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Personally, I consider that, the Italian Progressive Rock Music is one of the finest around the world, mainly in its musical composition, from the quality of the musicians and their ability to used classical arrangements and work out their ideas in such a perfectionism and with the ability to fuse the emotional with the intellectual, blending many rhythm changes, with pure classical music influences, Rock Progressivo, Hard Rock, Jazz, Barock, Folk and other regional rhythms. In this musical context, I can name a hundred Italian Progressive Rock bands, who knows how to fuse the emotional together the intellectual, in perfect compositions. One of these bands that we can mention is the LogoS. With a considerably delayed, compared to the release of last two albuns, the LogoS band and their fantastic music, reappears again in the world scene of the Progressive Rock. After a long period in silence, a total of thirteen years, the group finally released, in early of this year 2014, their third album, titled as "L'enigma Della Vita", which I have the pleasure to consider as one more masterpiece from the Progressive Rock's Italian scenery, playing a symphonic music, in the same line and with the same energy of the best Italian prog bands from all times. Formed by four musicians, the LogoS band may be ranked into the Symphonic Progressive Rock style, all compositions are totally dominated by wonderful atmospheric keyboards, by Luca Zerman - Organ, Mellotron, Synth and Claudio Antolini - Piano, Keyboards, Synth, both together creating a variety of  incredible arrangements, the guitars come with wonderful solos in the background, where the bass guitar follows the rhythm with the drums. "L'enigma Della Vita" contains eleven tracks, 76 minutes of a pure musical emotion, no doubt all tracks have an excellent musical performance, but, of all there are some that are perfect, of course they are my favorites: "Venivo Da Un Lungo Sonno", "In Fuga", "Alla Fine Dell'ultimo Capitolo", "L'enigma Della Vita", "In Principio", "Completamente Estranei" and "Pioggia In Campagna" it´s the apex of the album. Do not think twice to listen to this wonderful album and learn more about this fantastic band, you can bet that you will not regret. If you like of "Montefeltro", "Foglie Di Vetro", "Corte dei Miracoli", "Il Trono dei Ricordi", "Sensitiva Immagine", "Premiata Forneria Marconi", "Calliope", "Banco del Mutuo Soccorso", "Nuova Era", "Finisterre", "La Torre dell'Alchimista", "La Maschera di Cera", "Le Orme", "Alphataurus", "Locanda Delle Fate", "Maxophone", "Museo Rosenbach", "Ibis", "Odissea", "Il Castello di Atlante", "Cherry Five", "Latte e Miele", "Living Life", "Consorzio Acqua Potabile", "Corte dei Miracoli", you will love LogoS. Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on LogoS album are:
Fabio Gaspari - Drums, Bass Guitar
Luca Zerman - Organ, Mellotron, Synth, Lead Vocals
Claudio Antolini - Piano, Keyboards, Synth
Massimo Maoli - Guitars

Special guests
Alessandro Perbellini - Drums on "Alla Fine Dell'ultimo Capitolo"
Simone Bistaffa - Lead Guitar on "Venivo da un Lungo Sonno"
Simone Chiampan - Drums on "In Principio"
Gianbattista Bodel - voice on "Il Rumore Dell'aria"


The brief history of this group has beginning in the 1996's spring for worth of three peoples that play for a long time: Luca Zerman, keyboardist, Alessandro Perbellini, drummer and Fabio Gaspari, bassist and guitarist. They starts to reproduce cover of the italian group "Le Orme" exploiting the potentialities of the three instruments formation, typical of so many groups of italian and foreigners progressive rock of the '70s.

The strong pieces of the group of Mestre as Collage, Sguardo verso il cielo, Regina al Troubadour, Gioco di bimba, Figure di cartone, etc. are the most important of LogoS first repertoire. Contemporaneously the composition of a particular piece begins; the style is the one of the "suiteses" proposed by the groups of those years; this suite will take the definitive name of "Il grande fiume", whose text was inspired by a famous story of Herman Hesse called "Siddharta".

In the same period the guitars enter in the group, played by Massimo Maoli (electric and 12 strings) and Andrea Dossi (acoustics and 12 strings); they help to complete the suite. The preparation of some other cover of italian prog groups as "Banco del Mutuo Soccorso" and "PFM" allow to have an enough repertoire to play live.

The debut for this formation happens in December of 1996 to Pescantina's ROLL BAR (VR - Italy) with good share of people.

Later the group produces other proper pieces as "Sentiero nel prato, porta dell' universo", that are proposed live in other evenings during 1997. In the same year the group plays live in different places in Verona, not without a lot of difficulties, considering that the typical place where to play is the "beer house" where the people comes for eating and drinking, not to listen to music; it is even more then complicated to propose genres different from the rock-blues or funky or any other kind that doesn't make to "beat the foot".

Well aware of these difficulties the Logos continue on the road of the not-success picking up here however and her also of the consents.

Due to good feedbacks to its music, the band recorded in 1999 the first album, titled "LogoS", showing great songs and lyrics, describing fantastic and unreal worlds, and giving some philosophical points of view. Some classic covers (King Crimson, Jethro Tull, Genesis) were added and after some line-up changes, the band recorded the second album "Asrava", out in the 2001, that receives lot of awesome and enthusiastic reviews.

After that, the band saw better days: it started to face problem getting performance dates and audience places; and some other line-up changes delayed the job on new stuff. But, after all, the band carried on to produce its own music and in 2010 LogoS played to "Progressioni Sonore" and "Verona Prog Fest", opening for Biglietto per L'inferno.

In 2012, they played three times at Il Posto Castello and opened for the well-known Genesis cover band The Watch.

Out in the spring of 2014 for Andromeda Relix, "L'enigma della vita" is the third album and a Logos' milestone: it has eleven tracks that take the band thirteen years to wrote and record.

New Release

"L'enigma Della Vita"

01) Antifona
02) Venivo da un
......lungo sonno 
03) In fuga 
04) Alla fine dell'ultimo
05) N.a.s. 
06) L'enigma della vita 
07) In principio
08) Completamente
09) In quale luogo si
......fermò il mio tempo
10) Pioggia in
11) Il rumore dell'aria

Recorded in Verona (Italy) from 2006 to 2012.
Mixed at Opal Studio by Fabio Serra and Logos
Mastered by Fabio Serra.
Pictures on this album are provided by Fulvio Saiani. 
Total running time: 76 minutes and 02 seconds.

Andromeda Relix Records

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LogoS - Progressioni Sonore 5/11/2010 - Promo Video

LogoS - L enigma della vita - P(2014) - Promo

LogoS. L'enigma della vita. Promo Track 2. Venivo da un lungo

LogoS - L'enigma della vita - Track3 - In fuga

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