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Collapse is an amazing and a fantastic band originated from Grenoble, France. Collapse combines the diverse experiences of its members in a dynamic blend of musical styles, mixing diverse musical influences into a unique sound that seems to resonate different, not much in common with many bands today, the complex instrumental are sometimes solid and intense, but not aggressive, sometimes very emotional, always fusing elements from Progressive Rock, Avant-garde, Post Rock,  Neo-Prog, Experimental, Ambient Instrumental, including epic and symphonic touchs. On the Collapse band, we have a basic line-up, composed by keyboards, guitar, bass and drums, but, with a special attractive that you surely will not find easily in a new progressive rock band. They show a wonderful keyboards structure, where they know how to add a "fullness" to all the arrangements, creating a pleasant harmony, sometimes introspective. Meanwhile, the drums are "Fine Prog/ Hard Rock/ Classic Rock" played with strong conviction. However, the main point on the band are the guitars solos, where Sébastien Pierron shows a really good feel and full of inspiration, all the guitar compositions, presently, are one of my favorite moments on this band, where his musical inspiration hand out an explosive energy, generated by excellent performance, from classic 70's type arrangements, but with a special, different and a modern feel, always present in all compositions. "The Sleep In Me" is their third album, released in a triple digpack CD format and also on vinyl, contains seven instrumental tracks, almost 49 min of a pure musical delight, full of magic moments, I can't tell which is the best track, or what the best songs on this album, all the tracks are wonderful, full of a rich instrumental. "The Sleep In Me" is your best choice, where really can be considered as an attractive album for any Progressive Rock enthusiast. I have to say, congratulations guys, to this amazing album with an impecable production. I believe that, Collapse is one these group who everyone will like forever, and their work must be part of CDs' collections and Vinyls from all who really loves and appreciates  the world Progressive Rock. Using as best reference, the music from Collapse follows in the same line such as "Maze of Time", "Sean Filkins", "Like Wendy", "Ephemeral Sun", "Spock's Beard", "KnightArea", "Kauan", "Sleepstream", "Frost*", "Flying Colors", "Porcupine Tree", "Elora", "Weend'ô", "Riverside", "Lebowski"  and many others, with a rich instrumental and a technical innovative skill. Incredible, brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Collapse album are:
Vincent Coutellier - Keyboards, Piano, Xylophone and Marimba
Sébastien Pierron - Guitar and Program
Anthony Barruel - Drums, Percussion, Gong and Timpani
Alexis Osseni - Bass


Based on a guitar - bass - synthetiser - drums formation, the music played by Collapse tends to use many types of sonorities. Piano, violins and even electronic sounds meet each other in the band's instrumental tracks to create an underlying melody which tear the listener between two opposite atmospheres: softness and violence.

This duality emphasizes different types of emotions that can be soft, brutal, desperate or even sometimes birght and shiny, but yet always humane. All this is being brought out by the enchanting or disturbing atmospheres that Collapse like to play with.

Collapse's will to use graphic and movie arts in their track is obvious as well. Beyond designs made to perfectly match the musical world of the band, the video clips created for the songs "Citizen Grave" and "The Dream Is Over" embody their vision that music and images only make one, yet the images remain quite abstract to prevent oneís imagination to get influenced by anything else.

After the release of their first eponymous album and playing more than 20 gigs to promote it, Collapse recorded their second number named "The Fall". Inspired by real or imaginary people who decided to take their own lives, the nine songs which compose this album were made to closely reflect the despair, anger, confusion and doubts that pushed them towards self-destruction.

After three years, more than 30 other concerts, an average of 10 reviews and the filming of "The dream is over", Collapse recorded their third album entitled "The Sleep In Me", which was mastered in the Abbey Road studios in London. This new 55-minutes musical trip, inspired by the violent effects of parasomnia, shows the bandís will to closely reach every kind of human feelings and to prevent being labeled within a specific type of music.

New Release

"The Sleep In Me"

01) Opening Wound
02) Breathing Holes
03) The Mental Room
04) A Labyrinth In The
05) Horla
06) Closer To The End
07) Sleep For Me

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Collapse - Opening wound - Rehearsal

Collapse - Sleep For Me

Collapse - Breathing Holes

Collapse - The Mental Room


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