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. MARCH 2004
There are some bands that show a special feeling when we listen them for the first time, mainly when Progressive Rock is our favorite musical style. Now, we go to speak about Cryptic Vision, they really touch something special and exciting the listener with their impressive Symphonic Progressive Rock, filled with some melodic Hard Rock influences. The musicians on this band know expressing a strong musical feeling, creating  arrangements with extensive instrumental passages, everything divided around fantastic electric guitar tones, lots of intricate and melodic keyboards sounds, the vocals are soft and nice and fit perfectly with the music. Most of the times Cryptic Vision sound like "Yes", "Kayak", "Camel" and "Pink Floyd" mixed with the quality melodic Hard Rock from the "Kansas", as you can see, they bring instinct, attributes and musical similarities of 70's European Progressive Rock. This American band´s sound are really impressive. You can bet your life, Cryptic Vision released a stunning CD. Brilliant and amazing, an indispensable work, highly recommendable...

Cryptic Vision are:
Todd Plant - Lead and Backing Vocals
Rick Duncan - Drums, Keyboards, Mellotron, Acoustic and Rhythm Guitars, Bass Guitar, Djembe
Robert Van Dyne - Keyboards, Guitar

Cryptic Vision is a progressive rock band from Florida that draws its influence from groups like Yes, Kansas, Spock's Beard, Dream Theater, Rush, Pink Floyd, and Saga. Their debut CD "Moments Of Clarity" was written and performed by the nucleus of Rick Duncan, Todd Plant and Robert Van Dyne, who have been working together on various projects since the late 80's. 

As the owner of Paradox City Recording Studio, Duncan has engineered and produced numerous local and national artists such as AC/DC's Brian Johnson, Neurotica, and The Chase Theory. He plays drums, keyboards, bass and guitar. He is also a very prolific songwriter. 

Plant has worked with former members of the Doobie Brothers, Chicago, Steely Dan, and sang Hulk Hogan's theme song that was heard by millions for many years on many cable networks. He's also well known in AOR circles as the front man for Eyewitness and Millenium. 

Van Dyne is also an engineer and songwriter. As the Keyboardist/ Guitarist of Zion (also with Plant) he toured opening up for Stryper. Later he and Duncan recorded and performed together in the neo-prog band Broken Wing. 

Contributors of note include former Kansas violinist David Ragsdale, former Zon/ Ian Hunter keyboardist Howard Helm. Guitarists Ralph Santolla (Eyewitness/ Millenium/Iced Earth) former Neurotica members Shawn Bowen and Kelly Shaefer (Ozzfest tour '02) round out this all-star effort. 

"Moments of Clarity" The debut album from Cryptic Vision is here! The new CD was mixed in Runcorn England by Pete Coleman and features an all star cast including former Kansas violinist David Ragsdale, former Zon/Ian Hunter Keyboardist Howard Helm and Ralph Santolla (currently touring with Iced Earth.)

Guest Musicians on Cryptic Vision tracks: Additional lead and rhythm guitar tracks: Ralph Santola, Shawn Bowen, Matt Burke, John Leblanc. Additional bass guitar tracks: Brian Carpenter, Fretless Bass: Mike Carello, Violin tracks: David Ragsdale, Jennifer Gehl, Jeff Fara, Djembe tracks: GJ Gosman, Additional keyboard tracks: Howard Helm, Additional vocals: Sage, Candance Peters, Kelly Shaefer, Jeff Cope and Narration: Roy Winkelmann.

.New Release

"Moments Of Clarity"

01) Introspective
02) New Perspective
03) Contemplation
04) Grand Design
05) Angeline
06) Losing Faith
07) Angel's Requiem
08) Colored Leaf
09) Shock Value
10) Moments of Clarity
......a)Flash Of Life
......c)In Due Time
......d)Hope for Tomorrow
11) Ascension

Produced by Rick Duncan, Recorded at Paradox City Recording Studio. Cover Design and Grafics by Claire Franklin.

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