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. JUNE 2011
Dear friends, listeners and lovers of progressive rock music, I would like to invite all of you for a trip, a incredible ride into many differents progressive rock conceptions, a new and true experience for who appreciates original musical talent, presented in an innovative way, showing a high degree of creativity and imagination. I am pleased to present you Obiymy Doschu, my latest musical choice, a new band originally from Ukraine, with high ability to create an astonishing and vibrant progressive rock music. Six musicians together in a unique musical proposal to create a different musical style, full of a gothic atmosphere, mixing symphonic passages, adding an instrumental progressive rock elegant, adorned with dark and melodic arrangements. The arrangements are diverse and musical performances are fantastic, symphonic keyboards, smooth guitar solos, followed by drums and bass arranged in perfect harmony. But I would like to highlight two important points and that really are the finishing touch of the arrangements, the first is the mix of vocals between Vladimir Agafonkin and the vocals of Anna Krivonos, it´s possible listen two vocal tones on opposite sides, but in many instances, coalesce into a single element, the second point is the amazing sound produced through a dark violin, which, builds a strong musical structure, within the band and an original touch in the songs. When I listened for the first time the band Obiymy Doschu and their album "Elehia", I realized that was hearing something very different than we are accustomed to hearing today, firstly, the instrumental is amazing and warms the senses for a journey that can only be described as an epic history, sometimes melancholy, sometimes sad, something similar to a difficult journey, to fight a awesome battle in the Crusades, however, with the conviction of a glorious victory. All the nine pieces of the "Elehia" are a magnificent journey guided by an excellent acoustic guitar, symphonic guitars, soft keyboards, impressive violin sounds, soft flutes, marcante drums, and unparalleled vocals singing in Ukrainian language, everything together in a melancolic pleasure, giving form to a detailed work, very pompous and generous. This album is comprised of well written instrumental that explores into many symphonic progressive rock lines, from dark to light, between a heavy rock to a melodic metal, adding a floating folk style, layered textured and smooth, a music with differing tastes. You must listen carefully to all the songs on the album, from the opening track to the last song, without stopping, and you soon realize the beauty of the instruments developed in all tracks. "Elehia" is the debut album from this Ukranian band, and I hope there are many more to come. Obiymy Doschu needs all of your attention and while you’re listening their music, you’ll discover an awesome musical feeling, hard to explain but very enjoyable! Brilliant, fantastic, an amazing band and album, highly recommendable...

The line-up on the Obiymy Doschu Band are:
Vladimir Agafonkin - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Alex Katruk - Electric Guitar
Nicholas Krivonos - Bass Guitar, Block Flute
Sergei Dumler, Drums, Percussion
Maria Kurbatova - Keyboards
Elena Nesterovskaya - Viola
Alexander Vidra - Violin
Anna Krivonos - Backing Vocals


Obiymy Doschu is a band from Ukraine that plays very lyrical, autumnal rock music with progressive rock, neoclassic and dark influences, the band started as a one-man project in 2004 as a result of Volodymyr's interest in writing music, singing and playing an acoustic guitar. His friend Oleksiy became involved in the project and helped Volodymyr record his first demo, and the demo in turn inspired his university mate Mykola to make a video for one of the songs (Mertve Derevo I Viter).

In spring 2006 Volodymyr forms the band with Oleksiy on the keyboards and Mykola on the bass guitar. In this lineup the band makes its first live performance in Kiev.

In Autumn, Oleksiy replaces keyboards with electric guitar and Andriy Demyanenko joins the band as a keyboards player. The band continues to create new songs and occasionally perform live. During this time, Oleksiy finishes the second video of the band (for the song Zorenko Moya). At the end of the year, Obiymy Doschu record their second demo with 6 songs.

In 2007, the band finally finds a drummer - Serhiy Dumler. The same year Maria joins the band as a keyboards player to replace Andriy Demyanenko.

Having a complete line-up, the bands starts to actively perform live in 2008, plays at many festivals and other places among Ukraine. It also makes its third recording in the studio, Pid Khmaramy, to prepare itself for the upcoming recording of an ambitions debut album.

Obiymy Doschu have finally released their debut album "Elehia" on August 29, 2009 as a free download on their website. The album contains eight songs and represents a certain summary of the band's activities since its formation. It is a conceptual album with a single story. It also has rich string arrangements and contains many contributions from guest musicians.

In Autumn 2009, the band and album "Elehia" received good reviewers around the world, here some comments “an outstanding result in the genre” but also “monotonous, with intentionally limited emotional palette, “expressing the same mood in every track” but “nevertheless one of the most impressive and inspired releases in a long time”, “a new approach to creative work in many ways” and “a phenomenon worth attention of all fans of twilight lyricism”.

The band played its first big solo concert in Kiev on October 22, 2009. This day can also be considered as the official day of violist Olena Nesterovska joining the band as a permanent member.

On December 10th, the band released a new 2-song single Svitanok and a video for one of the songs directed by Mykola Kryvonos.

Currently the band is writing the material for its second album expected to come in Spring 2012 and performing live around Ukraine.

New Release


01) Pid Hmaramy 
02) Mertve Derevo I Viter 
03) Zorenko Moya 
04) Yiyi Dushi Zivyali
05) Zhasayucha Osin 
06) Zymova Elehia 
07) Samotni Nochi 
08) Dorohoyu Vichnosti
09) Svitanok (Bonus)

Music by Volodymyr Agafonkin. Lyrics by Volodymyr Agafonkin (1–7), Mykola Kryvonos (8). Arrangements by Obiymy Doschu.

Photo on the cover by Olga Zabalkanska. Release page created by Volodymyr Agafonkin.

Recordered and mixed by Oleksiy “Shaddar” Romanchenko at the Blacklight Studio in Kiev, February – August 2009.

Album released by Mals Records.

For more information, please visit Obiymy Doschu at MySpace Site. You can contact the band sending e-mail to Obiymy Doschu.

You can download eight songs direct from the band's website

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Check below some amazing videos from Obiymy Doschu:
Youtube Video 1
Youtube Video 2
Youtube Video 3
Youtube Video 4

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit OBIYMY DOSCHU HOME PAGEN
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