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. JUNE 2004
The German band Sylvan can be considered as a real traditional example of the modern Progressive Rock and also, they represent one of the best Melodic Progressive Metal from the present days. The musicians on the band know how to blend musical elements into a special formula, where they create a powerful instrumental, filled with magnificent melodies around fantastic dialogues between guitars and keyboards, but the main highlights are the creative guitars solos, complementing with wonderful and elaborated vocals, where every thing into the arrangements are absolutely perfect. Sylvan is not a new band, now with their fourth work, they do not need to establish into any progressive scene, in fact, the band already is a part of this musical scene around the world. Would you like to hear a powerful music with much harmony and melody, Sylvan is the best idea, of course will be an excellent choice. Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable...

Sylvan are:
Marco Glühmann - Voice
Matthias Harder
Sebastian Harnack - Bass
Kay Söhl - Guitar
Volker Söhl - Keyboards

In spring 1990 guitarist Kay Söhl, keyboarder Volker Söhl and the drummer Matthias Harder founded the band "Temporal Temptation". The music of those times did not have much in common with Sylvan today and most of the songs had German lyrics. In fall 1990 the band changed their name into "Chamäleon".
In summer 1991 Marko Heisig joined the band as lead singer and bassist. Matthias and Kay, who had also done vocals up to that point, now focussed on their instruments only. In the following years, the music developed further. The compositions became more complex, solos became longer and Marco wrote English lyrics only. The songs that were composed between 1992 and 1994 had a gloomy and aggressive tonality to them, and in this they where very different from the more rocky sounds of the previous years.

In winter 1995 it was like a dream coming true, when it finally became possible to get an old friend to join the band: Marco Glühmann. They had been playing with him many years before, but he was the lead singer of the band ”Mirrors off”. When became known that ”Mirrors off” no longer existed, there was no hesitation about Marco becoming Chamäleon’s new lead vocalist! His remarkable and expressive voice quickly became one of the band’s most outstanding characteristics. In 1997 the band called ”Chamäleon” gave their last live concert. And, according to the band, some of the old songs were then played for the last time. In summer 1997 the band eventually changed their name into ”Sylvan”.

At about the same time, Sylvan began recording their first studio album named  “Deliverance”. Having been found as a partner in summer 1998, the German label Angular Records released the album in January 1999. Driven by the success of their first CD, Sylvan started writing their second studio album ‘Encounters’ in summer 1999. The CD was finished in January and released in May 2000. Spring 2000 brought another change, when bassist Sebastian Harnack officially joined the band and completed the current line-up.

Apart from playing many international gigs and festivals during 2000 and 2001, Sylvan began working on their third studio album ‘Artificial Paradise’. The recordings were finished in January 2002 at 'Art of Music Studio'. With their powerful third CD, Sylvan once again proved their capability of emotional depth and versatile sound. The album deals with topics such as deceitfulness, superficiality and the ups and downs of life and the human nature. According to this range of topics, the extraordinary artwork of the CD cover is based on a casino-type image – resembling deceitfulness and temptation at the same time. With "Artificial Paradise", Sylvan decided really to go their own way and released the album on October 7th 2002.

.New Release


01. So Easy
02. So Much More
03. Lost
04. You Are
05. Fearless
06. Belated Gift
07. Today
08. Through My Eyes
09. Given Used
10. This World Is
......Not For Me

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