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I have a great pleasure and I'm very happy to comment, when a new brazilian band stands mainly out among dozens of musical options in my country and also, around the world. Certainly, Brazil always was among the countries who participated, actively, in the Progressive Rock movement, since the 70's, and around of five last decades has contributed and continues to actively contribute with this enthralling style called Progressive Rock. Thus, I  am pleased to introduce to all of you, a neweast sensation of the brazilian progressive rock, belonging to this modern generation, full of energy and many ambition to become a new great reference in the Brazilian and around the world scenary. Formed as an instrumental quartet, comming from Belém do Pará, they are called as Ultranova. Ultranova and their music, has a sonority highly accessible and deliberately catchy, where we can hear emotional songs beautiful and refined, with an  instrumentation, sometimes deeply melodic, full of colorful and pleasant passages with strong  instrumental explorations and reminds us a musical style pretty similar from some consecrated brazilian musicians, such as many prestigious bands both nationally and internationally. The band's sound is totally filled of symphonic elements with a high degree the maturity, such as one extensive musical experience from long years, together they create magnificent arrangements, where the sound of the guitars and keyboards are unbelievable, of course, the biggest fuel that  
inflame the band's inspirations are the keyboards and guitars arrangemets, where they conveys a whole essence of musicians' art and feeling, including a lot of emotion, followed by pompous bass sounds, and a perfect and marcant drums, without any aggressiveness. Ultranova brings together the best elements of a fantastic and inspired Symphonic Progressive Rock, adding an inventive combination from regional brazilian music, born and uniquely found in some parts of Brasil. So, here is some great examples from many new  brazilian prog bands: "Quaterna Requiem", "Únitri", "Aether", "Kaizen", "Index", "Apocalypse", "Dogma", "Arcpelago", "Caravela Escarlate", "Anima Dominum", "Sagrado Coração da Terra", "Arion", "Ashstar", "Banda do Sol", "Blezqi zatsaz", "Cálix", "Cinema Show", "Grandbell", "Haddad", "III Milênio", "Lummina", "Poços e Nuvens", "Quantum", "Semente", "Sleepwalker Sun", "Spin XXI", "Sub Rosa", "Tarkus", "Tempus Fugit", "Tesis Arsis", "Violeta de Outono", "Via Lumini", "Wejah", "Acidente", "O Terço",  "A Bolha", "Recordando o Vale das Maçãs", "Os Mutantes", "Terreno Baldio", "Casa das Máquinas", "A Barca do Sol", "Modulo 1000", "Cheiro de Vida", "Som Imaginário", "Azymuth", "Tellah", "Som Nosso de Cada Dia", "Moto Perpétuo", "Casa das Máquinas", "Bixo da Seda", "Vimana", "Bacamarte", and now being part of this select group Ultranova, all them composed by talented musicians and highly professionals. "Orion" is their debut release, it contains six tracks, almost 43 minutes of a pure musical emotion, all tracks have an excellent musical performance, all them are filled of amazing instrumental feeling. It is hard to determine which is the best track of this album, really it's not that easy specify what is the best among all, but I'd like show you my favourite songs. From all six tracks, all them are perfect, but here are my preferred songs "Órbita", "Abismo Azul", "Aquântica", "Chronos" and "Orion" may be the best track on the album. The album "Orion" is another one important acquisition for all the Progressive Rock's lovers around the worlds. You need listen this album immediately, and should listen all the tracks with a special attention, can bet, you will love their music. Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Ultranova album and actual band are:
Thiago Albuquerque - Synth/Piano
Daniel Leite - Guitar
Henrique Penna - Drums
Príamo Brandão - Bass


It all started in 2012 to the sound of Pat Metheny. The cousins Daniel Leite (guitar) and Thiago Albuquerque (synthesizer / piano), decided to propose a modern dress to progressive rock consolidated in the 70s by names such as Pink Floyd, King Crimson and Yes

The idea was to create a band with a unique sonority, as their own identity, without departing from the style to which they were identified. 

They then invited two other prog-rock-lovers-musicians to finally found the band, and so Henrique Penna (drums) and Príamo Brandão (bass) joined in replacement of the former bassist Mario Neto.

From that point on the compositions together absorbed a sound of rock in its most progressive aspect, and the quartet ended up highlighting the originality from the fusion of musical influences from each of its members. The result is instrumental music with a futuristic / space atmosphere, hence the name Ultranova.

They began to stand out in Pará/Brazil musical scene at the Festival Se Rasgum 2013, after being chosen by the public through a contest with live auditions for the main event. From then on the band started to perform at festivals and events throughout Pará, sharing stages with renowned Brazilian artists such as Egberto Gismonti, Hermeto Pascoal, Trio Manari, Violeta de Outono and Ney Conceição.

The band started recording their songs at Na Music and StudioZ studios in Belém/Pará, hometown of the group, and gradually their compositions began to be published on the web. Soon the tracks were reaching some prog-rock web-radios worldwide, and the record company Rock Symphony (Rio de Janeiro/Brazil) invited them to release the debut album Orion through their label that released and distributed some big progressive rock names such as Violeta de Outono, Focus, Le Orme, Nektar and Pendragon, in Brazil.

After this contact, Musea Records (France) invited the band to also release the album in Europe the label even has exclusive distribution of Discipline Global Mobile (King Crimson), Camel Productions (Camel) and Classic Rock Legends (Uriah Heep, Van der Graaf Generator and Genesis).

Orion was released on May/2017 and Ultranova had the album featured prominently by the brazilian media. The songs are full of progressive elements that reminds the golden age of prog-rock from past decades, with great references to Yes, but incorporating a very modern fingerprint on the style that made its name especially on 70s.

All Pictures By: Raoni Arraes

New Release


01) Órbita
02) Abismo Azul
03) Aquântica
04) Salinas
05) Chronos
06) Orion

Also you can visit Ultranova on:



Ultra Nova - Aquantica

Ultranova - Orion

Ultranova - Chronos

For more information and every thing about the musicians and band, please visit ULTRANOVA HOME PAGEN
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