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. JUNE 2002
Ricocher is a Dutch masterpiece band certainly capable of creating some enjoyable astonishing, wonderful, ambitious and pompous Progressive Rock music. This band was influenced by a range of styles as Neo-Progressive and Symphonic Rock, obvious influences from "Saga", "Marillion" and "IQ" can be heard, the guitars sounds are very astonishing and the vocalist has a very intense voice. There is a feeling that they have worked harder on the songs and on the arrangements. I think it will be one of the strongest debutalbums of all times, would be impossible not to like.

Ricocher are:
Erwin Boerenkamps - Lead Vocals, Acoustic  Guitars
Bart van Helmond - Guitars, Backing Vocals
John van Heugten - Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Maikel van der Meer - Drums
Niels Nijssen - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals

The five-piece progressive rock band Ricocher was formed in 1993 in the South of the Netherlands. The name of this band was Truss. Three of the five members had been playing together in the school band Frontline. In the first year the band played covers and a few own written songs. In the following year the band had written enough material and they stopped playing covers. After some gigs it seemed to work out right.
To get lost of the cover image the band decided to change the name into "Ricocher". Ricocher got very positive reactions to their music and their musicianship. All these reactions made Ricocher decide to record some songs in the studio. As a result Ricocher released a demo-tape, called "A Scream For Help", in 1994. In the years that followed Ricocher played on many festivals and stages in the southern part of the Netherlands. In these years Ricocher its music had changed through time. The songs were more mature than the songs that could be heard on the demo-tape. The band also had the feeling that they had been growing musically, personal as well as being a band.
Because of this reasons Ricocher wanted to record the new material on CD. Just before Ricocher wanted to book the recording studio, the guitarist decided to leave the band because of a difference in ideas. So instead of recording, they had to search for a new guitarist.
After a few months of searching and auditions Ricocher believed they had found the right person. Ricocher started rehearsing to ensure the new guitarist would be able to become a real member of group. In the end of 1999 Ricocher played their first gig on a festival in the current line up.
.New Release 2002

Cathedral of Emotions
1) Hauted by Dreams
2) Child Inside
3) Ideals
4) Cathedral of Emotions
5) Painting
6) Fugitive
7) Live Your Life
8) Out Of Hands
9) Mask Of Illusions

Artwork by:
Mattias Nóren

For bookings or more information write or call to the following address or phone numbers:
Langstraat 27
5721 WX Asten 
Tel. :+31-(0)493-695113
Tel. :+31-(0)493-323661
Or send an e-mail to
John van Heugten
Erwin Boerenkamps

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