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. MARCH 2013
Arild Brøter came from the Nordic Land called Norway, he is the main brainchild and the musician master behind the musical project under the name of Pymlico. Arild Brøter is a young musician well inspired and compromised with his music, showing a high degree of musical talent, with extreme ability to play drums, keyboard and guitar. The music he writes is totally instrumental, developed in the symphonic ways, adorned by progressive rock elements, in general, inspired on famous bands from 70's, also including  psychedelic and atmosferic styles, together with space sounds. However, even with strong influences from the past, you can also listen to modern arrangements that complement your current style. Then, we can define his music as a blend  of Symphonic Progressive Rock, Neo-Progressive, Experimental Music and Psychedelic Rock, every thing is very well combined, with great perfection. As a major musical project, Arild Brøter (Pymlico), has a remarkable support of special musicians, that accompanying him, in live performances, and especially participating in the recordings of the two albums. When I started to listen to "Directions" I must admit that I was totally blown away with the sound quality and richness of detail in the musical arrangements, the guitars almost dominates the arrangements, followed by symphonic keyboards, 
a diversified instrumental base complements the arrangements. The album contains six tracks, almost with 56 minutes of a pure musical emotion, all tracks have an excellent musical performance, full of improvised sections, with many adventurous symphonic orchestrations creating a unique atmosphere. Each track takes the listener on an amazing musical journey, all arrangements are clean and we can easily identify each instrument within the compositions, the musical crossings are perfect, with soft changes between the musical passages. I consider the album "Directions" as more a masterpiece for this year, despite all tracks are stunning, I have my preferences, and I can say that on this album four songs are a masterpiece of symphonic progressive rock and you need to listen to them very carefully, they are "Heroes", "The Little Grey Cells", "R.W." and the best in best is the last track called "Regulus", this song really represents a shiny musical mind of Arild Brøter. Pymlico, and all the musicians on the albuns, are a great mix of different influences, for all who are looking for something completely exciting, or a bit of everything, a beautiful of work. If you like the musical style from bands such as "Genesis", "Pink Floyd", "Hawkwind", "The Flower Kings", "King Krinson", "Gentle Giant", "Samla Mammas Manna", "Kaipa", "Porcupine Tree", "Karmakanic", "ELP", "Marillion", "Pendragon", "Camel", "Focus", "Steve Hackett", "Agents Of Mercy", "Spock's Beard" and so on. "Directions" it's a must acquisition album for all the symphonic instrumental rock lovers. Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Pymlico album are:
Arild Brøter - Drums, keyboards & additional guitars
Axel Toreg Reite - Bass guitar
Mads Tvinnereim Horn - Guitars
Mattias Krohn Nielsen - Guitars
Geir-Anders Haugen - Guitars
Øyvind Brøter - Hammond organ & grand piano
Julie Falkevik Tungevåg - Grand piano & rhodes
Fredrik Sydow Hage - Saxophones
Karoline Torkildsen - Flute


"Pymlico" (Arild Brøter) is my musical solo project where I write and record instrumental music. I am very inspired by a lot of progressive acts, both old and new, but also some very different generes like film music, fusion, world music, ambient music and contemporary pop music.

Pymlico is mainly a studio project, where a lot of different musicians are involved. But I have also gathered a regular live band to do concerts. I am very grateful

The whole thing started for real in the spring of 2009. I had previously written and recorded a couple of demos and was very inspired to do more. I wrote a lot during that summer, and booked a day in a studio the following autumn to lay down the drum tracks.

I spent the following year and a half to record everything else. 11 friends were happy to help me with the different instruments. This resulted in the first album "Inspirations" being released on my own record lable "Spider House Records" in the spring of 2011. The album is being sold through CD-baby, iTunes and Amazon and can be streamed at Spotify.

The music on "Inspirations" is very hard to define, especially by myself. Some of it is very happy, some of it is dark, there are some traces of circus music and some ambient and moody flavours. I was very flattered to get some fantastic reviews at differnet websites. This inspired me to keep on working.

I kept on writing music parallel with the recording of "Inspirations". I had enough material to start a new production in the autumn of 2011. This led to another year of recording and tweaking, but having done the whole process once, everything was much easier the second time. The new album "Directions" is now finnished and was released 12.03.12. It will avaible at the same places as "Inspirations".

Arild Brøter

New Release


01) Compliments of
02) Heroes
03) The Little Grey Cells
04) R.W. 
05) 2280
06) Regulus

Written, arranged & produced by Arild Brøter. Recorded by Arild Brøter in “Spider Room Studios”, Oslo, Norway. Stian Storejorde & Arild Brøter in “Lydraffineriet”, Asker, Norway. Mattias Krohn Nielsen & Arild Brøter at “ZEB”, Oslo, Norway. Øystein Sootholtet at home, Oslo, Norway. Mixed by Arild Brøter in “Spider Room Studios”, Oslo Norway. Mastered by Rune Johansen at “Lydmuren” Østfold, Norway. Cover photo by Frank Michaelsen and Artwork & design by Colour Basemen.

You may order the albums or simply buy a digital download at CD Baby, Amazon and iTunes. 

Also you can visit Pymlico at:
Facebook Site
Compliments of Sharkey
Pymlico playing Genesis' "Duke's Intro"

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