemar"

01) Anakroussis
02) Oenops Pontos
03) Lotus Eaters 
04) Polyphemus
05) Circe 
06) Tiresias 
07) Nissos Sirinon
08) Skylla and
09) Calypso
10) Phaeacia
11) Ithaca

All Songs writen by Hyde and Alix. Guitars guest star Chris Pertsinides in tracks 5, 9 and 10. La Tulipe Noire Choir are Lena, Ima, Yannis and Antonis. Produced by Hyde and Alix. Recorded at 111 Argyriou Studios Athens. Recording Engineer K. P. Mixed by P. Argyriou. Digital Mastering J. Ioannides (Digital Press Hellas).

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit LA TULIPE NOIRE HOME PAGEN
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