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Around the last two decades, have emerged many incredible band, coming from many places around the world. Here are a few countries that still preserve their traditions and roots in Progressive Rock style, England, Germany, Holland, Spain and Italy. But, Italy is the only one which even today retains exactly the settings of the instrumental Progressive Rock developed in the 70s, and clearly presenting exceptional musical variations. However, some new bands have similar characteristics and influences to the icons of the 70s, others mix Seventies influences with a more modern pogressive Rock or something more vibrant and powerful. In the last ten years Italy has been presenting a legion of new progressive rock bands, I can even cite some such as: "Basta", "Magnolia", "Sintonia Distorta", "Unreal City", "Anacondia", "Ballo Delle Castagne", "Cosa Rara", "Desequazione", "Falena", "IsProject", "La Bottega Del Tempo A Vapore", "La Coscienza di Zeno", "L'Albero Del Veleno", "Laviantica", "Le Folli Arie", "L'Ira Del Baccano", "Marygold", "Sezione Frenante",  "Simone Cozzeto" and many others, but I will add another revelation of 2018, called Reversal Symmetry. This amazing new band was born from the ashes of other Italian Progressive Rock Metal band called "Layra", active from 2006 to 2012. Thye Band is currently formed by five experienced musicians, all them are deeply committed to the musical concept; also, deeply influenced by the mystical and epic nature of Prog Rock, along with the power and raw energy of Progressive Metal, fully ingrained into their spirits. On the instrumental, we can hear many contemporary sounds, with moderns arrangements, full of a  musical feeling and a  theatrical atmosphere. In their musical influences, we can find elements from Progressive Rock, Neo-Prog, Art-Rock and Prog Metal in a perfect combination, with energetic and explosive musical performance, complementing with many symphonic ingredients. It is noted that musicians are not afraid to try new musical forms, mixing several references and musical elements, and in this case, you may believe, the formula works perfectly. There is something unreal in their music which leads the listener to another dimension and which enable us to dream more than ever. One of the special features of the band Reversal Symmetry are: the stage performances featured in the live shows, where the musicians through costumes, choreographies, scenographies with video projections, and feature a remarkable theatrical component that takes the viewer to an emocinal trip. "Jekyll and Hyde" is their debut album, almost 90 minutes of a pure emotion, a concept album divided into two acts, the first one titled as "The White Side", composed by seven tracks, the second act is called as "The Dark Side" including six tracks. Like a "Rock Opera", "Jekyll and Hyde" is full of enchanting melodies and theatrical style vocals that blends brilliantly with the enchanting arrangements, parts of the lyrics are sung in English, and others parts are interpreted by lyrical vocals sung in Italian. I do not even need to comment on the instrumental, which is divided into symphonic parts, melodic and heavy, fantastic interplay between keyboards and guitars, dynamic and playful vocals,  a fascinating experience, musically and lyrically, you can hear pure moments of magic, some times symphonics and some times masterful and powerful, but all well balanced and in the proper proportions into the arrangements and the musical passages, with a thrilling instrumental full of different levels. Do not think twice to listen to this wonderful album and know more about this amazing mew band, you can bet that you will not regret. Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Reversal Symmetry album are:
Moreno Sangermano - Voice - Jekyll/Hyde
Fabio Vitale - Guitars
Matteo Ferretti - Keyboards
Graziano Sessa - Bass guitar
Davide Miccinilli - Drums

Steve Sangermano Utterson
Guido Gori Giorgi Lanyon
Alessio Escobar - Poole


The band was born from the ashes of Layra, an italian Progressive Metal band active from 2006 to 2012.

Two self-produced albums: ChiaroScuro and Crono, both well received by industry critics.

They were distributed on the best digital platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, etc ...) by the French label Believe Records and internationally by the BTF label.

A characteristic of the works by Reversal Symmetry is the so-called stage-prog: the performances are in fact characterized - through costumes, choreography, scenography and video projections - by a remarkable theatrical component that helps the viewer to immerse himself into the story.


These are two complex albums, the result of four years of intense and meticulous work.

The work follows to Stevenson's novel "The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde": each song is like a chapter of story, in which the main characters take the stage (Jekyll/Hyde, Utterson, Lanyon and Poole). Each of them will be played by a different singer. 

The work progresses in parallel with the story: the white side represents the supremacy of reason over the primordial instinct (supremacy embodied in the character of Henry Jekyll) while the dark side brings negativity and destruction.

This is a "progressive" path: lucidity and musical simplicity slowly turn into an increasingly aggressive, all-encompassing and complex sound. However, the boundaries are not so defined. The evil shows through the good and vice versa, so there are moments of light in the dark side and dark moments in the white side.

New Release

"Jekyll and Hyde"

0The White Side
01) Henry's mirror
02) Story of a door
03) The eye of reason
04) The nightmare
05) Eternal void
06) Promises
07) Henry's choice

0The Dark Side
01) The smell of rain
02) The evil inside
03) The window
04) Anomalies
05) In another life
06) Like so many
......fragments of glass

Also you can visit Reversal Symmetry at:

Reversal Symmetry - Jekyll and Hyde: The Smell of Rain

Reversal Symmetry - Jekyll & Hyde · The Smell of Rain

For more information and every thing about the musicians and band, please visit REVERSAL SYMMETRY HOME PAGEN
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