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. JUNE 2013
Morild  can be considered as an impressive band, with strong example of a reunion of musicians, that know how to play an exciting Symphonic Progressive Rock, considered as an impressive and favorite style, quite always appreciated by all Progressive Rock listeners. Classic symphonic Progressive Rock fans will find tremendous delight hearing the music from Morild, a rich sound full of memorable and sensitive melodies with extended and atmospheric instrumental sections. The musicians on this band, they don't hesitated to adventure themselves into the long instrumental music, always creating a perfect orchestral balance,  always well driven by symphonic progressive arrangements, adding wonderful vocal layers  evident in all the songs. The musicians on the band offers us a travel and an adventure around the Progressive Rock School, exploring a wide variety of the symphonic musical traditions, around the same styles from bands such as "Yes", "Alan Parsons Project", "Camel", "Genesis", "Coda", "Gazpacho", "Magic Pie", "Pictorial Wand", "Airbag", "Finch", "Zenit", "Maze Of Time", "Mangrove", "Adventure", "Mars Hollow", "Fusonic", "Anglagard", "Landberk", "Plackband",  with well elaborated compositions, full of feeling, adding some new musical discoveries, combined with a high musical culture, filled of magnificent arrangements. Around the designing musical from the group, two instruments constantly dominate the arrangements, at first, the keyboard solos are extremely well done, and conveys a wonderful symphonic atmosphere, while lush guitar's solos, with stunning passages, complements the arrangements, giving the guitarist a freedom to develope dreamy melodies into a wonderful arrangement, gentle vocals, showing stunning melancholic effect, courtesy by John Anders Troset, everything well connected, with all others instruments, in a perfect interaction. "Aves" is their second album, another one masterpiece from the Symphonic Progressive Rock style, divided into six tracks, with 75min, full of a pure musical magic's moments, the themes are developed through long tracks, characterized by ambitious sound, giving the compositions a rich and sensual format, with extended and harmonic instrumental sections, lyrical and everything strongly delicate. It is hard to determine which is the best track of this album, not one specifically is better than the others. The tracks are all of an evenly high quality. If I had to choose my favourite tracks,  would be"Wildflower", "Labour Day" and "Waiting For The Ferry", the last one, is a nice suite with 24:43min, however, all tracks follow the same concept from the instrumental arrangements, in relation of other songs and from the previous album. Morild is a great mix of different influences, for all who are looking for something completely exciting, or a bit of everything, a beautiful of work. "Aves" it's another one important acquisition album for all the symphonic instrumental rock lovers. Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Morild album and actual band are:
John Anders Troset - Vocals
Nils Larsen - Bass
Matt Lacroix - Drums
Hans Kristoffersen - Guitar, Vocals
Mari Haug Lund - Flute, Keyboards, Vocals
Odd-Roar Bakken - Guitar, Keyboards
Halvard Matberg - Keyboards


Morild is a symphonic prog band from Trondheim, Norway . They were formed in 2004 by Nils Larsen, Alexander Holand Salgado and Odd-Roar Bakken. The band members were a part of the band "Adventure" but opted to leave and form Morild.

The name of the band was derived, according to members, from "a light created by algae in water, in ancient times an omen from deep waters for fierce storms to come."

Before this the band had many pseudonyms including "Contraband", "Pligrim", and "Home Of Storms". "Adventure" continued with Odd-Roar who has remained a musical partner with Nils over 30 years. John Anders Troset joined Morild in early 2008 and has a strong vocal delivery that enhances the music. Odd-Roar and John Anders sung in the same choir, which brought new light to the compositions of the band.

The music on the debut double CD, "Time To Rest", should appeals to fans of symphonic prog with all the features expected of the genre; a mixture of elements from different genres, intricate time signatures, reflective intelligent lyrics, a non commercial approach, lush keyboards that sound like symphonic strings, and extended songs that focus on musical virtuosity.

Odd-Roar and Nils have been friends and musical partners for over 30 years. Alexander joined "Adventure" in 2001 and later followed Odd-Roar and Nils when forming Morild. Alex is, besides being their drummer, Morild's data "nerd" and does all the digital work while recording. John Anders joined Morild early in 2008. In addition to providing vocals to Morild he sings in a local choir and has developed a powerful, strong voice. 

Mari Haug Lund is the bands flutist and she is a experienced pianoplayer. She play several keyboardparts live. Mari is a important member due to her musical skills and her great contribution to the bands chemistry.

Hans Kristoffersen play guitar and do some backing vocals. He is a great musician, play some beautiful solos real and fun to work with.

New Release


01) The Patient Fisher
02) Wildflower
03) Time River
04) Labour Day
05) Frost Gloves
06) Waiting for the Ferry
......Part I
......Part II

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Morild - All I wanted
Morild - Hjertefred 2012
Morild - The Slaveship part II Harbour lights
Morild - Circus - Part II
Morild - ApusApus

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