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Labirinto (Labyrinth) comes from Brazil, São Paulo. Formed around the year 2003, It's considered as one of the outstanding Brazilian revelations, and very well accepted by many critics of magazines and expecializada internet media sites about music around the world. The Labirinto's music, transcends a universe of styles nonstandard, that can found in other current bands from the same style, classified as an Experimental Post-Rock group, Labirinto is much more than that, their music is so surrounding, symphonic, epic, melancholic, gloomy, dark and full of thriller,  everything together in a perfect harmony, like a specific soundtrack, for a imaginary movie. With a basic instruments, consisting of guitars, bass, drums and synthesizers, the band follows in the classification proposed by critics, however, with the addition of classical instruments like violin, sitar, cello and banjo, the style also tends to other genres, and thus Labirinto follows a much more influential line, much more than a simple Experimental Post-Rock Band. In my opinion, I consider that, Labirinto blends Experimental Post-Rock with elements of Folk and Progressive Rock, everything mixed in a vibrant and magical atmosphere. Their full album, "Anatema" was released in 2010. The first thing you’ll notice about Labirinto’s debut album, "Anatema", is the stunning artwork of the CD, better still, if you like vinyl, the production and the work is so amazing, then you certainly will prefer to have both formats, CD and Vinyl. "Anatema" can be considered as a concept album, consisting of six songs and over seventy minutes long. Actually hear each from "Anatema" range, is to be traveling in different imaginary worlds, a travel full of adventures around intergalactic battles, imaginary tours into different worlds through unknown galaxies, and it certainly surprise to all listeners, you will hear a constant musical variety of and gorgeous instrumental arrangements. The six tracks found on this album, all are wonderful, but I have my favorites, which are: "Reverso", "Incendiários", "Chromo", "Fragelo" and "Anatema". You must enjoy this album, certainly it will provide you many pleasant musical moments. Labirinto follows in the same line of bands such as: "Lis Er Stile", "Ana Never", "Aythis", "Kauan", "Maïak", "Neko Nine", "Secoya", "Sleepstream", and "Steams". Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Labirinto album are:
Erick Cruxen - Guitar and effects
Daniel Fanta - Guitar
Joaquim Prado - Guitar, Bass, Sinthesizer and Lapsteel
Muriel Curi - Drums
Luciano Sallun - Sitar
Nathan Bell - Banjo and Violin 
Heitor Fuginami - Violin
Vitor Visoná - Cello
Matheus Barsotti - Drums and Alfaia


With their experimental sound, teeming with textures, the instrumental sextet owes nothing to the avant-garde artists that are usually seen abroad, such as I Like Trains, Nadja and Stephen O’Malley – who they played with at the Dunk!festival, in Belgium, the biggest post-rock event in the world – and not even to Godspeed You! Black Emperor or Isis, two of the main references of the group.

Having said that, it’s natural that Labirinto, who is coming up to the ten year mark on the road, has constructed a solid career abroad, with extremely successful tours in Europe, The United States, Canada and their birth country, Brazil.

Along its career, their records have been released by foreign labels ConSouling Sounds (Belgium), Oxide Tones (Germany), Pirate Ship Records (United States), and the Brazilian Dissenso Records, responsible for the latest single Masao, after seven previous albums – including the acclaimed Anatema debut album in 2010, and the split Labirinto & thisquietarmy, indicated by the brazilian journalist Fabio Massari as one of the five best 2013 releases.

After more than 50 concerts in 13 foreign countries, participation in important festivals, and shows very well qualified by international specialized media, Labirinto is today one of the leading names in the post-rock/metal / experimental music.

2015 reserves many new projects; an extensive European tour, the release of the expected second studio album and many shows in South America.

Labirinto’s live performance are truly magnificent, with systematically compiled images being projected, increasing even more the climatic character of their image invoking and aesthetically pleasing songs, put in sequences like a soundtrack.

On stage, the band has six musicians: Erick Cruxen, Felipe Luis Freitas and Naressi on guitars and synthesizers; Muriel Curi on drums; Ricardo Pereira on bass and guests performing the percussion parts.

Up against a small experimental orquestra, the spectator is involved with climatic sensations and lysergic musings that throw out the use of additives. Enjoy the ride!

"One of the most powerful concerts of Brazilian independent scene"
Rolling Stone Brazil / Sept 2014
"Epic, dark post-rock is at the core of Sao Paulo-based band Labirinto, whose first full-length album is already one of the best Brazilian releases of 2010 and is also remarkable due to its gorgeous artwork".
The Guardian (UK)
"They are built to take the post-rock world by storm".
The Silent Ballet webzine
"The band from São Paulo invests in post-rock: silences full of suspense, light string lines and explosion at the apex of the instrumental crescendo".
Rolling Stone Brazil
"The boldness of this band sound is a perplexing and enigmatic balm".
Régis Tadeu (Yahoo!)
New Release


01) Reverso
02) Incendiários
03) Chromo
04) Huo Yao
05) Flagelo
06) Anatema

All songs composed by Erick Cruxen. Produced by Muriel Curi, Erick Cruxen and Joaquim Prado. Arranged by Labirinto. Recorded by Muriel Curi, with assistance from Flávia Calabi and Maurício Gargelat Dissenso Studios and NA Cena Studios, São Paulo - Brazil. Mixed by Greg Norman at Electrical Audio, Chicago - USA. Mastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service, Chicago - USA. 

Dissenso Records

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Labirinto - Anatema

Labirinto - Tahrir

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