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. MARCH 2005
Il Bacio Della Medusa is quite a successful mix of Progressive Rock, Hard Rock with touchs, in some parts, of Jazz Fusion, all genres, in the way of Italian Progressive  Musical style, sounds, equally brilliant compositions, with hypnotic melodies and powerful lyrics, where will take you back to the 70s age, but with a very powerful sound and a very good production. The band have a sophisticated instrumental in the guitar works, supported by fantastic keyboards layer, with an intensive drums sound, combining with violin, flute and sax, which add dynamic musical elements to the songs. The singer Simone Cecchini has a fantastic voice and suits this kind of music. It's like a travel into the past with diverse influences from the famous italian old bands, just listen "Scorticamento Di Marsia", "Cantico Del Poeta Errante" and "Il Vino (Breve Delirio Del Vino)", you will find a same styles from: "Museo Rosenbach", "Campo Di Marte", "Delirium", "The Trip", "Il Rovescio Della Medaglia" "Biglietto Per L´inferno" and "Osanna".  Il Bacio Della Medusa has a refined Progressive Hard Rock style, where each song is turned into a stunning surprise. Brilliant and an indispensable work, highly recommendable...

Il Bacio Della Medusa
Simone Cecchini - Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar (6 and 12 strings) and Mandolin
Simone Brozzetti - Electric Guitar
Federico Caprai - Bass Guitar
Diego Petrini - Drums and Percussion
Eva Morelli - Flute
Angelo Petri - Sax, Accordion
Daniele Rinchi - Violin

The musical  project called “Il Bacio Della Medusa”  (Medusa’s kiss) begins at the end of summer of 2002, on the north-west bank of Trasimeno, a lake near the city of Perugia (Italy).

They want to restore artistic dignity to the musical arrangement and lyrics finding music inspiratin by the great Progressive Rock band of 70th (like King Crimson, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Van Deer Graaf Generator, Camel, Caravan, Pink Floyd, Genesis etc....) and lyrics inspiration by italian song singer-writers as Fabrizio de Andrè, Branduardi etc. After a long creative season , in June 2004 the BDM completed its first work, the homonymous “Il Bacio Della Medusa”.

In December 2004 the band won a rock contest, “ROCK ‘n Centro” organized by the municipality of the city of Perugia, to which all the best groups of the region have partecipated. They also won a short stay in Aix en Provance (France) and the opportunity to get live performance there.

A brief description of the track titles

Requiem Per I Condannati A Morte Includes “sogno Post Mortem”  - The requiem is the last song of them who let themselves go to the inexorable destiny.

Orientoccidente - The eternal motion of people, religions, and art that has always run through the beaten tracks which rushed from East to West.

Scorticamento Di Marsia (I,Ii,Ii,Iv) - Marsia’s skinning theme is drawn by Greek Mithology. Marsia challanges Apollo in a music contest…

Il Vino (Breve Delirio Del Vino) - Rural ballad, vintage of scent that spring out from the pressing of rich grapes…

Cantico Del Poeta Errante (I,Ii,Iii) - Free association of thoughts between Baroque and Dada.The poet nearly succeeds in understanding the laws that rule the universe but straight after he realizes how much he ignorant is...

De Luxuria, Et De Ludo, Et De Taberna (I,Ii) - Poem by Cecco Angiolieri, the poet of the corse against “Dolce Stil Novo”.

.New Release

"Il Bacio Della Medusa"

1) Requiem Per I
....Condannati A
....Morte Include
...."Sogno Post
....Mortem" (8.55) 
2) Orienteoccidente
3) Scorticamento
....Di Marsia
....(Part I,Ii,Iii,Iv) (14.54) 
4) Il Vino (Breve Delirio
....Del Vino) (5.50) 
5) Cantico Del Poeta
....Errante (Part I,Ii,Iii)
6) De Luxuria, Et De
....Ludo, Et De 
....Taberna (Part I,Ii )

Music, arrangements and Produced by Il Bacio Della Medusa. Recorded and Mixed by Maurizio Paolacci "Piblo" AD STUDIO Castiglione del Lago.

To get in contact with the the band, send an e-mail to Il Bacio Della Medusa.

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit IL BACIO DELLA MEDUSA HOME PAGEN
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