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As the best bands chosen by me, this year, Ümit!, closes my preference for the month of June. There are few bands today, that blends Progressive Rock, Art-Rock, Heavy Metal and Hard Rock in a perfect combination, with energetic and explosive musical performance, bringing strong echoes from famous bands '70s. Originating from Germany, Ümit! is formed as a quartet, combining diverse experiences of its members in a dynamic blend of musical styles, mixing diverse influences into a unique sound that seems to resonate different, not much in common with many bands today. Their music impresses by sure instinct on catchy melodies, epic and atmospheric  arrangements with extensive instrumental parts, solid intense, powered and intimate, but no aggressive, sometimesvery emotional, keeping the energy's level from progressive rock power, without losing the originality, also including an extremely sophisticated feeling and modern. Ümit!'s music is totally original, and comes from the musicians' heart, the instrumental are very impressive and powerful, wonderful solos of the guitars, that constantly dominate all arrangements, complemented by a solid and dynamic rhythm section. The vocals are not so strong or agressives, the voices from Jochen Oberlack follows, according to the intensity of the arrangements, in the similar line of melodic hard rock style, very well distributed around different tones, keyboards are used in perfect doses, also the bass guitar contributes substantially in all the arrangements. Ümit! are a new name from the new German Prog Rock Generation, definitely they should have a special attention from all prog rock lovers around the world. Now the group presents a new glamorous album, titled as "The Spirit Of Ümit!", in a various formats, Vinyl, CD and Digital, on this album, we will find some long and short progressive rock compositions, totaling five tracks, with alomost 40 min of a pure delight. All songs are extremely captivantes starting with "Revelation (Genesis 4:1-24)", the second one is "Into The Mirror Black" and "Hog Dead", which correspond to the Side A, on vinyl, are heavier but full of epic atmospheres, where the vocals are presented in narrative form, leading the listener to a journey between the stars in a distant galaxy. However, "Cows (Simmental Breed)" and "The Deer (Psalm 42 - Revelation Reprise)", from Side B, are more symphonics and instrumentals, except the second track that includes a short narrative at the beginning. "The Spirit Of Ümit!" is your best choice, where really can be considered as an attractive album for any Progressive Rock enthusiast. I have to say, congratulations guys from Ümit!, this is an amazing album with an impecable production. I believe that, Ümit! is one these group who everyone will like forever, and their work must be part of CDs' collections and Vinyls from all who really loves and appreciates  the world Progressive Rock. Incredible, brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Ümit! album are:
Jochen Oberlack - Guitar, Synth, Vocals
Peter "Von Irme" Kirschbaum - Bass
Rudolf Kronenberger - Keyboards
Peter Schürmann - Drums, Electronic Drums


Ümit! (with an Exclamation Mark), started as a trio from Dusseldorf, Germany, a brainchild of Jochen Oberlack, who started the band in 2014. Their music is full of instrumental pieces, which are sometimes reminiscent of Pink Floyd, slightly progressive and/or psychedelic. Ümit! is also fond of Space Rock. The Music is influenced by Progressive Music from the Seventies.

Ümit! prefer the relaxed, not craftmanship-driven side of Prog. Musical DNA: "Pink Floyd", "Hawkwind", "Alan Parsons Project", "Camel", "Aphrodite's Child", "Vangelis", "Jean Michel Jarre", "Popol Vuh", "Tangerine Dream", "Bevis Frond". Supported by the guitar of Jochen Oberlack, the grooves are simple but effective, also sometimes over the top. Atmospherically dense soundscapes often  contrast with Jochens lead guitar or Rudys Moog synthesizer as well.

After the release of some 2-tracks EPs Ümit! become a three-piece Band, when Peter Kirschbaum (bass) and Peter Schümann (drums) were hired. Heavy Sludge Tracks with vocals and serious, politicallyrics like "Meadowlands" or "Thatcherism (T.S.A.)"grace the A-sides of every early Ümit! EP, while epic guitar-drivem instrumentals are on everysingle flipside. The first album Release "The Spirit Of Ümit!" became highly recommended by radio-stations and magazines all over Europe, especially in the Netherlands, Norway and the USA. "Spirit" was strictly instrumental and became ofthen compared to Pink Floyd work of transition "Obscured By Clouds".

Listening to the guitar efforts of Jochen, there is an obvious comparison to David Gilmour, but the Ümit! tracks go one step further into Art-Rock and/or Krautrock, sometimes in the vein of Popol Vuh, Jane or Grobschnitt.

After the Release of another 10'EP ("The Gospel of Ümit!), the time was ripe for another longplayer . In the meantime Ümit! became a four-piece Band through the addition of keyboarder Rudolf Kronenberger. Rudy is - besides his aforementioned skills - a mixing and mastering expert,  which helps Ümit! to realize their musical imaginations. That so-called "The Testament of Ümit!" will be released in February 2018.

This new record will also feature vocals by Mr. Oberlack hinself, and also the tunes become slightly heavier than the tracks on the predecessor. But "Testament" sounds 100% Ümit! anyway. While "Revelation" deals with the original sin, the Book od Genesis and religious issues, the follow up track "Into The Mirror Black" nods to Post-Rock in the style of Mogwai, but also has a very sludgy ground feel. Face one of the white-marble 12" Vinyl is closed with "Hog Dead", concerning words wich show the hunting-aversion of Jochen, while the muic features a huge organ sound, which maybe reminds you on Ken Hensley of the Uriah Heep.

Face two is strictly instrumental and more related to the "The Spirit of Ümit!" album. "Cows" features a great Moog-Solo by Rudy Kronenberger and a high class guitarsolo by Jochen Oberlack, while "The Deer" is a reprise of "Revelation" and a real clash of several lead guitars perfoming together as one in relation to a huge bass/drums fundament. If you like your Rock huge, slow and heavy. "The Testament of Ümit!" maybe your headstone. Rip - Rock in Power" Hormz up. Ümit!

The Ümit! Band:

Jochen Oberlack plays guitar and sings in Ümit! - he also does some synths and atmospheres.

Peter "von Irme" Kirschbaum plays the bass

Rudolf Kronenberger is on keyboards and also on the production helm.

Peter Schürmann plays the drums and completes the bunch.

So if you like your ProgRock mellow and laid back, perhaps you are fond of Ümit! as well?

New Release

"The Spirit Of Ümit!"

01) Revelation
.....(Genesis 4:1-24)
02) Into The Mirror Black
03) Hog Dead
04) Cows
.....(Simmental Breed)
05) The Deer
.....(Psalm 42
.....- Revelation Reprise)

All records are available via Bellerophon Records as 10 or 12. records and/or download. Sadly, most of the 10" EPs are out of stock at least at the Bellerophon Records bandcamp - as are the 2
Longplayers. The current release, The Testament of Ümit! is the 2nd Album Ümit! produced. 

The abroad music
press tells that Ümit! is a band with the quality, not to override their musical skills, but having plenty of good soundscapes and solos. Sounds good! This is the way, Ümit! wants to be recognized.

Also you can visit Ümit! at:

Facebook Site

Bandcamp Site



Ümit!( Germany )- The Spirit of Ümit! (2015)

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