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Since the 80s, I always reserved a special attention to the eastern's bands and, around last 20 years, I have heard many of these groups, but I have a special affection for the groups of Progressive Rock from Japan, bands such as "Outer Limits", "Mugen", "Pageant",  "Ain Soph", "Vermilion Sands", "Far East Family Band", "Ars Nova", "Cinema",  "KBB", "Bellaphon",  "Gerard", "Black Page", "Ataraxia", "Magdalena", "Fromage", "Bi Kyo Ran"  and many others. Tee, is a big surprise, a new japan's generation, a combination among japan's side of sympho, with strong musical influences and style based in the  european groups like "PFM", "Newtrolls", "Osanna", "Genesis", "Camel" and "Caravan". We are in presence of an ideal band for lovers of the Symphonic Progressive Rock, full of delicate musical textures and melodic arrangements, where we can hear a brilliant flute and lush keyboards, together with drums, bass and guitar, in the best of the prog rock genre. The music on "The Earth Explorer" is vibrant and atmospheric, almost 50min with varied instrumental, and perfect arrangements. You must definitely listen "L`Oiseau Bleu", "Nomad", "Sirocco Chase", "Col De L'iseran", "Aurora" and "City" and you will find a creative sense of sound and musical texture to create a enjoyable album, also recorded by an amazing band. Brilliant, fantastic, and an incredible work, highly recommendable...

The present line-up on the band are:
Kenji Imai - Flute, Voice
Ryuji Yonekura - Keyboards, Voice
Takayuki Asada - Drums, Voice
Yukio Iigahama - Bass, Voice
Katsumi Yoneda - Guitars, Voice


Tee is a five piece flute front progressive rock band from Tokyo, Japan. The origin of Tee was formed in 2005 as a euro-rock ("PFM", "Area", etc.) cover band named "Euro Express". After the 1st gig in May 2006, the band decided to play original materials then the band name was changed to "The Earth Explorer". 

The original line-up was Katsumi Yoneda (guitar), Ryuji Yonekura (keyboards, ex Interpose+), Kenji Imai (flute) and Yukio Iigahama (bass). The line-up was completed with the addition of drummer Takayuki Asada later. The band started to play regularly in the Tokyo area.

A live recording for their first demo album were carried out on their 3rd gig in July, 2007. "First Voyage - live in Crazy Jam" was released in December 2007. 

With regular gigs and the demo live album release, Tee was building up reputations among Japanese prog lovers. 

Tee's sound was being recognized as "European" because of its non-Japanese taste and the background of the band.

In fall of 2008, the band recorded their first studio album "The Earth Explorer". The official band name was changed to "Tee" upon the release.

Tee was invited to play in the most famous Japanese prog festival, "Poseidon festival", in November 2008 and the performance was praised by prog critics.

The 1st studio album "The Earth Explorer" was released from Musea Records for worldwide distribution in March 2009.

New Release

"The Earth Explorer"

01. L`Oiseau Bleu
......(Trans Europ
......Express) - Departing
......For The Future 
02. Nomad - Exotic
03. Sirocco Chase -
......Sailing For A
......Mystic Palace
04. Col De L'iseran -
......Arduous Path
......Of Mankind
05. Aurora - Breath
......Of The Earth
06. City - Land Of
......The Living

All songs arranged by Tee. Produced by Tee. Engineered and mixed by Hiroki Arashima. Second Engineer - Takahiro Sakoda. Recorded and mixed at Nasoundra Palace Studio, Tokyo, Japan, October-November 2008, Mastered by Mamoru Ishibashi at Sunrise Studio, Tokyo, Japan, November 2008. Cover Design - Esken (Office Moner).

To get in contact or, If you would like any other information, you must visit Tee's friends via their Myspace site.

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit TEE HOME PAGEN
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